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  1. Well that's probably the most asked question out here XD. I think it's along the lines of a vote between the moderators. Mod one makes suggestion, mod 2-2089645 vote on it.
  2. Tasty fruit
  3. (What's your question XD) Sorry. It's to do something that I'm famous for. Someday, my name will be on everyone's lips... I hope What was my first Steam game?
  4. KSP!!! (Wow we got a comment from Just Jim!) What's my #1 goal for my life?
  5. Ah goodie! Let me get the Alpha-Class ready. "ALL CREWS!! MAN YOUR BATTLE STATIONS!!!"
  6. Well see there's the problem. At first I decided Jool, but then I thought: "Oh not another Kerbal v Kerbol system planet! That was last book!" so I'm balancing between a new race on Kerbin or another extra-system planet. (Note: If it is an extra-system planet, It may be a planet we all know and love )
  7. Well we're sorry, but apparently some scientist has been experimenting with it. I'll take that... Waiter! I've finished my soup; can I have another?
  8. Getting tired? Just get a taser and hit yourself! You'll have electricity flowing through your veins in no time!
  9. Science (Never seen it, but from the ads it looks just plain awful)
  10. hahahah Star fleet? I'd prefer a pure naval battle, since with the power of Vessel Mover and BDArmory, I practically own the high seas. COME AT ME YE BLEEDING PIRATES!
  11. Here's the finale discussion thread. And while I'm at it, I'll give you guys a nice little chapter list thingy (Or at least what I have planned) for Part 1 Chapter 1: The end of the world Chapter 2: A Legends Beginning Chapter 3: First Flight Chapter 4: First Fight (Originally named 'Contact') Chapter 5: Breakthrough Chapter 6: The Battle (Yeah, probably going to have to change this, but we'll see) Chapter 7: Promotion Chapter 8: Wernher's Invention Chapter 9: The Unknown
  12. Alrighty, so this is just going to be the impromptu thread for all things involving my upcoming story. I'll probably add some more stuff later on, but for now I just need a nap... So here's some info. After the Battle of Kerbin, Jeb left Kerbin and is now living on [REDACTED]. On a routine cargo delivery, the delivery person runs into a local gang, stuff happens, Jeb is discovered, blah blah blah, Kerbals find a new planet, new planet wants land, new planet declares war on entire solar system, so on so on. Here you can ask any question (As long as it involves this or any previous story), and if you know the answers to someone else's question, feel free to answer! (I normally take a 2-day sabbatical from the forums every weekend). So relax! Chill out here, plop down in that beach chair there, grab a smoothie and let the fun begin!
  13. Oh sweet baby potato pie...... 2128 words!!!! WHAT DAHECK?!?! This has taken me the better part of the week, and so it feels good to finally get this 50-pound dumbbell off my stomach. Enjoy the chapter nonetheless. Now where's my headache medicine? Chapter 5 Breakthrough Time: 6:35 am Location: 5km out from the KAFB As the group neared the KAFB, Gene leaned back in his seat. The adrenaline rush had finally worn off, and now he was just feeling exhausted. Hans gave the landing request, which was accepted for all 9 pilots. The entire EFS was pretty tired for many reasons; the first: The battle had been extremely taxing, but the second: There was a huge storm brewing off the coast, and since they had to fly through it, everyone was pretty banged up and tired. Still though, it was super fun to be in a battle. “Heads up guys; Grounds crew’s saying the storm blew through the base. Runway’s going to be super slick; engage the brakes AFTER deploying flaps.” The tower controller looked out at the slick runway, which was covered with puddles. Gene breathed in, and prepared for the upcoming landing. “All units, fall into formation L5. Give a point-seven-five kilometer gap between the planes; we’ll all land with some gaps for the other pilots.” Hans gave the call, and Gene immediately cut the throttle. After he activated the flaps, a screeching alarm sounded out. Gene looked around for the source of the problem, and found a flashing red light that said “WARNING: APPROACHING STALL LIMIT. RAISE SPEED”. Gene checked the airspeed, and immediately had a heart attack. Somehow, the plane had gone from over 150 m/s to under 50 in a matter of seconds. Gene punched the throttle forward, and the alarm shut off. Crisis averted. “Coming in for landing!” Hans called out, as he lined up for the runway. At first glance, it appeared Hans would stick the landing perfectly. But, as he made the move to apply the brakes, the plane’s rear shuddered violently, and Hans skidded off to the side of the runway; throwing water and tire smoke up into the air before coming to a stop in the mud. “DARN IT!” Hans was heard shouting over the radio before his headset was slammed against the dashboard. “My turn!” Scotty cried with glee, doing a nice roll to prepare a landing. One by one, the planes all slid, spun, and smashed to a halt, with about 4 planes getting into a pileup with Hans. Concentrate, Gene