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  1. Another Station!!!?!?! Jeb was sipping his morning coffee while looking through the large amount of paperwork and budget reviews that had been dumped on his desk. Suddenly someone or something burst through his office door nearly knocking it off its hinges said person was in fact Bill. Jeb sighed and said, "What is it now Bill, if it's another accident at the VAB I'm not sure our insurance can keep covering ,"injury while handling experimental rocket fuel"...... "No it's not that Jeb!" exclaimed Bill, "I just came along to talk about my new brilliant idea." "Oh what is it?" Bill then plucked a hastily drawn sketch out of his bag and showed it to Jeb. Jeb took one glance at it and promptly fainted. Making it Bill's cue to once again call the ambulance to collect Jeb. You see this is what Bill's brilliant idea was: Don't recognise it.? Well here's a picture of another spacecraft from earlier in the narrative: Well if you didn't you might remember the aborted Angel Station that wasted a significant amount of the company's money. Bill's brilliant idea was to launch a second iteration of the station for use as a training and target vehicle in addition to being used as a laboratory and construction outpost. So it was quite understandable that Jeb fainted namely because he didn't want to launch the same type of station that wasted a significant amount of the company's funds....
  2. This is great looking forward to seeing more!
  3. The Big Dumb Booster Jeb sat rather anxiously in the cramped capsule and muttered to himself, "How the hell did I end up here......?" A few weeks ago.... "Ok Bill what hair brained idea do you have now ? " sighed Jeb as he plonked his large cowboy boots on his large mahogany desk. It was now a few days after Jeb had gotten engaged to Mismera and he was hoping to not end up dying before his wedding. "Well Jeb I was thinking..." "You're always thinking Bill and it usually ends up with me in some contraption of yours that nearly kills me!" "This is different it's important and it will be exciting." "How so?" Bill then proceeded to take a large blue print out of his briefcase and smoothed it down on Jeb's desk. Jeb peered down at the blueprint and then said to Bill, "What exactly are we supposed to use this for?" "Well Jeb I was thinking that we could use this BDB..." "BDB?" interrupted Jeb. "Big Dumb Booster." "Ah." "Anyway" continued Bill, " We could use this BDB as a form of low cost orbital tourism and/or transportation. If we exploit this the right way we could drastically lower the cost of rocket launches!" Jeb pondered this large deluge of information in silence he then exclaimed, "My Squad Bill. The whole thing is made up of SRBs how is this in anyway safe?!" "Well that's why I"m asking you to pilot a test flight..." Back to the present (but a few minutes before Jeb end up in orbit) Jeb gritted his teeth as the g-force acceleration slowly built up as the SRBs roaring thrust increased. The acceleration was nothing like he had ever felt before even when he was flying the first spacecraft for the company. The noise was overwhelming and it seemed like his head would explode from the vibrations and din the SRBs were causing. Suddenly there was a loud clunk then a bang as the first stage, composed of five clustered SRBs, seperated and the large second stage ignited. The noise and chaos built up even further and Jeb was finding it hard to keep his eyes open. Finally the second stage sperated and Jeb drifted in a moment of relative peace. Jeb let out a relieved sigh that at least he had made it this far. Then he groaned as his computer informed him that the orbital kicker stage was about to ignite. A slight rumble and acceleration occured significantly less compared to the chaos that was the launch of the BDB. Finally everything stopped and Jeb was able to relax once again. The present(as in the present where we have finally caught up with the main narrative) Jeb was reporting back to Mission Control about his current observations and was sneaking in a few selfies of him with Kerbin in the backround to show to Mismera. While he was taking his one hundreth selfie a loud beep sounded inside the capsule indicating that Mission Control wanted to speak to him. "BDB 1 this is AT Control prepare to begin reentry and splashdown." Jeb smiled as he realised that it was Mismera speaking to him and replied, "Copy that AT Control and I'll be home in time of dinner darling!" "You better be." replied Mismera. Jeb then seperated the depleted orbital kicker stage and prepared to fire the retrorockets that would deorbit the capsule and land him back on Kerbin. Jeb fired the first pair of retrorockets which lowered his orbit by a little bit however not enough to enter the atmosphere. This procedure was all part of the mission plan. To save weight Bill had designed the BDB to have just enough retrorockets so that the capsule would be able to skim the atmosphere then finally enter it via the use of several long aerobrake passes. The light outside the capsule vanished as the craft passed into the dark side of Kerbin and the first pair of retrorockets had been depleted. For several hours Jeb and his capsule spun around Kerbin bit by bit lowering the velocity of the craft to allow it to reenter. Jeb then fired up the second pair of retrorockets which gave the push for the capsule to properly enter the atmosphere and allowing Jeb to safely return home to see his fiancée.
