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  1. Does this mean that we can generate supplies per second instead of by large amounts after some time?
  2. I'm playing again after some time and just tried that new Local Logistics. Man.. thank you, Roverdude, it solved SO MANY problems of my bad designs, it is awesome.
  3. I can confirm, greenhouse is fixed, now I just need to figure out ratios soil generation/consumption for Snacks
  4. Make sure to not have AmpYear installed, it was the cause to a similar problem of mine.
  5. I'm getting different values, but maybe I'm looking at the wrong places. Looking at the .cfg of NOM 5000 inside of LifeSupport folder which is inside UmbraSpaceIndustries folder, for example we have: If my calc is wrong please tell me: 1 thing/sec = 1 * 60 sec * 60 min * 6 hours = 1 /day From what I think, we would have per day: Mulch: 0.00012 /sec = 0.00012 * 60 * 60 * 6 = 2.592 /day Fertilizer: 0.000012 /sec = 0.000012 * 60 * 60 * 6 = 0.2592 /day EC: 0.26 /sec = 0.26 * 60 * 60 * 6 = 5616 /day and have as output: Supplies: 0.000132 /sec = 0.000132 * 60 * 60 * 6 = 2.8512 /day, instead of 11.52 /day at wiki And the calc of the other 2 converters are different here also.
  6. @notthebobo, are the NOM conversions up to date at ? Because I'm finding different numbers from .cfgs. On a side note, I'm impressed how much these conversions gives. It's to little! You need more than 4 NOM 5000 to recycle all mulch from one Kerbal, and the biggest "recycler" can only feed 2 kerbals. I never used it and I'm thinking their balance is outdated. Someone here use these NOMs to say if this is like before? I think they should recycle so much more per second than what is now.
  7. This thread is beautiful. I would say that Scientists are required to make any supplies self-sustainable base. They are not required really, but without one you can't feed even one kerbal. Without a scientist you have a greenhouse production at 5% load; LVL 0: 25% load LVL 1: 45% load LVL 2: 65% load LVL 3: 85% load LVL 4: 105% load LVL 5: 125% load If you are using a Tundra 2,5m Agriculture module set to Cultivate (S) and get it to 100% load, you'll not have enough supplies to feed even one Kerbal, imagine at 5% load, which is what we can get without a Scientist around.
  8. [Pathfinder + Snacks related] Is it by design that Cropworks have storage of Water and Fertilizer but not Soil? These 3 are the inputs and from what I'm seeing the only way to have Soil storage to use in this conversion is to use one of those 3 containers that are at Payload category. Or is there another place to store it that I'm not seeing? Edit: Snacks production was kind of fixed, it now requires inputs, instead of giving Snacks even without Water, Fertilizer or Soil. But it still counts down the time remaining even when one input finishes and after that you'll only need a tiny amount of that input to give full snacks production. Is it possible to make the timer/production stop when one of the inputs reaches zero? Another thing is that it only checks for Fertilizer amount to see if it can start snacks production, it doesn't check Soil or Water, and after a full cycle it starts again even if you don't have the minimum amount of Fertilizer required. In other words, if you have any amount of fertilizer, water and soil production, it can generate Snacks forever, it doesn't matter how much input you have, as long as you don't click at "Stop Greenhouse".
  9. I think this is very good. Some users may not understand what means to the launch profile the "Time to AP" or other things, so they can see just the simple launch parameters. I think it's a good addition. And in my opinion "use mechjeb" and "use timewrap" should be global. Thanks for updating the mod!
  10. Agriculture (S) and (D) are used to make Organics, that will be used later to do ColonySupplies, so I didn't added those configurations because they were not relevant to Supplies production. NOM's were not added because I don't use them (I'd rather use the ones made specially for surface bases). I might add them in the future, but you can download the sheet and add it now if you want. It's just "if" after "if" to make the calcs.
  11. This tutorial is a "Work in Progress (WIP)". I didn't touched machinery chain, BUT their numbers are shown at the worksheet that I also shared. When I get to machinery chain I'll do another planner, like the one for supplies, showing how much output you can get with how much input you have per second, and after that you can see how much input/efficiency parts you need to have to be self-sufficient at machinery. In other words, I'll add it later.
  12. I didn't tried Space Stations yet. If you want you can help, but for now I think it would be better to do this at MKS' github wiki, because I don't have much free time now to do double checks, and everything I added here was tested by myself. You can help everybody by updating there Thank you for your support! Edit: This tutorial is like a band-aid while some smarter people don't update MKS' github
  13. Just read two posts above yours. It's not ready yet, so you either play the whole MKS or you don't.
  14. If you write a good report showing steps to reproduce, what was expected and what happened, maybe even attaching a save file it will be easier to help