breathed in and out, trying to think about the landing. As he turned around, Gene came up with an idea. Just remember this. If the runway’s wet, use flaps first. NEVER use the brakes, but use flaps as best you can. Gene slowed the plane down rapidly, and extended the flaps to slow down even more. The stall alert began to blare, but Gene just tuned it out and tried to concentrate. The wheels of the plane lightly brushed the runway, and then Gene slammed the nose down. The flaps worked wonders, and when Gene hit under 20 m/s, he gently tapped the brakes. As the plane rolled to a stop, Gene grinned at the incredulous looks on the other pilots faces. … 10 minutes later, the EFS was cleaning all the mud off of their planes, Wernher burst into the hangar, shouting out “HANS!!! Es klappt! Der Motor funktioniert!” Hans turned around, water hose in hand, and tried to calm Wernher down. After a few minutes of hushed conversation, Hans finally got the message; The new engine was functional. “Gene! Come over here!” Hans motioned for Gene to join the conversation, and so he walked over. “Yeah?” He asked. “Listen, Wernher finished the engine. We need to test it out, and I’ve volunteered you for the job,” Hans gave a maniacal grin, and Gene’s stomach dropped faster than an elevator. “Oh no. No no no no no. Why me?!” Gene cried out. “Because you’ve proven yourself to be the most skilled pilot! If you can do a perfect landing on a wet runway, you can fly this thing. Now, we’ve built a new plane all ready for testing. You’ll be taking off in about 30 minutes. Deal?” Hans asked. “Well I don’t-“ Gene started. “Great! I’ll tell the ground crew to warm up the plane.” Hans rushed off, leaving Gene confused, and extremely nervous. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Time: 7:20 am Location: Runway, KAFB Gene was more tense than a rubber band as he sat in the cockpit. The plane, the JT-4 “Arrow”, was made solely for the purpose of testing, but according to Wernher, this was supposed to be the latest version. In addition to the new engine, Wernher had been working on a new missile; the Aim-9 Sidewinder. The missile had a heat sensor on the nose, and if the missile got a lock, it would track engine heat until it got a hit. And on top of everything else, the NSK’s top engineers had created a machine gun (Dubbed the ‘Vulcan’) that was super aerodynamic and had an insane firing rate compared to the .50 cals. “Alright, so are you buckled in all good?” The ground personnel asked as he tugged on the straps. Gene just gave a thumbs up, and a weak smile. As the ground crew-man left, one of the Flight Directors came up and gave him info on the controls. “Okay, so this switch right here cycles weapons,” He said as he pointed to a button on the joystick that had a number 1 on it. “This button right here, number 2? That launches the missile. Of course you need to cycle to it first. Then, this switch right here. Good old number 3.” He then pointed to one of the switches on the right-hand console. On the upper side of the switch, the switch lever was red. On the other side, it was blue. “If you flip the #3 switch, you’ll activate the second engine mode. To go back to the other mode, just put the switch back in the ‘off’ position. All clear?” Gene nodded, and made a mental note to NEVER touch #3. “Alright. Go ahead and get out on the runway; we’ll let you know exactly when to go.” As the controller stepped out of the cockpit, Gene pressed the automatic door sealer, which made the door close by itself. What’s next, TV’s with color? Gene grinned as he marveled at the futuristic technology of the NSK. Gene signaled for the plane tow to begin the carrying mission to the runway, and sat back and relaxed before the ride of his life. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Time: 7:30 am Location: Runway, KAFB Gene gave a couple heavy breaths, hearing them as if they were a thousand times louder, and seeing the fog momentarily coat the visor. It’s cool, he tried to calm himself down. You’re only doing something that’s never been done before. Totally normal. You got this… You got this… YOU DON’T GOT THIS! Gene began to unstrap, but then Hans’s voice came over the radio. “Sorry Gene; no escaping.” “Come on! Why don’t you do this?!” Gene cried out, making everyone in the tower chuckle. “Because you ‘volunteered.’” Hans was on the verge of laughing. “Oh ha ha very funny.” Gene sarcastically replied. “Now Gene, I’m not going to force you to fly this thing. Just know that if you don’t, I have the power to order you to do it. So suck it up and get up in the sky.” Gene gulped, and activated the engine. The ‘Panther’ emitted a screaming noise as it warmed up; almost like a pair of Junos put to throttle settings above their limit. He released the brakes, making the craft shoot forward. “Whoah!” He shouted as the engine delivered the insane thrust. Gene lightly pulled up on the stick, and the nose shot up into the sky. “Steady there,” Gene breathed as the radio crackled to life. “Hey Gene, thought you might want to know; the engine is equipped with Gimbal technology; It should allow for a