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  1. I wonder if it'd be feasible to decouple the "inflation" step from the "kitting out with MK" step. Instead of having to keep the part collapsed until all the required MaterialKits are available, there could be an intermediate stage where it's physically expanded to full size, but not usable until you've fed enough MK into it. In this state, the right-click menu could have a button that consumes MK and increases the part's mass — this could be done multiple times with smaller quantities, instead of all at once. When the required amount of MK has been put into it, the part becomes usable. (Edit: Or, going with the original suggestion, it could just have plain MK storage capacity in the intermediate stage, that you have to fill using normal resource transfers. Since it's been physically inflated, it makes sense for it to be able to store the MaterialKits that will later be "installed" in the same space.)
  2. I'm glad that you're preserving the white texture variant in the model rework – I always use that instead of the default orange. (More distinct from the stock orange tank, and white just seems like the "right" color for something cryogenic.)
  3. That happened to me a lot with previous releases, though I've never had it happen with the current release. You can avoid it by turning off the fancy water effects.
  4. Some radiators, like the stock non-extendable panels, can only cool the part they're directly attached to, plus other parts directly attached to that one. These radiators say "cools only nearby parts" in orange in the VAB's part description. Other radiators (like the stock extendable ones, and all of Nertea's) can cool parts anywhere on the craft. Note that there's currently a bug with MKS drills (and possibly other parts) that causes them to take up much more radiator capacity than they actually need, which can prevent other parts from getting enough cooling. You can work around the bug using "nearby-only" radiator panels whose cooling can't "reach" the offending drills. (Edit: Oops, this was answered already but I accidentally overlooked a whole page of replies.)
  5. True, but I don't think of the KSP view as being a camera with a lens — it's just the player's eyes, looking through a window in space (your monitor) into the kerbal universe. Anyway, I'll install some other sunflare (and I see that you've made a bunch of them). Just thought I'd provide some constructive feedback.
  6. I took another look at the stock sunflare (which I hadn't seen in awhile, since I normally use SVE), and it's much less prominent than the new SVE one. One big difference is that the stock sunflare draws behind other objects; the SVE one draws "in front", which is more realistic, but it makes things look washed-out. I'm not a fan of the new SVE flare, but I think the problem is really the opacity, not the size — it'd look pretty good if it wasn't so overpowering. Especially in vacuum where there's no atmospheric scattering, objects that are quite a few degrees away from the sun shouldn't be "covered up" by its light. vs. (stock):
  7. I was going to ask about the sunflare too — was thinking it must be a bug of some sort. Is it meant to be that big?
  8. While driving a rover around on the Mun today, I noticed that I was hearing chatter much more often than the "60-90s" it's set to in the configuration. So I turned on Chatterer's debug mode and looked in the console, and saw lines that say: In other words, Chatterer starts a chat exchange whenever a craft leaves the ground. The problem is, when driving on the Mun, that happens every time I go over a bump. Please consider making the "chatter frequency" setting also limit how often event-triggered chatter can occur.
  9. They still have the advantage that you're using the same fuel for main engines and RCS, so you're not wasting mass by bringing too much of one or the other. It can be difficult to estimate how much monopropellant you'll need for things like docking — especially if you're doing it multiple times — so you typically want to bring some extra as a safety margin, and that extra ends up being "dead weight" if your main engines can't use it.
  10. I don't entirely know what I'm talking about here, but I think I've read that a part can't have more than one module that holds the same resource. That might mean you can't have both the main and side tanks configured for the same kind of fuel.
  11. This seems to be a copy of a car from the Grand Theft Auto games, which means it probably infringes Rockstar's copyright on the design.
  12. Is that still true? There used to be little fringes of bogus biomes along the edges of "real" biomes caused by artifacts in the underlying map data, but I believe that was fixed in 1.2. Happens to me too.
  13. Sounds like you didn't install it correctly. SVE already has auroras, btw.
  14. Urses answered most of your question, but left out an important part: you have to grab the resource lode (it's a big rock) with a klaw, so it becomes "part of" the vessel that has the sifter. (A KAS harpoon or grappling hook might also work, but I'm not sure.)
  15. Ahh. Well, that's certainly understandable, and it's hardly a high-priority item. I just was curious.