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  1. I'm using the dwarf config but it doesn't change it's still the stock sun. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
  2. Delete city textures in Astronomer's Visual Pack>EVE to remove city lights. If you press alt+0 in game you can turn off the Aurora and glows for mun and Minmus in the clouds manager. Those weird flashes are meant to be Lightning.
  3. I've gotten it to work on another version of ksp without AVP and I've removing scatter-sunflare and putting it into scatter sunflare folder but again it overlays with the stock sun, it works with other sunflares but not sunflares of maar.
  4. I'm trying to use Sunflares of Maar the lens flare works but it's still the stock sun. do I install in the scatter-sunflares in AVP or scatter. I've tried both and they don't seem to work.
  5. even if you drop the bomb and teleport to Eeloo? I also think physics range extender won't allow that.
  6. is there a fix for this. the targeting pod is fixed on the water and it shows the normal camera as I rotate and zoom in and out kinda annoying when targeting something.
  7. Is there any fix for the flir or targeting pod showing my place when it's not pointed at my plane?
  8. Spacedock version is 8k textures. I didn't say the spacedocks version has the links, gibhub has the links and here is the link to the textures
  9. The space dock version has the textures with it and the gibhub version show the dependencies you need and points you towards the textures.
  10. yeah I went into the debug menu, it does seem to be locked at 13 fps.
  11. Yeah I have ksprc installed but I'm running it on 1.2.2 so let me get 1.1.2 and see how it works.
  12. I have trees at ksc but not at that location. All I see is rocks and grass.