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  1. Hey there everyone, sorry I've not been on the forums in a little while. I'm just taking a little break (Don't worry, World War K will still have the first chapter in the first general week of July (Hopefully)) to get my bearings and refresh myself on some things.

    However, for all you BeamNG.drive people out there, I'm having some fun. I've started a racing/survival tournament thing. Basically, the cars with the fastest times advance, but fastest lap time moves the car up as well. Round 1 was just completed (Over the course of 2 days) and some big names were eliminated. The Covet went out in a Front Right wheel failure, the ETK 800 Series went out in a right-front wheel failure (In the same place too), and the D-Series, the car I thought would contend in the finals, is out after careening into a lake. Oh, and the Moonhawk was eliminated on time.

    The remaining vehicles are the Chivette Bolide (Which took both fastest lap and fastest total time), the Hirochi SBR4 (Over 10 seconds slower than the Bolide), the ETK I-Series, the ETK K-Series (Which was 15 seconds off it's older bro), the Ibishu Hopper, the Ibishu Pessima (At least Ibishu has some hope), the Hirochi Sunburst (Really surprising to see it so low on the table), and the Gavril Roamer (At least America has some pride in it) which beat out the Bruckell Moonhawk by only 7 seconds.

    Who do you think will advance to the Finals? Who will go down? My predictions are that the SBR4, the Bolide, the Hopper, and the I-Series are going to advance. Now I do think the Sunburst is going to come close, but I don't think it'll be able to contend with the accelleration and grip of a turbo-charged I-Series.

    Place your 'bets'!

  2. YES! I KNEW SHIRLEY WOULD MAKE IT!!! (What's the tune they're singing to?
  3. "This video contains SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."
  4. Oh god I spent like an hour searching for this. Thanks again for making this. -Dark
  5. Gummy Worms. Lots of Gummy Worms
  6. got up to 103 today. Oh and I had a funny experience with the C v F issue So I was watching a YouTube video of Jacksepticeye, and then he said "It's a gorgeous summer right now. Like 24 degrees or something" And I choked on my gatorade and shouted "24 DEGREES??!?!?" Out loud because I'm insane like that. So I search it up, and 24 degreesC is like.. 70 or 80.
  7. Me: There's a surprising lack of @Triop in today's thr- Oh there he is. What a cool box! *Scrolls down* AHGODWTH
  8. Something tells me this doesn't normally occur.... Still. (They see me rollin. They haatin.)
  9. Something tells me Shirley is coming up...
  10. Plane on top: WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Plane below: I'm surrounded by idiots........
  11. Many likes have been given . Here's one from myself after some friends on Discord were giving me tips on how to get my F-4 replica more maneuverable. "Don't confuse me with all this technobabble! I can't build the thing. My job's literally fly the thing and pray to whatever deity of your choice that it works." My F-4 crashed into the ocean a minute later
  12. The car I'm thinking about is maybe one of those corvettes (I'm not talking about the boats; I mean the car) that are used for the races OR an Indycar replica. If you could, please send me one?
  13. See kids? This is how waterfalls happen. They spawn in the sky and then fall down slowly creating amazing views.
  14. Coming out in July. Probably the biggest project I've ever attempted
  15. Sure. Before the chapter I'll list any craft I used (If they're from other people)