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  1. Well, they're a little bit different in that the gender ports enforce a certain docking orientation that you decide in the VAB, essentially.
  2. Thanks. It's driving me a bit nuts to be honest! I'm pretty sure that moving out of physics range is one reproducible situation (unless it's caused by a mod conflict or something, of course).
  3. Sure, np: The affected vessel is Station One. I'm fairly sure it's not an EC problem (although I might be running out too). At least one situation where it seems to happen is leaving physics range in another vessel. I'm fairly sure there are others. The only change I've made to the mod's settings is making the assignment penalty zero, to make up for the lack of RT integration. The worst total penalty I've seem apart from this aberrant -12.5 is -6.5 on a fully crowded vessel with no enhancements.
  4. Another bug I'm afraid. Both the Kerbals in my space station keep getting their health change figure switched from -1.40 to -12.50, which keeps giving me quite a scare! I've not been able to work out when it gets switched yet, but switching back to the station fixes it until it gets switched back again. I've noticed it a few times. Log file link:
  5. I think you'd just need to create an API to allow systems external to the mod to poll a Kerbal's health and adjust it. That should be pretty simple though, and is probably something worth having at some point anyway.
  6. We were just discussing this a couple of posts above.
  7. Thanks, and all understood (especially that UI stuff). I'll work on some MM patches. You'd be welcome have to them as well to integrate into the mod (quality control notwithstanding). Likewise, I'd be happy to help with contracts, as they're quite easy to separate out (they're just config files, a bit like MM patches). I guess stupidity could also be used to affect random events? Just because they'd be more likely to do something, well, stupid...
  8. Hey, you're probably getting fed up with me, but I had a few other ideas. Your mod has just hooked me! Some kind of extra (optional) tooltip or detailed info panel showing the factors behind the change numbers for each Kerbal. Modelling psychological state separately from health. Making use of the courage and stupidity stats.
  9. Thanks. I actually just edited the save file in the end. I'm also curious about how the hitchhiker bonus works -- does that trigger off that part in particular, or any part with a large number of seats? Integration with Kerbal Roster Manager would be cool as well, where the health decreases as the kerbals get older. Final thought -- how about contracts? I wouldn't mind getting involved with that. You could basically get a permanent (but small) increase to a kerbal's health by completing a given mission. For example, something like "We think that Jeb may actually be healthier than he looks. Let's send him on a solo mission to plant a flag on Minmus to find out." Successful completion gets a cash reward (of course) and maybe +2 health or something.
  10. SpaceY has a good line in thrust plates. I mostly use those instead of the auto ones.
  11. Doh, that made me realise that I don't even has USI-LS installed ;). Small bug report -- I've got a kerbal with NaN health and NaN delta-health. She was on orbit before I installed the mod though, so I guess that's the probably cause?
  12. Ven's clamp-o-tron is working fine for me. No problems at all.
  13. Yes but no. I'm experiencing that as well, but with this other thing, it actually says "local control" over at the top left.