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  1. Lmao I love B9 rockets, and the cfg is okay, but ya with the internal space, im not sure if I hit it right. @PART[B9_Cockpit_MK1_Body_Crew_2m] { %MODULE[TweakScale] { type = stack defaultScale = 1.25 } }
  2. Switched to windows recently, but I used to have a mac and I know the struggle of opening CKAN on mac, it can be tedious. Thank you for your service in making this application shortcut!
  3. Glad this is a thing, may I suggest tho that you change the HGR Link under dependencies to go to a reply, or a place where HGR can be downloaded? The link just takes you to the HGR page but on that page, there are two broken links to download it. Maybe if there is a link posted somewhere in the reply section for HGK, u could make that ur dependency link. EDIT : Make this link the HGR download under dependencies.
  4. Cheers! First btw Ran out of likes for the day, will be back.
  5. Ran out of likes LOL +1 Like
  6. <3 

  7. Nautilus X Wild Blue Industries Coming soon... HYPE TRAIN TICKETS NOW FOR SALE LOL
  8. I like the idea, so its kinda like a workshop for making parts in different sizes, shapes, textures, etc. And like giving different parts different uses in a way? Or is it more like procedural parts sort of thing? Either way I love being able to customize things, so this sounds like a very good idea! Keep us posted.
  9. Anyone know if someone ever made a TAC LS cfg? Cuz I really wanna use these sexy works of art <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  10. I did not think of that..... what if you were to go into the cfgs for the prion pod and change it to only have 3 seats? and for the windows hmmm I see your point.
  11. MK1-2 IVA Replacement by ASET seemed to work just fine with this pod as well as the Mk1-2 Pod, I only got a glimpse, but I didn't see anything wrong when I tried it out for this pod. The IVA replacement is available on CKAN as well, I recommend installing it that way if you aren't all that familiar with installing.
  12. Are you referring to this pod? Because I know an IVA mod that seems to work just great for this pod!
  13. omg that is so sexy Hope they come sometime this year Cant wait to take these bad boys into deep space