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  1. Chapter 17! Nearing the end of this (Chapter 18 is the final chapter of this part), and this has been an insane chapter to even attempt to write. 2.5 THOUSAND words! Enjoy Chapter 17 The Mission Time: 4:25 pm, 3 days later Location: KAFB Hospital, KAFB Gene groaned, and slowly got up, making a nurse scatter as she dampened his head with a cloth. “Sorry!” She yelped, jumping down. Gene groggily opened his eyes, before seeing the nurse. His eyes went from small, tired slits to wide-open in about half a second. “You!” He exclaimed, remembering her as the same nurse from the M*A*S*H unit back when… “This is getting a little too familiar,” The nurse responded with a laugh. “Yeah,” Gene chuckled. “So how long’ve I been out this time?” Gene asked. “3 days this time,” The nurse said. “I’m getting better! I’m awake a full 2 days earlier!” Gene triumphantly said, making the nurse chuckle some more. “That’s not how it works,” She replied. “Is too!” Gene argued, before asking “So what brings you out to our neck of the woods?” The nurse replied, “Well, me and another doctor were actually on tour working on refining our techniques at that M*A*S*H unit forever ago. We actually are based about 15 minutes away from here at one of the villages. And so when we heard there was a massive battle that just took place, we hopped in the MPV and rushed up here to help.” Gene nodded. He had forgotten the village (Blackwood or something like that) was one of the best in the nation for medical care. “Well we thank you for coming out here, Miss…” Gene trailed off, realizing he didn’t know her name. “Captain Amanda Kerman, sir,” she saluted with a smile. “Well thank you, Amanda. I am-“ Gene started, before Amanda said “Colonel Gene Kerman, leader of the elite White Wing squadron, 8472094.” Gene raised his eyebrows. “It’s on your dog tags,” Amanda pointed, and sure enough, it was. “Huh.” Gene grunted. “So what’s going on outside?” Gene asked, trying to look out the window. “Well you’re free to get up,” Amanda answered, stretching out her hand to lift him up. Gene pulled, almost bringing Amanda down on top of him. However, Gene was up, and managed to take a few steps before going under his own power. “I’m fine,” Gene said, waving off any attempt to receive help. As Gene left the room, his breath was taken away by the destruction. Every single building was almost totaled. The VAB was severely damaged. R&D was in pieces. The hangar was almost 100% totaled, with holes in the roof. How could one attack do so much? Gene wondered, looking around. “Gene!” Paddy ran up to him, covered in dust. He was, apparently, working on the cleanup crew. “You alright?” He asked, brushing off the dust. “Yeah, just fine. Where’s everyone else?” Gene asked, looking around. “Well Meg’s off working with the VAB crew, some are working on the R&D with me, the rest are working with the Complex crew.” Paddy nodded towards the Astronaut Complex. “And um..” Paddy looked down at his boots. “We.. We lost Robinson and Adam.” Gene held his head in his hands. “Oh Kerb…” He muttered. “How? When?” Gene pressed. “About 5 minutes after you went down for Robinson. Adam went about 30 seconds later.” Paddy continued staring down. “How many did we lose on the ground?” “About 10 or 15. Estimates are still coming in.” This is worse than I thought. “Okay, well we can rebuild. That’s the easy part. What’re we going to do about the lost…” Gene trailed off, not wanting to say anymore. “We’ve already called in to HQ. They’re sending in 2 more pilots; Jim and….” Paddy looked at the little note. “Th-Thompberry?” Paddy asked in confusion. “I swear names are getting more and more confusing every year,” He shook his head. “So when are we going to start rebuilding?” Gene asked. Just as Paddy was about to reply, though, a huge rumble went overhead, and a jumbo-jet landed on the runway. “There’s your answer,” Paddy replied as the crews leaped into action, pulling out boards, tools, and cargo from the rear of the jet. Gene smiled. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Time: 2:00 pm, 1 month later Location: KAFB Gene sat back in his chair, reading the latest novel in an extremely satisfying mystery series. Gene was quite the avid reader, and some day, Gene was going to write a story of his own. Maybe about space… He always thought to himself when he thought about it. Space seems so.. Cool. I have called you all here today for a very important reason, The detective said. One of you murdered mister Johnathan Kerman. Gene felt his heartbeat quicken. Every time he read a book, his imagination went wild, and he felt like he was actually in the book. And the murderer is.. The page changed. Just as he was about to turn the page and figure out who murdered the wealthy landowner, however, the phone rang. “Hello?” Gene asked into the receiver, continuing to read on. “Hello