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  1. One of my craziest dreams begins with me walking with a ladybug in a land made of vegetables, and then a giant caterpillar appears in the horizon and starts roaring at us. The caterpillar turns into a "necklace worm" (a toy smiling worm made of rings around a string) and opens a door in the floor and I jump in it. I appear at the dining room in my Grandma's house, seeing everything in black and white, and then the floor opened up and I woke up. I also had a recurring nightmare where I was standing in a mountain and some people wearing mineral clothes riding black storches battling elves in flying leaf carpets over a stone dam in a thunderstorm, breaking the dam in the process. Then I go into a mine with some of the mineral dressed people (kids of my age), but we fall into a pit. Then the pit begins to flood and when I run out of breath I wake up. Sometimes it ended with falling into the pit, because I've fallen off my bed.
  2. I ot the reference too! Spoilers of the book ahead! But it's called Electron Pump in the Solar system, so we are playing as the aliens.
  3. My Kerbal Komander still doesn't work properly. The save from @stickman939 works fine, but I can't buy ships.
  4. Thanks. Was using 1.2.1
  5. Just to ask, which version are you using? Doesn't seem to work... Maybe (probably) i forgot to update the game
  7. Is actually a stove to make cookies. this cokkie stove...
  8. Is made of living frogs. this school
  9. The planet's already a wasteland, so no loss. The Air ring is not a planet, so it can't be destroyed without destroying the pulsar (good luck on that). Your own planet joined the aliance. And by the way, weren't you supposed to be inside a black hole? Anyway, if you managed to return, you are a citizen in the planet Owlia, but everybody's happy, criminals are psycologicaly cured so there's no death penalty nor prisons and everybody is content. Our (this includes you, @DarkOwl57) galactic Utopia.
  10. Hey, there's a black comin' to your system... Crap, it sucked him in. Now I can't tell him his planet revolted an allied against him so it joined the aliance and gave us a free floating atmosphere ringing a pulsar so we can live confy and in free fall. (Larry Niven reference) The alliance Air Ring
  11. The bounties do not know that they're allied, so they battle each other and end up destroyed. @53miner53 fleet help the destruction of the bounties and he flees to my own system with my own hill conquested from the surviving bounties to live as he wants on another hill. My hill and his completly free other hill, and our planetary alliance.
  12. I steal your cookie paste before you do anything with it. Then, I put the stuff into a mold in -50 degrees Celsius. My frozen cookie.
  13. Banned because I can
  14. There's anything you could make so time gets messed up when close to Kargantua? (Stuff like every second in close orbit asteroid is an hour in the mission time) But to don't interrupt other missions, this thing could be made to turn on or off. Just an idea By the way, how did you get the disc to have clouds? I've been looking for a gas debris ring for ages...
  15. For Mac users that need a savefile to use the mod, could someone share a save with all the stations but without beggining to buy? It would really help