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  1. I havent had any issues with it. the antenna are early enough to where you can do some sounding rockets with just probe antenna control, and then use that science to unlock antenna for further control. Sorry for the late reply btw, been really busy recently. NOTE: i will likely be releasing the next version in a day or two with some mod integration. Its taken so long as i have been stubborn in trying to get IR working with it, but with no luck for so long, im just going to release it. But its gonna take a bit as I had to format, and i have to grab everything from my external drive where ksp is, and then remake a few things. Thanks to those who have bared with me and my stubborness.
  2. Is there anywhere that all the current known issues are posted?(didnt see it in OP but its late and i likely missed it.) And can anyone let me know if the issue of the past where the adapter nodes caused major drag when not used... or even when used/turned off?
  3. whats the mod in alexandria episode 14 that gives the action group window?
  4. will do man. thats a good way of going about it, so good on ya.
  5. ahhh thats perfect! thanks a lot. and even more happy to know you already know how to fix those issues, just a matter of time. and that tree toppler one is getting a download too. thanks a lot man, and keep up the good work
  6. id prefer a way to specify personally. but it makes sense to have it tied to the governments... and i can easily just go into the settings and change it, so im fine with that route
  7. is there any way to get the world time, and thusly the build time to continue counting down while i build and design payloads an rockets? basically is there any way to get the world/build/rollout time to count down while im in the VAB or SPH?
  8. ahhh, understandable
  9. ahhh ok. so not possible now, but a chance in the future?.... and how hard is it to throw this in mid save? i have been using monthly budgets, but would rather this.... but throwing it in mid save seems like ill have to recover from the funding drop...
  10. @linuxgurugamer anything on this?
  11. is there a way to make it a monthly budget?
  12. @sirkut Would you be able to help me with this? i would REALLY like to get your mod working with mine, but i cant for the life of me figure out whats wrong with what im doing.
  13. Ok, so im having an issue with making a custom fairing texture. My issue is that the fairings uses the dds format, and as its my first time using the format im clueless on how i need to save it for ksp to render it right. Every time i save it, using , it shows as just plain grey in ksp. So my question is, what settings do i need to save the dds image with for ksp to render it correctly in game?
  14. im not sure how i would go about testing that, nor do i quite understand what it is..... and would me making my own personal folder be "1 Sol Mods" for easier access in gamedata effect it? as i now believe it may with how you just replied....