Colonel. This is General Dwight D. Kerman,” The kerbal on the other end said, making Gene leap up into a salute. However, his saluting hand was also the hand the book was in. “Ow!” Gene exclaimed, rubbing his forehead. “Oh not you sir,” Gene explained. “I hit myself in the head with a book.” The General laughed. “Which one?” He asked. Gene looked at the cover. “The latest Kerman Khronicles, sir,” Gene replied. “The butler did it,” The General whispered, and Gene threw the book across the room. “I DID NOT HEAR THAT!” Gene shouted, making the General laugh. “Just kidding,” He chortled, before whispering again, “It was the maid.” Gene repeated himself, making the General burst out laughing. “Now down to business.” Gene sat down in his chair, and prepared to listen. “I’m sending in a massive bombing run over behind enemy lines,” Dwight said. “It’ll be KC-130’s going in, and to what intelligence says is a possible weapons factory. We need you to go in and escort the bombers to the target.” Gene nodded. “That’ll be easy,” Gene replied. “When should we mobilize?” He asked. “I’m planning to launch the bombers at 1800 hours tomorrow night from the Ben Bay, and we plan to return by around 2030 hours.” The General replied. “What’s the area of our target?” Gene went over to his map. “Near Blackheart City; about half a kilometer outside the city limits.” Gene looked over the map, and mentally calculated fuel usage, time needed in the air, and stops for refills. “Sir, I don’t think the M-1’s are going to be able to last that long,” Gene finally said. “Even with drop-tanks, we’re going to have to make a fuel stop somewhere along the way.” “We’ve contended for that,” Dwight remarked. “We’ve got a design plan made out. It’s based off of a USK fighter jet, and it’s got tons of drop tanks. We’ll label her the M-2, and you can use them.” Gene smiled. A new plane? The pilots always loved the newest planes. Something about their power and seeming invincibility made them feel unbeatable. However, there were always payoffs. Pros and Cons. “Sir?” Gene asked. “How much fuel is the M-2 going to have? And also, what engines are we using?” The General checked his notes. “She’ll have about 1350 units of liquid fuel, and your engine’s going to be the Panther.” Gene ran through the numbers in his head. “That’s going to be a pretty heavy plane come battle time,” Gene thought out loud. “We’re testing out a front-canard system that should increase the maneuverability.” Gene sighed. “Alright, sir. I’ll tell the pilots we’ve got a mission. When should we expect the planes to arrive?” He asked. “According to estimates, anywhere from 5 seconds ago to 5 minutes from now,” Dwight replied. “Thank you sir,” Gene said, before hanging up. Gene rubbed his collar and felt the little medal, signifying he was a colonel. They had promoted him just a couple weeks ago, and the feeling of command was incredible. Being able to talk to Generals like they were best buddies was an exhilarating thought. This must be what Hans felt like before.. Gene thought. He shook his head. Don’t. Don’t think about it. Gene thought. Oh! The book! Gene rushed over to pick up the book, and turned the page. Gene read how each suspect couldn’t have committed the murder. First the Maid. Then the Cook. Then the Butler. Then the Wife. And so, with that conclusion, The detective paced around. It was you, Mister Jackson! The detective pointed at the gardener. Wow, Gene thought. Who would have thought that?! Remembering the fact he had a mission to accomplish, Gene set the book down, and ran to the Living quarters. Gene saw everyone in the Lounge, and walked in. The room was eerily silent, even though every pilot was there. “Imperialist,” Davis muttered, and Paddy leaped up, making Davis pop up as well. Oh this won’t end well, Gene thought. Davis let a punch fly, hitting Paddy square in the jaw and throwing him to the floor. Thompberry, who was Paddy’s good friend and a stelar pilot, socked Davis in the face, knocking Davis out. Then Adam, who was going to Davis’s defense, then decked Thompberry. Then Jim decided to get into the action, attempting to kick in Adam’s stomach, but hitting a little lower. “Sorry,” Jim apologetically yelped to the incapacitated Adam. “HEY!” Gene bellowed, making everyone freeze. “You 4,” Gene pointed to Paddy, Adam, Thompberry, and Jim. “Go to my office. Now. Someone get Davis to the infirmary.” He said. “Also, we’ve got a mission scheduled for tomorrow night. Go to the hangar and look over the plans. Dismissed.” Gene walked out, and met everyone in his office a couple minutes later. “Explain,” Gene simply said, speaking with a stern tone similar to a principal talking to his students. Jim began speaking. “Well we were just hanging out, and all of a sudden, Davis starts giving us an impromptu history lesson, stating how terrible East Kerbin was with all their kingdoms and stuff. Well that really started