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  1. Well, I will write.
  2. Have not yet tried. What is not working?
  3. Ahh, awesome! More new screenshots will be soon!
  4. Oohh... I was warned about the bugs. I would have left while the old EVE. Though not so many opportunities, but very proven option. And with the new EVE to wait until the release of new versions of KSP 1.3...
  5. *qasp* But good luck!
  6. Okay, I can make a second trailer, on this week.
  7. The official Teaser Trailer of the Kargantua System mod
  8. What? This is KSP? Oh my god... No, no, this is not KSP.
  9. Luchshe nekuda, lol. I nahoditsa gde nado.
  10. Kerbol StarSystem in the top list!
  11. Oh, okay. I hope you can finish 0.6 on next week.
  12. Kelaris, Kirlim and Kerbos. Kelaris is very very big star...
  13. Wow! Awesome! New version looks much better!
  14. No, Iain is much closer than Narath, and Narath in the screenshots.
  15. Hahaha okay.