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  1. New time to beat! (Now with music!)
  2. Ahh, okay. I didn't see it. Both your comments just came through. It's a challenge! @N_F_X and @SpaceTrashCan, See you two on the runway!
  3. Also, @N_F_X, I challenge you to make a VTOL. Considering you're already at the top of the car leader board, why not try to top both leader boards?
  4. Exactly! There's also no competition in VTOLs...
  5. Yeah... I just realized that. I'm also on break with nothing else to do...
  6. And again at 2:16 At this rate I might be able to catch @N_F_X in a VTOL! Now if only I could get those times in a car...
  7. Well, I just shattered my VTOL record at 2:18
  8. Wait, so my only time is double the fastest time... (3:35) Welp, time to practice again. I'll stream this. (
  9. I have full video, but I'd like to get a better time before I post anything
  10. I COMPLETED A RUN! It was a 3:35 run... But it was a run! A complete run!
  11. Fastest Sectors (In car): Sector 1: 0:22 Sector 2: 0:31 Sector 3: 0:48 Sector 4: N/A
  12. For every crash, I have a recording... And today I have... 68 recordings...
  13. Meanwhile, I made a map with sectors. If you'd like the save, I can upload it. (It has flags so you can track your time through sections of the track) (In VTOL) Fastest sector 1 (red): 0:29 Sector 2 (blue): 0:45 Sector 3 (green): 0:33 Sector 4 (orange): 0:42