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  1. I love it! I like the gif! And, that's a heck of a kick of profit you made out of the Bop/Pol mission. I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes. For the science, which device were you planning to pick up: The surface accelerometer or the atmospheric variometer? Or both? If you're planning to revisit the old biomes (and given you're bringing along Bob for these missions) have you considered retaking some old science and passing off a copy to a Mobile Processing Lab? I've used them a sum total of... never, but lots of people swear by them. I saw @Z3R0Gravitas updated the wiki page for v1.2, and it's quite readable/complete now, with examples and everything. Each MPL apparently lets you use an old experiment as a new one again at a huge boost to the science in exchange for a bunch of power and a staff scientist... For you (and your 0.1x) it'd work up to a whole 0.5x, or even 0.625x if you brought it out to the SOI! These experiments can also be passed around using sci containers, which I've been becoming increasingly excited about as time goes by. The only problem is the MPL is sitting on the same tech node as.... ladders. Not the most glamorous. Who knows, what are your thoughts on the thing? Also, you're probably rolling in reputation by now! Will you be doing any of the administrative strategies like aggressive negotiations, or just soaking up the high tier missions the enormous reputation provides? MPL's got you covered then. Edit: Also, it's not glamorous, but I believe you can farm science from asteroids surface samples.
  2. Thanks! I don't exactly understand, but my plan is to leave the flags in Project Babylon with names on them so we can finally call those islands by names, and also make a copy of the file and remove all the craft except the flags for @Flamingo to use directly. I made another update and sent it to the repository. The first 6 flags have been placed, and the first plane wound up with enough extra fuel that it probably could have handled running the whole mission solo after all! Oh well, judgement calls. It also wound up with some COM/COL problems near the end, but it recovers from the occasional flipout admirably. I'll place the final 4 flags tomorrow night, perhaps? Pictures from today's flight are within. I got some more glamor shots of Jool, a high shot of Three Lake Island "The easy one" (awesome place for a base by the way), and a partial Vall Eclipse! The final plane shot shows it at the end of its mission, on the little spat of sand just off the coast of "Where to Land" island, which I call Flaming Wreck Island after my repeated experiences there during a speedrun. The surface of Laythe is starting to become dotted with little probes! It's hard to see for all the excitement up in orbit though .
  3. I know this is a bit late, but if you're still working on this my favorite way of handling file management with distributed teams has been TortoiseHg , It's a bit of a trick to install, but it allows you to push, pull and branch right from your desktop file explorer. Alternatively, using google drive seems to be working well here, because all's you need to do is share the link once and then zip, upload and you're ready to go. Each craft in the universe of KSP is simply a block of text in the persistant file. It looks like this V V I secretly dream of writing a javascript+Jquery web app which will allow you to drag your local group save file onto a page, and will automatically parse and grab whatever new ships you've added to the persistent. Then, everyone on the team could work at the same time, and grab eachother's works with a few clicks of a download. The text parsing is easy, and server end stuff is manageable, but I can't figure out how to get downloads working... It would be the next best thing to KSP online! Someday, I can dream. Good luck on your project!
  4. Wow, so many cool things have been added! I'm looking forward to reading through it all and hauling out a bunch of the recent contributions (and Jeb federation's originals finally as well). Right now though, there's a Laythe based challenge I've been wanting to bring back to life for nearly half a year, and now's finally the time! It should go perfectly with Project Babylon, so I figure I'll start it here and bring it across once done. Also, luckily, the host of the challenge is still around and happy to take on new entrants. I'll edit in a proper explanation and photos from the trip as it happens... Right now, I'm itching to get off the ground! (assuming I get off the ground ) Edit 1: Prelaunch Jitters Edit 2: The launch was easy breezy, but something was missing from the checklist. Edit 3: The long haul Edit 4: Touchdown~ What's the mission? The Earhart Challenge by @Flamingo, which challenges you to put a 4 kerbal plane on Laythe (hyperedit ok) and fly to any/all of 9 different islands with flags to help navigation. The original flag file was made with hyperedit and didn't update to v1.2, so I figured I could finally run the challenge and make a new flag file all in one shot! It's made for a very draggy plane, but it's a nice addition to the challenge. I'll be continuing the journey soon, but I've reuploaded to the repository in case anyone had plans for tomorrow. Cheers!
  5. Thanks! No score for this yet, please. I'll do another few rounds of design (adding sci bays) drag optimization and the dreaded reentry test before sending it off to the Mun.... or Duna. I totally wanna do Duna now! It has a wet mass of 30 tons, so it's definitely a heavyweight. The side fairings really do help, though my tiny amount of experimentation with them a couple versions back suggested they wouldn't be worth the weight on most normal rockets. This is a fairly special case though where the drymass is unavoidably high (so the added mass doesn't matter), and the TWR is quite low (so the drag really matters). I'll be honest, I don't know the mechanism for how it works... those fairings can be funny. I've just realized, that in my old experiments I never considered blowing off the fairing once I got to space... I should try that on a non-SSTO craft some time!
