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  1. Go soyuz!
  2. Do a rightclick "translate to english" on the youtube chat window.
  3. Some interesting stuff in the payload : The NSF thread : Live :
  4. I figure there will be rutherford engine clones being worked on in just about every university aerospace shop on the planet. The kids working on this stuff will be keen to see their projects fly. And those designs and expertise will filter thru to the amateur space.
  5. The engineering approach to amateur sub-orbitals : Wonder if he will roll out a methane (or just LNG) engine for better performance? Maybe change pressure-fed to electric turbopumps that are 3d printed? Then comes adding a 2nd stage to try for orbit.
  6. arrrgh!!
  7. Go Falcon!
  8. cool..... Lots of interest in the 1st stage outgassing event.....big plume got worse thru the burn. One of the YF-77 hydrolox engines fail? ahhh....NSF reports "There is rumor that one of YF77s lost its chamber pressure around 350 seconds after launch"
  9. Booster sep ok at 175s. Deviations from flight path could have happened as early as 400s. stage 1 sep ok at 465s? looks like it happened at 570s. Wow I wonder what went wrong. stage 2 takes a dive back into the atmosphere Launch time line was supposed to be :T+0s LiftoffT+17s Pitch program initiatedT+174s Boosters separationT+285s Fairing separationT+465s MECO/1st stage separation/2nd stage ignitionT+753s SECO-1T+1355s SEI-2T+1714s SECO-2T+1810s Spacecraft separation
  10. Yep mission failure. Here is the launch replay : cuts at 4:42 Oh man.....
  11. Long March 5 launches out of Wenchang in about 32hrs time. On Pad, 880t. Payload : 25t LEO, 14t GTO, 8,2t TLI. Kerolox boosters, hydrolox core. YZ-2 model has a third stage UDMH/NTO Maiden launch was 6 months ago. This is the 2nd launch. 3rd launch in November 2017 is the lunar sample return mission Chang'e5
  12. Engine production shot from BO : source
  13. Proposed ITS lunar payloads : 38t direct with return to earth. Much more with a lunar tanker paired with the ITS. You can leave your return fuel (~110t) in low lunar orbit rather than take it to the surface.. Another take on ITS lunar refueling.
  14. Yep. We are talking about 3 to 4 tonnes of kit. Eats a big chunk of Falcons GTO capabilities. A much smaller part of FH's GTO payload. Or Falcon LEO.