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  1. Three stars in the same sky... Beautiful..
  2. Beautiful! With clouds and lightnings these planets will look even more beautiful!
  3. My new screenshots of planet from KSS 0.5.
  4. These charts much better than before!
  5. My screenshots album with Kerbol StarSystem [0.5].
  6. The problem towards a solution, don't worry. @StarCrusher96
  7. You can moving the spaceport on Taythe or Blalo of mod KerbinSide by rewriting the configs, location, and height of the spaceport. And start playing!
  8. (Unofficial) Trailer of KSS 0.5 (with EVE & Scatterer) thx to @StarCrusher96
  9. YEAH! 0.5!!! Thx!
  10. Wow! Cool! This is not KSP, but something more beautiful!
  11. Oohh no! But this is looks good, haha.
  12. Yes, it's lightning. They will also be on other planets. I spent a lot of time to transfering them to the new EVE.
  13. I understand, Yes. Or how much time, and then the rest can send @StarCrusher96 , if not in time.
  14. Teaser of the new Kerbol StarSystem mod Trailer. COMING SOON!
  15. Yes, Duna looks very nice, haha.