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  1. I play with TAC Life Support instead of Snacks, but I guess it's the same difference.
  2. I'm pretty sure that it works fine from my own game.
  3. Yes, good point about needing to use it sometimes. Note as well that the node actually moves as you get very close to it, and if the thrust is too high still, the vessel can start chasing it, which never ends until you're out of propellant. MechJeb gets around it by dropping the thrust to a very low lever as the end of the burn gets closer -- I'm pretty sure that's how it works, anyway. Lots of people have had the same problem. And yes, perfectly symmetrical mass distribution is pretty hard!
  4. It's chasing the node, basically. You can try reducing the thrust on your engines, that usually helps. I actually just MechJeb for all now and use MechJeb's manoeuvre mode execution instead, as it doesn't have this problem.
  5. Thanks. The thing with the marginal health modules not working while unfocused is the bigger problem in fact.
  6. Here you go: Both bugs I described happened during this session. My only flight was to change crews with the station, and the spike in ill health happened as I moved out of range, as described before. The configuration of the station's changed a bit over time, but it's got space for about 10 kerbals.
  7. Hehe, thanks for the advice. It'll be the grabber next time... shame the harpoon doesn't do the trick; I feel like it should from a realism/thematic point of view. I'm a way off trying to shift one of these things though...
  8. I'm sorry, I could have sworn I did! I'll try again. I'm using three health modifying parts, each of my own spec. I thought I'd got these right, but all this could just be down to my own ineptitude :s I've got one of the first and two of the second. I'm not saying these are balanced or anything, but I think they're technically correct? The marginal health bonuses definitely don't seem to work unless the vessel is focused. When it's focused, each kerbal as a different (lower) rate of change, but as soon as I switch away, they all change to an identical value.
  9. ... after a mere 700 hours or so of (heavily modded) KSP. I went with an unmanned probe loaded with DMagic Orbital Science asteroid stuff and a KAS harpoon to grab the surface... only to realise when I got there that the harpoon sticks fine but it doesn't count as grabbed as it would with a grabber. Anyone got any suggestions for how to fix this? If not, it's not a total disaster, as I got the near space science and will know for next time
  10. Hey, a couple of things: That bug I had is still around. I've worked out that the severe negative thing is always 0.5+3*number of kerbals (so -12.5 with two kerbals on the vessel, -18.5 with three, etc). No idea why though! It usually triggers when I'm leaving physics range of the vessel, but maybe other times as well. The marginal health system doesn't seem to work when the vessel isn't loaded.
  11. Well, they're a little bit different in that the gender ports enforce a certain docking orientation that you decide in the VAB, essentially.
  12. Thanks. It's driving me a bit nuts to be honest! I'm pretty sure that moving out of physics range is one reproducible situation (unless it's caused by a mod conflict or something, of course).
  13. Sure, np: The affected vessel is Station One. I'm fairly sure it's not an EC problem (although I might be running out too). At least one situation where it seems to happen is leaving physics range in another vessel. I'm fairly sure there are others. The only change I've made to the mod's settings is making the assignment penalty zero, to make up for the lack of RT integration. The worst total penalty I've seem apart from this aberrant -12.5 is -6.5 on a fully crowded vessel with no enhancements.
  14. Another bug I'm afraid. Both the Kerbals in my space station keep getting their health change figure switched from -1.40 to -12.50, which keeps giving me quite a scare! I've not been able to work out when it gets switched yet, but switching back to the station fixes it until it gets switched back again. I've noticed it a few times. Log file link:
  15. I think you'd just need to create an API to allow systems external to the mod to poll a Kerbal's health and adjust it. That should be pretty simple though, and is probably something worth having at some point anyway.