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  1. Well it says that it fixed an issue with IR joints not moving, but I also experienced an issue (with the reworks) where, after time warping, the joints would break and get skewed. Not sure if this is due to the same thing or not.
  2. A new version of Kerbal Joint Reinforcment has been released (v 3.3.2 for KSP 1.2.2). Does anybody now if this has addressed the previous issues encountered with IR (as per the above quoted post)? Cheers,
  3. Dont use AJE?!? Have you gone mad??! I'll figure something out. But abandon a realism mod??? NEVER!
  4. What? Have they announced anything broken with it?? Shame...
  5. To all the FAR crew, well done!! Arguably one of the more complex and technical mods out there, and one of the best, imo! Glad to see it finally ready for 1.2.2!
  6. Welp... that would explain it! Any workaround?
  7. @Krimverse, @A_beholder Do you have any logs you can provide?
  8. I've seen many people build boats/ships and power them using jet engines that run underwater. Does having AJE installed prevent this since I've tried many different ways of going about it but the engines always always overheat and explode...
  9. So... does this mean that those issues wont be fixed for 1.2.9?
  10. Thanks for your hard work. Great mod, cant play without it!
  11. KSP players are always like ''moar boosters!''. In reality, its really more like ''more RAM!'', at least, when you go full KSS it is.
  12. Here, from the IR page:
  13. Well, I suppose as long as you dont go THROUGH the planet, you should be good!
  14. Gravity breaks? You mean gravity assists?