to boil Paddy’s blood, and he started firing back with how we couldn’t keep out country from splitting apart.” “He insulted my country!” Paddy exclaimed in defense. “Kommunist,” Adam muttered. “Rebel!” Paddy retorted. “Anyone got a tissue? Sorta bleeding out over here,” Thompberry muttered, holding his nose. Gene passed him a box. “Now I don’t know what kicked all this off, but I don’t want it to happen again.” Gene said. “I let you guys have some wiggle room and everything turns into a pub brawl! Now, I expect to have none of this happening again, understood?” The pilots nodded. “Good. Paddy? Put some ice on that. Adam? Uh.. Yeah, take it easy. And Jim?” Gene smiled as the pilots left. “Nice kick.” Jim smiled, and walked out. Now all they had to do was survive a bombing mission. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Time: 7:00 pm, The next day Location: 50km from Blackheart City “If you do one more barrel roll I’ll put you on report,” Gene shouted over the radio. The M-2’s were so much more maneuverable than all the other planes they’d flown before, and it was so much fun to test their limits. We still have to act somewhat professional though, Gene reminded himself almost every 5 minutes. “Sorry boss,” Paddy replied. “It’s just so much fun!” Paddy’s plane leveled out, and he fell back into line. “Don’t call me boss,” Gene smiled. “But yeah, it is really fun.” He smiled. The M-2’s were perfect. They had tons of fuel, great handling, and top-of-the-line weapons. The cons? Gene thought Megs question summed it up pretty good; “Uh.. Is this a joke?” The plane was butt-ugly, with canards in the most random places, and a frankly dreadful tail design. But hey- If it gets the job done, that’s all that matters. “So how far out are we from Blackheart?” Meg asked as she fell behind a bomber for slipstream. “According to my math, we should be dropping the bombs in about 20 minutes,” Gene replied, letting the plane glide along. Even though the planes had a lot of extra fuel, everyone was trying their hardest to conserve those crucial few drops. Gene changed radio frequencies, and began talking with the bomber pilots. “Hey guys, how far out are we from dropping the payloads?” He asked, looking at his fuel. “We’re about 15 minutes out by now; Our estimates are saying that Blackheart’s about 30 or so kilometers out, so just be ready,” The lead pilot answered. “Roger that,” Gene said, before going back to the White Wing radio. “According to Green-cloud 1, we’re about 15 minutes out, so start getting ready,” Gene called, looking down to see if he could find any light clusters signifying a village or two. Even though it was late at night, there was still a light or two peeking out of the darkness. As Gene was daydreaming (Or.. Night-dreaming?), Gene was blinded by a huge cluster of lights. Blackheart. “Bombs away!” The lead bomber shouted, the plane dropping bomb after bomb after bomb, each one of the 500-pound chunks of steel able to cause the deaths of kerbals down below. Families. Oh Kerb what have I done? Gene questioned. But it was too late; the bombers were already closing their bay doors. “Look at that!” Meg exclaimed, looking at the orange fireballs down below. “It’s like a Kristmas light show!” Paddy agreed in excitement. “Planes,” Gene said, noticing the shadows blocking out the lights below. “Flak!” one of the bombers shouted as a huge explosion went off in front of them. “SCATTER!” Gene yelled as the White Wings began to engage the enemy fighters. Gene managed to dispatch one fighter from above, and turned onto the tail of another. Just gotta line this up.. Gene thought as his finger danced on the trigger. However, Gene forgot about one thing: The Anti-Aircraft fire. The explosion tore off the rear of Gene’s plane, but thankfully, the wings were still intact. “GOING DOWN!” Gene yelled into the microphone. “Good luck,” A bomber pilot replied. Gene signed off the radio and tried to glide down. Gene found a clearing and prepared to land. Just a little farther.. He thought. As the landing gear went down, a sudden realization went over Gene. I’m about to his the trees. Gene wrenched the stick up, and tried to get some lift on what little control surfaces there were left on the plane. However, just as the plane seemed to clear the tree line, the right wing hit a tree, wrenching it off and sending the fuselage into a wild tumble. Gene clenched his eyes shut, and prayed that he wound land safely. Suddenly, a huge Boom! went through the craft, shaking Gene to the teeth as the plane rolled along the ground. Then an even louder bang sent the craft going into a flip, before landing into a tiny stream, sending up a burst of water and steam. Well I’m alive! Gene’s first thought was as he popped out of the ruined plane. But I’m behind enemy lines… A cold horror gripped his heart. What am I going to do?
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