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  1. This seems to be a copy of a car from the Grand Theft Auto games, which means it probably infringes Rockstar's copyright on the design.
  2. Is that still true? There used to be little fringes of bogus biomes along the edges of "real" biomes caused by artifacts in the underlying map data, but I believe that was fixed in 1.2. Happens to me too.
  3. Sounds like you didn't install it correctly. SVE already has auroras, btw.
  4. Urses answered most of your question, but left out an important part: you have to grab the resource lode (it's a big rock) with a klaw, so it becomes "part of" the vessel that has the sifter. (A KAS harpoon or grappling hook might also work, but I'm not sure.)
  5. Ahh. Well, that's certainly understandable, and it's hardly a high-priority item. I just was curious.
  6. That screenshot above presents a good opportunity to ask an unrelated question — @RoverDude, is it intentional that the Ranger trusses don't have glow maps? It looks a little weird to have the ball hubs illuminated when the trusses between them aren't, given that they appear to be made of the same material. (Things look better with the ball hub's light turned off too, so I've been leaving mine dark. I'm thinking about patching ModuleLight out of the part so that it doesn't respond to the "toggle all lights" button.)
  7. Yes, it's a collider issue — see this bug. You have to orient the camera so that the collider box is behind the axle. The Collide-O-Scope mod is helpful.
  8. Make sure the MaterialKits are in a container that has local warehousing enabled — otherwise the EVA kerbal can't access them. (This confused me recently too.)
  9. That was fixed in the new version released yesterday.
  10. Yes, EVA resets a kerbal's "hab" timer. It also has the side effect of extending the "home" timer for the other kerbals in the vessel, because fewer kerbals in the vessel means more living space per kerbal for those who are left. (Only temporarily until the EVA kerbal gets back in, of course, but the "home" timer represents the best accomodation the kerbal has ever seen.) By default, each crew seat provides 7.5 days of hab time. Since a trip to the Mun and back only takes about two days, you shouldn't need to do anything special hab-wise. (Minmus is a different story.) From the space center, click the green cube icon on the toolbar to open the USI-LS settings window, and check that the "Hab Months" setting says 0.25 (which is the default). That's the amount of hab time you get from each crew seat in the vessel; 0.25 means 7.5 days. Note that it's measured in Kerbin days (6 hours) but Earth months (30 days). You're mixing up two different mechanics. Supplies is food, water, and air; hab is living space. You need both, but they're not related to each other. You extend your hab time by adding parts that provide living space (like the Hitchhiker can) or amenities (like the PPD-12 cupola — kerbals like to look out through the big window).
  11. "Same tank" — that's the problem with your comparison. LH2 is less dense than LF, so the same-sized tank only holds about half as much fuel mass. You need to use a bigger tank. Here's a better comparison. Build a ship with a stock Mk1-2 command pod, stock 2.5m monopropellant tank, stock Rockomax X200-16 fuel tank, and stock Poodle engine. It weighs 18.27 tons and gets 1977m/s dV. Then replace the fuel tank and engine with a HI-M-01 hydrogen tank, configured for LH2/O, and CT2X "Tunguska" engine. It weighs 19.31 tons and gets 2293m/s dV. That's 16% more dV for just 6% more mass. (And note that it's only 6% more mass even though the LH2/O fuel tank is physically twice as big as the LF/O one.) (The command pod and monopropellant tank are just to have some extra mass besides the propulsion system. Comparing just the fuel tank and engine alone, there's much less of a difference in dV because the Tunguska engine weighs more than a Poodle, which offsets its greater efficiency. But on a real spacecraft, that difference is a smaller fraction of the total mass.)
  12. I currently have a "build an orbital station" contract available that has, as one of its criteria: This sounds like something from ART, but I don't actually have ART installed. I do, however, have several other USI mods: MKS, USI-LS, Konstruction, FTT, and Malemute. I'm wondering if some code in a shared USI component (maybe USITools.dll) is activating when it shouldn't.
  13. If you want to make one, sure, but RoverDude's construction port models are just the stock docking ports with brightened textures. You could start with that, and then maybe add a custom model later when time and priorities permit. Looks great!
  14. Heh, fair enough. On a related note, I'd like to suggest one other thing that should be pretty easy and probably won't generate any tougher follow-on requests: a "construction port" version of the special octo-truss docking port, for use with RoverDude's "Konstruction" mod (see the video in that thread's OP). It'd be the same model, a trivial change to the texture (adjust levels to make it brighter), and an additional module in the config. (I'm willing to create the part and submit a PR if you'd like, but I'd be starting from the DDS-compressed version of the texture, so there might be a slight quality loss compared to editing the original.) I'm planning on submitting a patch for that sometime soon, probably next weekend (unless someone else does it first).
  15. I'd been thinking about submitting a similar feature request, but more limited in scope. The "micro" octo-truss is too small for things like LFO tanks with their rounded end-caps, but it could sensibly fit things like xenon (single spherical tank), ore (same size as the stock 2.5m ore tank), or mission support. Those should be fairly easy since the models for the tanks are already built in repeating units; you could basically just take the truss-octo-02 version and slice it in half. It's no problem if you have other priorities, but I wanted to toss out the suggestion.