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  1. Keeping with the dog theme, maybe Samoyed for the poodle equivalent and... Idk for the mainsail... Need to do some searching. Edit: ninjaed
  2. Currently trying to figure out how to salvage my Mun base. It went full turtle after an attempt to use the landing legs to flip it into the correct orientation, and was not designed with enough reaction wheels to right itself if flipped (I wasn't expecting to really do any maneuvering after landing). I also need to attach about 6700EC worth of batteries, because for whatever reason I didn't notice that while making the contract. Might bring another antenna too. I need to bring 3 pilots and an engineer (not technically required but s/he will help with the mining) so I already needed to make a trip to it anyways. I'm also thinking of adding a rover garage so I can do exploration of my own, so its batteries should help with that. So... how to flip the base over... I'm thinking of retracting the legs and using a mast with a claw on the end to grab the LfOx tank after I've drained the fuel from it, and using a thruster (maybe the crew lander) at the end to roll whole the thing over. I'm kind of worried that I might sheer off another one of the solar panels though... ah well, if I do, they're not too expensive. Oh, I also broke the game:
  3. Been trying my hand at planning routes using gravitational assists. Floating point errors get annoying after a few years worth of trajectory plotting. Stuff likes to jitter around enough that an encounter with a good kicker planet like Eve or Kerbin can get missed. Also sent a narrow band scanner to the Mun to scan for a good spot to land my contract base. So I went on to landing the base at the determined spot. I got down to about 300m going about 40m/s, and had my engine thrusting just enough to maintain this speed. I hit shift to throttle up and slow down for the landing maneuver, which would involve slowing to a hover a couple meters above the surface, then quickly tipping the stack to land horizontally on the legs. And... the throttle didn't move. I glanced up to the left corner of my screen. NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! I had checked earlier and had thought that I would have a relay available, but it wasn't quite above the horizon. I watched in horror, meanwhile spamming the z key, as the base sped towards the surface. Suddenly by some miracle, I got a brief moment of signal, and the engine went to full throttle. Immediately the signal was gone again, and I once again was left watching. The thing ended up tapping the ground, and started moving up again, leaving me to spam the x key, hoping that my base wouldn't fly off into the great black yonder, although perhaps that would have been safer for it. At about 5m it was high enough to get some signal from the relay again, and the engine cut out. When it came back to the ground it once again had no signal. Well... at least it's on the surface now, if not necessarily in the most ideal orientation. I at least feel vindicated in only having deployed one of the solar panels. It was the only thing to get crushed.
  4. If you could figure out how to screw up the other parts in the same way you could have a pretty cool paint scheme going there.
  5. Yep and for the same reason mine is even smaller than it looks at first glance. lol
  6. @Triop @Galacticvoyager Ok I added my country/state/whateveryoucallit here. I chose a slightly different place than I had on nonameships because that was a bit too tiny and secluded. Might expand to have a bit of variety in landscape someday. And get a proper flag. Anyways, I explored Minmus in my career save. Out of my own stupidity I forgot to put solar panels on my lander, so I had to be very careful with conserving electric charge while making my biome hops. I only *just* made it back to the Kopernicus Intra-Munar Vehicle. Due to solar panels on the main ship quickly starting to recharge my batteries, the situation is not clear. When I docked I had no electric charge. I was using my monopropellant for both translation and rotation. I thought I was going to have to abandon the lander in orbit (which honestly wouldn't have been that bad considering all the science I got using it, and that it needs a panel retrofit or replacement), but I managed to dock with 0.31 units of monoprop left in the tank. Unfortunately not everyone got the experience building opportunity to go down to the surface due to my using of most of the oxidizer going to all the biomes, but it's a small price to pay for the huge amount of science I got from the mission. Theoretically I could have used the EVA packs to land the kerbals and reorbit them... Perhaps an experiment for a later date. @Bornholio Is there a built in que on the KSP Atlas for when the booster engines + shroud should be jettisoned? I've been just using guesswork and thus haven't had particularly great success rate with getting to orbit.
