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  1. I am make it and game crashed
  2. Dx11 ? How to use it? Ica not run in dx11. My game crashed in load.
  3. what redactor you use for dds files?
  4. Thanks. Not need it. I am downloaded it.
  5. o my godble. плохо
  6. can you make link on google drive?
  7. You need fasters CPU and RAM 16Gb more.
  8. is mod support version 1.2.2?
  9. Coooolll!!!! I am very wait it.
  10. sunset and sunrise on Duna should be blue. Do you it?
  11. Anybody, how you can make shadows on the rings?
  12. why there is no shadow of the planet on the rings?
  13. How i can move nuvball in other place?