  6. Yay! I've been distracted by Stardew Valley for a while, but I had some ideas that just wouldn't sit still, so I made a rocket with them. Much to my disbelief, they worked! I finally worked the asymmetry to it's logical conclusion with this peculiar panther SSTO, which uses only 1 each of the panther, terrier and NERV. When it comes to maximizing deltaV with these engines, the fewer we can get away with the better! Only one of each was a bit of a stretch. I tried models that swapped the terriers for sparks or twitches, but the ISP loss was just a bit too nasty, and the deltaV advantages of the lower dry mass just weren't there with that 3 ton NERV needing to get lugged around. The single Panther is a hallmark of this design series, and demands a significant wing area to make up for the lack of thrust in air breathing mode. Because of some drag optimizations in this model though, it gets by well enough. Drag was reduced significantly from the earlier design by removing a terrier, putting all the oxidizer into Oscar Bs (which just had a huge v1.2 drag reduction), and putting a side-drag smoothing faring on the NERV. Because of insane novel way the Panther is placed, it's not any easier to breakthrough the sound barrier than before- the plane still requires a break in the ascent to focus on gaining speed. But, the lower drag becomes much more apparent during the Terrier+NERV portion of the burn. So is it all worth it, compared to more traditional designs? Nah. . It's still a huge improvement over my earlier Mun shot with probably 600-800m/s extra. It could even be enough for an extra suborbital hop! But for now, it's time to jump back to watering the cows and feeding the plants in Stardew Valley- Be back soon! Oh, and @ManEatingApe, huge props on landing on the arch! Also, @AeroGav, I've been noticing you use NCS Adaptor + small cones pretty often. Are they superior to the standard cones in performance, or just in looks?
  7. Despite looking, I'd somehow been missing these posts . I wound up with a lot of comments, so I tucked them in a spoiler. Good luck with your next round, I'm looking forward to the Duna mission, and look forward to seeing what you do with the next little foothold it'll provide!
  8. @cratercracker <3
  9. Ohhh... I remember seeing pictures of the wacky wheel colliders in 1.1 and figuring that's what the lens flare was showing. That makes a lot more sense that it's actually the light beam given it's still with us. I've never actually seen this button... I just had a moment to check and can't seem to find it. Where is it? Sounds like a fun toy to poke at, wherever it is!
  10. Downloaded the craft to play. Only had 10 minutes, but I've confirmed it's phantom forces of some stripe between the wheels and the ground. Rocketized versions of the same performed as expected (they didn't spin uncontrollably). Setting the springs to low and dampers high on the lower two sets of wheels gave it the ability to randomly yet stably stroll around KSC, much to my delight. Making the wheel slope even closer to ground increased the phantom force, as does rotating them a bit more counterclockwise (when viewed from below). Retracting the wheels removes it completely. Oh, and one more thing. The Power. It cannot be contained!! The wheels do have an unusual collider that collides with the ground at this steep slope. I've never really known what it's there for, but you can see it as part of the part's green aura in the VAB. Edit: My mistake! See @bewing below for more. Good find, @Numerlor! And nice craft design
  11. @Loren Pechtel Though some planets may tend to have more ore than others (I've heard), the amount and location of ore on each planet is different for everyone in every save file. It's controlled by a randomly generated game seed, which is created when you first make the file, and controls the ore locations forever hence. That said, planets tend to have widely varying ore levels across the surface... given it's Gilly, you might just try settling down somewhere else and see if it's any better! Good luck with the mission. Don't take too much mass off of Gilly it doesn't have much to spare . **edit: It's not at all uncommon to find places of near-zero ore on most planets, so it's not too surprising if you happen to hit a dud spot or two.
  12. Oh, exciting- you're so close! The only easy place to raise your Periapsis (and circularize your orbit) is from your Apoapsis. If you happen to already be past your Apoapsis (and plummeting back towards Kebin) then burn a little up (blue direction) and prograde. Let us know if it works! edit: Picture's worth a thousand words.
  13. @JacobJHC I can't speak from personal experience, but @Turbo pumped was known for some insane optimizations along these lines, and has a Moho run which shows off the maneuver you're planning. I'll put the youtube video in the spoiler... looks like 15ish degrees. Also don't forget you can plane change at Eve if you happen to find a Kerbin->Eve arrival time near a Eve->Moho leaving time on a transfer calculator. Just at a glance, I'm finding Place yr x day Kerbin 8x207 Eve 9x42 Moho 9x143 50 Kerbals to Moho!? Sounds like a heck of a trip.
  14. No nuke? No worries! As @Spricigo mentioned they've got the potential for some extremely high deltaV. This is especially the case when shedding drymass or beefing up the launcher isn't an option (SSTO, class E asteroid hauling, etc). In stock career there aren't too many situations that force you to play like that, so I've also only ever used them occasionally with a similar would-rather-not-estimate-it massive play time. In the end, using them winds up being a stylistic preference, and though we happen to be in the minority on this one, there's plenty of 'less optimum' solutions that wind up doing the job just as well in the same amount of play time. KSP is nicely balanced like that, which is a huge part of what makes it compelling for me. There's always 10 ways to solve a problem, and nukes happen to be a common catchall for bumping transfer deltaV. So does launching enormous asparagus monsters . Just sayin'. Welcome to the forums, @Cpt Kerbalkrunch!