  7. Might do that tomorrow... Maybe... If I claim something it's probably going to be that secluded little place that nobody really cares about that I have claimed on nonameships. Anyways, I finally got RO working again, and I did an unmanned test launch of a Gemini spacecraft. Stage detachment was a little funny, but things went fine aside from a minor incident with 4x timewarp and a parachute. Also been working on an improvement on my E-24 Line. Features 33% more power with corresponding extra rotor blades to convert that power into lift. Should have >136 ton lift capacity, albeit at the cost of a somewhat lower max speed due to drag and slightly lower hover endurance.
  8. Did it in IVA. Wasn't too scenic aside from a pretty view of the Sun and part of Kerbin for a few seconds though. Flew a really inefficient early ascent, but hey, it worked!
  9. Tested a couple light Eve lander concepts for my grand tour. Got bored and flew helicopter with some flashy lights (epilepsy warning!). Finally I tested a spaceplane for recovering a kerbal and her ship from orbit. I managed to melt one of the elevons with spinny results. Currently trying to figure out what exactly I did when installing TAC that makes ships/planes in my Realism Overhaul file uncontrollable fixed
  10. I don't know for sure, but there is probably a way to take a general screenshot of your entire computer screen. On my Lenovo laptop it's the windows + printscreen key combo. Once you have that you could just open the screenshot in MS Paint and crop it to the vessel viewer. Edit: oops didn't mean to double post
  11. FASA
  12. So I wanted to create a giant rotor for a super-heavylift helicopter. It seems I should redo the engine mounts to be less appetizing to the kraken. Also been building vehicles from Apollo-and-other-past-spacecraft derived hardware. The above vehicle replaces the ascent engine of the Apollo LM with more Aerozine50/NTO tankage, giving it a fairly impressive delat-V. It still needs some work, I want another 1km/s in it. The idea is to use it as a lander for a tour of the Galilean moons. That's all for today. Was out for the morning getting my 2 wisdom teeth out... funny thing is it has not hurt at all whatsoever.
  13. Don't you just click through the keep data button a few times? I've never had this problem?
  14. Which version are you in? I'm in 1.2 and I think I got a contract like that once...
  15. I have a lot of stuff I've been meaning to put here, but I'll just put the events of the past few hours. So Sean's Cannery asked me to put a station in orbit supporting 5 kerbals. So I launched a small cheap station, and then launched my go-to spaceplane with 4 kerbals and dropped them off at the station. The plan was that I'd then remotely pilot it over to my Leo Ryan LKO Fuel Depot, where Bob and Jeb were stationed aboard a docked vehicle that is due to head out to Minmus in less than a week. I would then bring one of them over to the station and fulfill the contract. But before I got a chance to do that, I had to leave for a while so I exited the game. I came back, and realized I hadn't put the name of the company in the station's name like I usually do, so I opened the contracts window to find it. I searched carefully. No station contract. (In this picture I'm redocking to the station after realizing that the contract was not there.) Puzzled, I went into mission control and found... the contract was completed??? Well, ok then... more Δv on orbit for me! In-VAB testing confirms that my spaceplane should be able to dock with the fuel depot (seen below) and thus deposit extra fuel picked up at the cheap station. It needs to stop by the depot anyways to drop off the kerbals (I'm planning on bringing 6 kerbals to Minmus). Might keep the spaceplane on-orbit for a while afterwards. I'm thinking of bringing Linberta home from Mun Station I, and since she's the only person aboard, I don't think its worth dispensing of the service module of the Kolumbine CEV. I want to save that, possibly for a mission to Duna. I'm hoping to get 200 science or so from Minmus (shouldn't be too hard) so I can unlock the narrow band scanner. That will be helpful for finding the best spot to land my Mun Contract Station. I don't want it to take 5 years to fill up the Lf tanks like the contract wants.