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  1. Does anybody has a trick to look at the tongue of our kerbals ? When I try to look at them in Eva , they just don't show.. (even on stock KSP). We can see the mouth and the teeth but not the tongue.. Do we see them when our kerbal make a happy face when they are inside a launching rocket and we see their head in the little window on the lower right side of the screen ? Have they disappeared when they introduced the female body ? I don't remember
  2. TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4 aka TRR Kerbal personalisation, IVA suits on Kerbin and texture replacement and improvements. This is the continuation of TextureReplacer. Expect bugs and changes, this is only the beginning of the transition TextureReplacerReplaced is a plugin for Kerbal Space Program that allows you to replace stock textures and customise your Kerbals. . More specifically, it can: replace stock textures with custom ones, assign personalised head and suit textures for each Kerbal, assign suits based on class and experience level, remove IVA helmets in safe situations, toggle between EVA suit and IVA suit without helmet in breathable atmosphere, add reflections to parts and helmet visors, generate missing mipmaps for PNG and JPEG model textures, compress uncompressed textures from `GameData/` to shrink textures in VRAM, unload textures from RAM after KSP finishes loading to reduce RAM usage and change bilinear texture filter to trilinear to improve mipmap quality. Special thanks to: Shaw for making TextureReplacer in the first place, You rock man ! RangeMachine who kept this mod alive, rbray89 who contributed a reflective visor shader and for [thread=59005]Active Texture Management[/thread] and [thread=55905]Visual Enhancements[/thread] where some code has been borrowed from, Tingle for [thread=44135]Universe Replacer[/thread]; studying his code helped me a lot while developing this plugin, taniwha for [thread=99018]KerbalStats[/thread] that was optionally used by this plugin for gender determination and role-based suit assignment, Razchek and Starwaster for [thread=70089]Reflection Plugin[/thread] where I learnt how to implement reflections, sarbian for fixing an issue with non-mupliple-of-4 texture dimensions, therealcrow999 for testing and benchmarking this plugin, Ippo343 for contributing KSP-AVC configuration, JPLRepo for contributing DeepFreeze compatibility fixes, Proot, Scart91, Green Skull and many others for creating texture packs and Sylith and Scart91 for giving others permissions to make derivatives of their texture packs, Sigma88 for his contribution on the MM compatibility and the new folder system, Ger_space for his brilliant work on the shader system. Links TextureReplacerReplaced : Download here: V0.4 Github Sources Link TRR_guide (a collection of textures to learn of to use TRR and make your own textures) : Download here : TRR_Guide, new folder example V0.3 Github Sources Link Important note : The navball texture replacement is disabled. You can use Navball Texture Changer to change your navball. Texture Packs coming soon Instructions coming soon
  3. Alright, I'll look into this soon. I've finished another big step yesterday : the support of the new naming system that will allow modders to make what I call the " full suit set" that can old up to 1056 different textures (528 textures images and their 528 NRM). All parts and their normal maps (helmet, jetpack, suit and visor) can be levelled, have a standard, badass, veteran and veteran badass version and a male and female version of all of this I'll update and fix the head now, we will be able to level them, and I'll try to fix the mouth,tongue,teeth and eyeball problems. I'll make a release soon for this.
  4. ah maybe the rover from MKS
  5. Well if you test it on kerbin they should use the iva suit, and if you slap an external command pod on a rocket, they should use the Eva space when in space I 'll make an option where we have a special check for custom part like this external pod, do you know if there are other external pod like this where we see the kerbal ?
  6. I just noticed something... the kerbal use the IVA suit when they are on a outside command pod !!! I mean... in this particular case they should use the EVA ground suit instead I will need to make a special case for this pod...