massive amount of maneuverability.” Hans said. Oh great, Gene thought as he did a roll to test the craft. “Alright, so we want you to run some tests. Your first objective is to see how fast you can get to the Island and back. Keep the engine in mode 1 and then you’ll come around for landing,” The flight director said. Gene made a swift turning to heading 135, utilizing the increased maneuverability of the plane. “Hey, this is pretty fun!” Gene laughed over the radio. Back at the KAFB, Sam moved over next to Hans. “How come you’re giving the kid all the opportunities?” He asked in a hushed tone. “Well when you said he wouldn’t make it, I decided to put him on equal ground as us. Plus, he was the only one that didn’t crash a few minutes ago.” Hans grinned as he turned his head back to the big screen, where all the telemetry was being shown. “Ah that was just his training. He’s got an education that’s 4 years newer than ours,” Sam waved. “Think again. I called the base where he got his training? They never taught wet landings. In fact, they were taught to never land on a wet runway; just go around.” Hans replied. “Face it. This kid’s got skills.” … Gene stepped out of the plane, almost falling down from exhaustion. The ride had been taxing, but if given the chance, he would do it all over again. He was just stopping for a refuel; afterwards he would go right back up for another speed test, and then he would do some combat testing. “How’s it going, Gene?” Hans came up and gave him a pat on the back. “Feel like I’m ‘bout to hurl,” Gene admitted. “Well get ready to go back up there; The ground crew just finished refueling.” Gene groaned, and got up. Back to the fun. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Time: 8:00 am Location: 2 km out from the KAFB; Over the Sea of Kerbin Gene twirled around, hoping that the call never came in. “Arrow One, we’ve got a new objective for you,” The controller radioed in. Oh please for the love of Kraken don’t tell me to test mode 2, Gene prayed. “You’re new objective is to test out Mode 2. Repeat: Mode 2.” Gene gulped, and cautiously pressed the switch. The response was immediate, as the orange flames shot out of the planes exhaust. With the sudden burst of force, Gene was immediately thrown back in his seat, and being bumped around as the plane surpassed Mach. “YEEEEHHAAWWW!!!!!” Gene shouted. “THIS IS AMAZING!” He performed around in the sky, looking like a bird finally released from his cage. But now there was just one more thing to do: The Combat Test. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Time: 8:30 am Location: Over the KAFB Gene scanned the sky below, waiting for control to give the command to begin. It would be New vs Old, with the JT-4 going up against the old F-61, which would be piloted by one of the test pilots, who was going to be obviously attempting evasive maneuvers. “Arrow One, you are cleared to engage; Weapons free. Good luck,” The ATC Officer said, giving Gene the call to begin the engagement. Even though this was just a test, the entire “Operation” was meant to simulate an actual combat scenario. “Roger that Tower, commencing dive; could you give me relative position? Over.” Gene asked as he scanned the area below. “Negative Arrow One. You’ll have to get this Bogey without assistance.” Gene hit the side of the seat in frustration. Added challenge. Just as Gene was about to ask ground crews about a possible position, he saw a slight smoke trail. Gene ramped up the throttle, and followed the trail. As he shot along, Gene realized that his plane was catching up with immense speed. The ‘enemy’ plane was finally in sight. Just as Gene was about to shoot at him though, the other plane slammed on the brakes, making Gene have to break off at the last second. Gene tried it again, but with the same result. He finally came to the conclusion: He either had to slow down, or break off and go with missiles. Gene stormed out of the area, and then looped around for the second attack. The enemy plane whirled around, trying to run away from the terrifying plane. Gene caught on easily, and armed the missile. A loud buzzing noise filled the cockpit, telling Gene that the missile had a lock. Gene breathed in and out, and released the missile. The missile tracked the plane, and using the heat tracker, went straight to the right engine before it bounced harmlessly off the fuselage. Gene breathed a sigh of relief, and turned back towards home base, overjoyed at the days events. hhhmmmm..... Well in the middle of the night, I decided on something. So on the topic of the Iron Man suit, I've decided that Jeb just took it with him to [REDACTED]. That way, he can survive on [REDACTED] for a long time, and when the time's right, he can make the perfect intro . And actually..... I'll give you guys a little hint as to what is going to happen in the Finale. Let me make a thread real quick
  14. hang on.... This said Naval battle club.... Why's it in space? I've got a Falcon Class Battleship ready to attack anyone who dares to attack the shores of Kerbin! ANCHORS AWAY!
  15. hahahahahah Jaws Bond?! Aston Martin Cars