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  1. Yeah... I um... I went into the RT folder and saw that... :S
  2. Nice. How.. do you implement it?
  3. Has this been tested? Are there any known bugs? Great idea though!
  4. I'll just leave this hear...
  5. Yeah, I cant say id be bothered by if they're there or not, tbh.
  6. Is any of this compatible with DangIt?? It would be great to have that such that one of the things you could upgrade is the reliability of components.
  7. Is there not a way to specify which commsat you want to connect to? You can do this in RT and, in that way, you can force it to connect to a specific dish.
  8. Just wondering, you need both Comorant and DIRECT for this mod to work, but I assume you can get those mods minus the parts in em for this one to work?
  9. BDA uses heat to replicate part damage.
  10. Oh I just recessed it in there a bit is all. But the RW values are rather small.
  11. Well thanks! Always appreciated to have your work recognized. And yes, the Duna SAR Altimetry sat does not have any reaction wheels in it, save the ones incorporated in the probe core. Reaction wheel op
  12. I'm always amazed at how claustrophobic that damn thing is! Speaking of which, @Beale what about tilting the outer seats slightly to try and give it a more authentic feel/look? You can see in the picture here how the seats seem slightly tilted outwards (CCW for the left seat, CW for the right seat in the picture). You could then move them in a bit to the kerbals are closer together, add a few mock cargo bags to cramp up the look. Anyways, just a thought!
  13. I gotta say I'm super stoked about that 3 seat Soyuz! Gonna be great! (I always knew it could be done... )
  14. Will there ever be a remedy to this? Those parts are... well... rather useful.