  7. Somebody will have to make a new HD skybox (well in fact, all the textures need a HD upgrade) That's why I made the TRR_Guide We also need need a hd suit pack, that's what I originally started before taking on TR... When the TRR's transition is done, I will have the time to finish it
  8. Oh "funny" .. The message normally only appear for 2 sec when you toggle your suit. It seems that when your kerbal is in a exterior control pod, the system spam the toggle Does it do that in closed control pod like your rocket command pod ? I will remove the message in the next release. This make me think that I will also need make a configuration windows to be able to change the reflection color for each suit set
  9. The best place would be in your MyTextureMod folder where you put all your texture. But you can also put it in the TRR's folder or anywhere in GameData Also expect a new head system, in the future we will have levelled texture for the head, just like the suits
  10. There is a difference between the male et female body and this affect the suit texture. In TR you could assign a full suit set to only female or male but nobody ever made a female suit. I think this is because nobody ever noticed the warping with low resolution texture If you look closely at this picture, you will see that the shoulder, elbow and wrist are warped on Val (the pink one), the butt also don't move the same when you walk (can't see it on a still image) That's why the next release of TRR will have the possibility to include a female version in the same suit set (and also the veteran, badSS and veteran badSS) For now, TRR can detect male & female head by the folder configuration (and the gender of your kerbal of course). The suits still need to be applied in the right class in the config windows just like in TR. In the future you will have a second configuration window to configure the suit set itself and you will also the ability to change how the suit set behave (like do we remove the helmet in space, is it the default suit set, ..) Lastly, normally, you don't need to remove your TR_scenario from your persistent save, TRR use a TRR_scenario to avoid conflict As @Aelfhe1m said, you can remove it safely. This was explained in the release note... I can tell that you didn't read it
  11. Well... in TRR the skybox is loaded in the main menu as you can see on the colored image
  12. *A big screen behind the protagonists lights up and show colourful images* "This is a good question and I'm glad your asked. you can use your old texture mod just like you have done in the past with TR, with one notable difference, you NEED to put your males and females heads in subfolders in the Heads folder. Respectively called Males and Females and it will pick automatically the right gender for your kerbal ! no more .cfg to make where you need to tell male&female heads. BUT, and this is a major feature, you can also use your own MyTextureMod folder and put all your texture outside TRR's folder ! You just have to make a MyTextureMod.cfg where you tell the different paths of your folders. This way, when you update TRR, you don't risk to loose your precious textures ! And you can publish and update them more easily. You can find more informations about that in the release notes The navball texture replacement is still disabled, You can use Navball Texture Changer to change your navball. Oh and a last thing, if your texture used a .cfg file, don't use it any more, TRR has another .cfg namespace and your old .cfg won't work. Off course you can still make a .cfg for your mod, just use the new @default.cfg from TRR as a base instead of the old one from TR. "
  13. Guys come try the new version of TextureReplacerReplaced This should solve your problems, and if not, well discuss about it there, because you won't find updates for TR any more
  14. Ah one more brave We don't have a good camo suit set yet ! You can find a guide in the readme of the TRR_Guide . I suggest you to download 2 things : - the latest TRR_Guide_customFolder.V0.3 where you will find an example of what I call " the MIXED suit set " with the old name convention and example for the level 0 and level 5 (the others level goes like the level5 , just put the right number) - I suggest you also to download the TRR_Guide_SuitSet_full_DDS_MIXED_v0.2 where you will find a full suit set, with the new naming convention. (won't fully work until the next release of TRR) I strongly recommend you to first try to make the IVA suit because its easier to see it without the helmet and the jetpack. Its "old" name is "kerbalMainGrey" and the new name is "Suit_Iva_Standard_Male0 " The full new naming convention is not implemented yet in TRR, So I suggest you to use the old one until I release TRR with the full support of the new one (this will be the next release) Don't hesitate to ask questions, I can help you Just be sure of one thing, this will take time if you want to make a good suit set, but you will learn a lot. I started my hd suit set pack to learn photoshop and now I gained some skill levels Last thing, I STRONGLY suggest you to make a layer with a grid that goes on top of you texture (for your production version, not for the release version of your suit). This way you will see how the texture is morphed on the model. (Like you can see on my TRR_guide suit set) and it will help you to align the different zones of your model. Oh and use .png when you test your texture and only convert them in .dds when they are completed Well, I was thinking about a decal system but this won't work well with HD textures and the normal maps.. In fact, you already use the layers your are talking talking about when you make these textures but yeah its not in KSP but in photoshop/gimp ... If you have a good layers system in your photoshop/gimp , it doesn't take to much time to export the huge number of files needed. It took me one afternoon to export all the 528 texture files for the full new naming suit set. (and another to make all the 528 NRM)
  15. You need to do the operation "invert/flip vertically", not rotate
  16. You need to invert them only if you convert them in .dds
  17. yes and no.. what are their size ? the vanilla textures are in 1024x1024 and the texture I use in the TRR_guide are in 4096x4096. also the jpg is not a good format, it create artefacts due to the compression, png is way better even compressed. When I have a stable release for TRR, I will continue my HD suit pack, it will weight a lot on your HDD but your kerbals will be wonderful
