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  1. @Foxster All I could think of from that rocket was "Great news, everyone!" from Futurama.
  2. @jonny I'd recommend not putting up another challenge, so that we can keep it from getting confusing. Maybe we could make it a competition for whoever completes the challenge first gets to decide the next challenge? @quasarrgames
  3. Just made a hovercraft and completed the challenge. Unfortunately due to the fact that I don't know how to use OBS hardly at all, it's poor-ish quality without sound... (Also, if someone could tell me how to embed this video, it'd be appreciated, thank you!)
  4. Are aerobrakes allowed? Like a spoiler that points upwards for more braking force? Not the A.I.R.B.R.A.K.E.S, though.
  5. Yep! I'm hoping someone will try to, as I've tried making prop propellers before and they don't really work for me... I'm recording video right now of my entry, so far it's taken 1, 0:44:36 in KSP (1 day 44 minutes).
  6. Travel the world in an electric plane! The challenge is based off of the Solar Impulse 2 plane which traveled around the world without using any fuel. This is challenging you to do the same in KSP! Basic Rules: -Start at the KSC, go around Kerbin, and finish at KSC. -Only use electricity to achieve this. (No fuel, not even Dawn propulsion, KAX is recommended) -You can land on islands to recharge batteries. -NO MODS BESIDES KAX (Kerbal Aircraft Expansion) Advanced Rules: -All basic rules apply. -Make it around Kerbin in the fastest time possible, and/or with the most kerbals. -If you do both time and number of kerbals, your time will be divided by the amount of kerbals you carry around in the trip. Basic Completionists: - Advanced Completionists Scoreboard: - Record your progress by taking screenshots, or posting video of your work. A download link to the craft would be preferred. I really look forward to seeing what you guys can create!
  7. This comment was removed by the author.
  8. Just reached 1.9km with a glider! I will upload the video shortly
  9. Rube Goldberg Challange! The objective is to make a Rube Goldberg machine, to do a simple task (this can be anything). For those of you who don't know what a Rube Goldberg machine is, it is a machine that has multiple stages to do a simple task. Rules: -Must have over Three sections -Sections must go in order -No mods, except Vessel Mover (this mod is actually recommended) -No cheats or hacks, with the exception of whack-a-kerbal -Must be completely autonomous (no control), and you can only start with staging (Rules subject to change) Competition lasts from June 1st to August 31st Contraptions will be judged in catagories: -Most creative design -Largest Contraption -Most aesthetically pleasing (Best looking) This means you have a chance to win one, or all of these catagories If you have something to suggest (like a mod or a rule), please tell me and I may implement it. Leaderboard: -Most Creative: -Largest Contraption: -Best Looking: Have fun and good luck!
  10. I can barely make an orbit... let alone get to the Mun... But I'll try anyways!
  11. I'm not sure, I was having problems with the AI as well. Try putting a kerbal in the command seat.