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  1. @Matchlight "I tried out your visual pack, and while good I found it to be a little bit flat and have no depth. Although I do appreciate what you do for the community, but I don't want any beef." Hmm, okay.
  2. Lol, if you want make a good graphics, working plz on all textures and creating really nice mod. Sorry, your mod not cool, but I thinking you can make better.
  3. Ummm. What? 29MB lightnings? It's so hardly for some PC. Looking for the GEA v6beta, please. I have a 6k texture but her size is 4MB. And yes, why copy the most parts of AVP?
  4. New screenshots with KSS 0.6.1 (I'm using old EVE with my settings)
  5. Good luck
  6. No, it's comet now.
  7. @StarCrusher96, yes? Oh, awesome! Maybe I'm somewhere have mistake in confings...
  8. Weird, but rocks and trees cannot add to the planets... KSP either loading forever or the trees just don't working. So, can we add the trees?)
  9. Haha, I understand, okay)
  10. Umm... Maybe needed to use Windows/Linux? Better than MAC.
  11. Testing graphics on old EVE...Nelvem OraIrke
  12. @Voodoo8648, No I can't switch between planets/asteroids too (in tracking station)...
  13. KSS 0.6 graphics (old EVE TEST)
  14. Well, I will write.