  18. yeah TRR.. I'm kind of dyslexic when I type fast And sry to have forgotten the "S" on my structured example... its fixed now. I'm reassured it works You should convert your JPG in .dds, your game will load faster because TRR convert them in .dds each time your load. You can find a good and fast dds converter here : DDS Converter For your head, convert them in DXT1 "clamp" and check/use the "MipMaps" also You need to invert them vertically before converting them, the easier way to do that is to use GIMP 2 + BIMP. Batch Image Manipulation Plugin. To batch modify your texture files
  19. Lol, it was late, it should be better with the binaries Its like when you make a big email and you forgot the attached file try again with the right files you can find here And remove entirely the folder of TTR and use the new one you find in the release, just to be sure Also if you texture mod had a cfg file in it , DON'T use it (the cfg file I mean). None of the existing texture has the right new cfg file
  20. Here is the new release of TRR : V0.4 : Folder's Freedom ! and a new TRR_Guide A big Thanks to @Sigma88 for his work on the custom folder feature This is a huge step for TRR, you are now encouraged to use another folder than TextreReplacerReplaced to store and use your custom textures ! There is also a change for the heads, there are 2 subfolders now (Male and female) under the heads folder. So from now you NEED to put your male heads in the Male folder and the female heads in the Female folder. Here is the new structure to use to make your own folder with your custom texture : MyTextureModFolder/ Default/ EnvMap/ Heads/ Females/ Males/ Suits/ MySuitSet_Pilot/ MySuitSet_engineer/ ... MyTextureMod.cfg You can also put your texture in TRR's folder just like you have done until now, but you risk to loose them as always when you update TRR. If you make your own folder, the textures are independent of TRR When you make our own MyTextureMod Folder, you need also to make a configuration file where you tell TRR the path of your customs folders. (the "MyTextureMod.cfg" you can see on top ) Here is what you need to put in this .cfg : TextureReplacerReplaced { Folders { Default = TRR_Guide/Default/ EnvMap = TRR_Guide/EnvMap/ Heads = TRR_Guide/Heads/ Suits = TRR_Guide/Suits/ } } Off course, if you don't have a Heads/ folder for example, you don't need to add the line in the .cfg. This version also fix the heads (!!! if you put them in the right folder !!!! ) And you can enjoy your custom skyboxes again The navball texture replacement is disabled (broken). You can use Navball Texture Changer to change your navball. There is also a new TRR_Guide folder, with an example of a working custom texture folder, with texture for the default suit, a skybox and some planets texture. you can see the example in the pictures at the beginning of this post. You won't see KSP the same way with this guide pack TRR_Guide_customFolder.V0.3 A last note, there is a custom texture for the menu in the default/ folder of TRR, if you don't like it, just erase it and I also added Laythe in the list of atmospheric planet. KNOW ISSUES : If you want to use a default custom visor, you need to put the texture in the default/ folder of TRR. For a strange reason, it won't work if you put it in the default/ folder of your MyTextureModFolder/. The visors in the suits subfolder works as intended, even in your MyTextureModFolder/.
  21. To be able to remove your helmet, you need 2 conditions, you can see (and modify) these conditions in the @Default.cfg file in the TextureReplacerReplaced folder. Open it with any txt reader like notepad++. 1: The planet must have a breathable atmosphere,. In this config file, you can see : // List of planets/moons with breathable atmospheres where Kerbals can wear // their IVA suits on EVA. // The list must be space- and/or comma-separated and in one line. // Duplicated lists are joined. atmSuitBodies = Kerbin Erin Sanctum It mean that Kerbin, Erin and Sanctum are in the list, You could add Laythe in the list if your science tell you it has oxygen (this lit is nearly as old as TR, so maybe it need some tuning) 2: The planet must also have enough atmospheric pressure ! // Minimum air pressure required for Kerbals to wear their IVA suits on EVA. atmSuitPressure = 50 So my guess is that Laythe don't have enough atmospheric pressure and it was removed from the atmSuitBodies list because of some bugs or conflict. Can you add it in the atmSuitBodies and tell me how it work (I don't have a kerbal at this location on my dev save). This should looks like this : atmSuitBodies = Kerbin Erin Sanctum Laythe I don't suggest you to change the atmSuitPressure I will (normally) release a new version today, expect something good and working this time My guess is that FASA has a cfg file with TextureReplacer { settings... } and TRR now use a cfg file with TextureReplacerReplaced { settings... } I changed that to allow people to configure their mod for TR and TRR without conflict. I'll look into this after this release. Enjoy your vacation !
  22. I have a (big) problem with the navball... We can swap the IVA textures (IVANavBall.dds & IVANavBall_Glow.dds) but the main navball texture seems unreachable .. I have tried to change the source texture file(model002.dds) in the squad folder, and it don't change it !?! Is the navball texture hidden somewhere else with another name ???
  23. Theses features are working, you have 3 ways to confirm when they do their job : 1 : out of the game, check you log file 2 : ingame, at the main menu, hit ALT+F12 , there you can see the console and when you scroll up you should see the list of the files unloaded with the tag [TRR.Loader] You can also see a false error msg saying " [TRR.loader] TRR: Texture unloading freed approximately XXX MB of system RAM" 3 : In the menu you open with ALT_F12, go in the Debugging menu and check "show all log errors on the screen" Next time you load the game, after the loading black screen (witch can takes some time depending of the number of textures to process) and when the main menu appears, you should see a orange error message saying the false error message about the space saved.
  24. The head and skyboxes will be fixed soon ,I missed one of @Sigma88 's PR and I updated the base default.cfg. Expect a fixed release soon For the navball,I don't know his real ingame name.. I'm looking for a list of all the parts/elements of the game, so I can make an example. Does anybody knows where I can find such a list, with the name of all the stock textures (like the navball, the planets , ..) edit: I found the names of the planets in the original textureReplacer readme but I can't find the navball and the rest of the stock parts
  25. We need to summon our reflections master : @Ger_space : We need you here plz