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  1. With patience, comes uplifting knowledge, & joy. ~FAR-[1.2.2]-Hype-Train
  2. Once again, you nailed the texturing! Love it @Angel-125 Very pork alike! Love it man, keep up the good work!
  3. okay, then cross that off the list of possible causes haha, I did see that issue before, but im not sure what caused it. I did all the steps u did and it went away. What was the last thing u changed before it happened?
  4. Im not 100% but I think I had issues with particle reentry with most planet packs or enhancement packs.
  5. What beautiful skybox are you using??!!!
  6. My computer is now 100% capable of handling anything I can throw at it! :) mods+full settings. Now I can dive into KSP and learn. 

  7. my my, GPP eh? Well this changes thing NOW MY FAV PLANET PACK
  8. Does anyone know what might cause this issue?
  9. Found that macs are not the best OS for tsp, and also fund out what it really takes to make it all work with no trouble. Around 2,255 US ($)
  10. Ya this new computer I just ordered is a huge upgrade from mac. Now I'm going windows and lots of ram, clock time, and got me nividia
  11. I had no idea that ALG had merged with you! Don't get me wrong, Im very happy about that!
  12. trueeeee, but anything is better than my current mac lol
  13. Actually I've had three computers, not one was able to work at my standards .... this computer is over powered and thats the way I want it.