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  1. Finally finished the kRPC-controlled mobile manipulator: GIF
  2. I once worked on reusable fairings. Both a "cargo bay" variant that could open and close and individual fairing halves that would separate and land: Version 1.6 on SpaceDock has those WIP parts in a ZIP folder if you want to try them. I wasn't sure if it would be worth it to finish them. They both have drawbacks: It's only possible to enter engine first with the cargo bay variant. Quite problematic with orbital speed. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think KSP returns any funds for decoupled debris like the fairing halves. So it's not very rewarding to recover those. People might do it once for fun but that's it. Yes they are. It's so that they could easily be used with the stock command pod. You'll have to offset them a bit to use them with other parts. Oh thanks, I think they're the ugliest parts. No plans for that currently. But you could try adding the stock "Vernor" engine to the front of the upper stage to add this direction of control.
  3. I've never used Deadly Reentry, it doesn't have any additional configs for it if that's what the mod needs. Might still work otherwise. This is true, even for Falcon Heavy flights (I've seen people crazy enough to do this @MatoroIgnika). But FMRS makes the whole thing less stressful and more efficient.
  4. Are the wheels in Unity set up for the post-1.1 system? If not I can go ahead and fix those as well. Would be great to have the ability to add the Blender/Unity files for the legs and wheels.
  5. Yes thank you! Right in time for my mobile manipulator: GIF
  6. Currently writing my most complicated kRPC program so far. A mobile manipulator that in the end should be able to assemble a rocket: GIF Enough for today though.. my head hurts.
  7. For those who haven't seen it: @linuxgurugamer has taken it upon himself to revive Flight Manager for Reusable Stages. This is a mod that lets you jump back in time to separated stages and land them. Basically what is needed for KRE to make sense. The CKAN version of KRE now recommends FMRS by default. If you haven't, go download it and check it out:
  8. So when the grid fin (for example) is fully extended the control surface animation kicks in. That means it will immediately jump to the point in the animation where it would be according to the pitch/yaw/roll input. It would be nice if it could gradually increase the range over 2 seconds or so to have a better transition.
  9. Yes I was, but I've been using @DerpyFirework's plugin for a bit longer and it works great. Small nitpick: When the control surface is activated they quickly jump to the current angle. But that's something that both plugins seem to do (just looking at the code, correct me if I'm wrong).
  10. Yes that's the correct way. Way to often I see people just attaching them like they are initially in the editor. Example (in the comments). Can't change it unfortunately because that's how control surfaces work.
  11. Not a bad idea but there are no plans for that. Seeing how often the grid fins are attached the wrong way I imagine it would just be much worse with fins that don't have a clear direction. Cool idea. It wouldn't be quite the same as the deployable wings however. This would be harder to split into two parts which is necessary to provide roll control. Yes. If it doesn't, tell me Okay thanks, will change that. Didn't know about those! But yes, with the power of the DeployableAeroSurfaces plugin the control surface only works when the wing is deployed.
  12. The grid fins achieve their drag in a different way than the airbrakes. They use drag cubes that scale up massively when they are deployed. Unfortunately, FAR doesn't care about stock drag cubes and uses its own more realistic model. Meanwhile it leaves the drag for the airbrakes mostly the same. I'd immediately increase the drag for the fins in FAR as well but don't know how. I'll have another look at it when there's an official version for 1.2.
  13. Okay cool, looking forward to it. Just one thing: When you add new rocket parts can you make sure the old ones are up to par design-wise? Most notably:
  14. Hey there, I made some new icons for the mod that have higher resolution and different style. Just going to leave this here, if you want to use it: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9o2dvpjllz241le/AADIEAZy0QQk6S3CIP2lXyVRa?dl=0
  15. Requests are always welcome However I'm not planning on adding another part that is not directly connected to reusability. The trunk is already a compromise between Crew and Cargo Dragon trunks. Maybe I'll make solar panels eventually because the stock ones are a bit small. Also, I recognize that profile picture. Forgot to mention: The wings start in the deployed position. After placing the mount part you can rotate them with Q and E and place one on each side.