  4. A Few Interludes Valentina was sitting at her desk sifting through the mound of paperwork that had surely but slowly accumalated on her desk. As she was about to get started she heard a suprised yell come from the reception room of Mission Control. Sighing she got up to see what all the fuss was and to her amazement there was Jeb sitting on one knee and raising a ring to a rather young looking female kerbal called Mismera. Valentina couldn't believe her eyes. Jebediah Kerman of all people was proposing to someone?! A large party insured and everyone quickly became intoxicated after the large amount of hydrzine present. Wernher in particular was wobbling quite a lot and was jabbering on about his childhood in Kermany. The morning after Jeb woke up in his office and quickly noticed that a) he seemed to have lost his shirt and tie. And b) he was on the ceiling. As this registered he fell down with a loud thump thankfully not breaking anything. The Intensive Care Unit at the local hospital was starting to get tired of Jeb's increasingly frequent visits. Jeb glanced to his desk and noticed that someone had left a large parcel there. He brushed himself off and opened the package inside there was a picture of the new RLV and signed at the bottom was the message: "My love one day you'll touch Duna...Mismera" Jeb smiled and got dressed ready to continue the road to duna
  5. Sorry for the wait guys I've just had a few busy weeks of exams new posts will be coming soon!
  6. A Space Race Valentina rubbed her forhead in a vain effort to relieve some of the pain from the headache she had developed after Jeb had been incapacitated again... So all the usual tasks of running the space centre were handed over to her. Under normal circumstances she woukd have been thrilled but she was under sever pressure from the Board to get ahead of the competition. She glanced at some of the intellegence reports regarding the Kerbin World Firsts Society. Frankly she had no idea how the Board had managed to come by this information and nor did she particularly want to find out. But in any case it looked like the KWFS was off to a good start (good news for them but terrible news for Adamantium Tech). They had managed to place several satellites in orbit Valentina chuckled at the crudity of their design but also admired their genius. Using several SRBs coupled together they had managed to lob a 0.218 ton satellite into Low Kerbin Orbit. She then examined an aerial shot of their space centre noticing that it was remarkably similar to Adamantium's space centre. She supposed it was because it was designed by Wernher's twin brother Wernher. But the buildings and facilities were not as advanced as Adamantium's and she hoped it would stay that way... Turning her attention away from the reports she glanced at the mission summary of Adamantium Tech's unkerballed Minmmus orbital return probe. From what she gleaned it was rather successful...
  7. Hey guys I've been a little busy due to the onslaught of exams coming. But the next post should be coming soon!
  8. Quite an interesting story and lots of awesome ships keep up the good work!
  9. Sorry for the wait but here's the next chapter! Another Board Meeting "For Squad's sake Bill do I have to see the Board again!" "Jeb appparently they want to tell you something rather important.." "Important my behind they wouldn't be able to tell what important was even if they looked up from their budget sheets!" After Jeb completed his little rant he headed to his appartment to have a stiff drink and a change of clothes in preperation for the Board meeting. A few hours later Jeb walked into the Administration Building carrying various files and a medium sized projector. As he walked in he noticed that most of the Board members looked like that they had all simultaneously suffered a severe stroke but one of the members spoke up and said "Mr Kerman give us a status update on all our current operations." Jeb was slightly puzzled as to why the Board looked so worried but he set up his projector and began his presentation. "Well since the test flight of the new Reusable Launch Vehicle we have modified it and added a bit more fuel to the first stage. Allowing a softer landing upon touchdown. Moreover we have added some stabilisers to the second stage to increase stability and prevent any tumbling during re-entry..." "Also the VAB team and the R&D Depatrment are busy working on a second version to be used as a refuelling tanker for various spacecraft..." "Finally the Minmmus orbital probe is under the final stages of construction and we're beginning pre-flight simmulations..." After Jeb had completed his presentation a junior member of the Board stood up and said to Jeb, "Mr Kerman what do you know of The Kerbin World Firsts Society." "Well only what's heard in the press. That it's a small government funded charity for space programs. Why do you ask." The Board member ignored the question and then asked Jeb, "Mr Kerman how sure are you that you can get us to Duna..." "Almost one hundred percent sure that we can land a kerbanaut on Duna in around five to eight years." The Board member nodded and said, "You might need to rethink your schedule." He then slid a small file down the table to Jeb. Who opened it and then proceeded to faint to the floor. What had made Jeb faint you ask? Well in the seemingly harmless file Jeb had saw images and classified articles stating that the Kerbin World Firsts Society had managed to assemble its own funds and started its own space program with the intention of landing kerbalnauts on Duna. Below are some of the images that were in that file: CLASSIFIED KERBIN WORLD FIRSTS SOCIETY PROPERTY LEVEL ALPHA SECURITY CLEARANCE TO ACCESS THIS INFORMATION Jeb was again rushed to the nearest hospital and the rest of the Original Four was left to sort out the situation the Board had dumped on them....
  10. So are you going to end up flying an apollo like craft to mars? If so that's awesome if not interested to see what's planned
  11. The suspense is having me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Good job mate!
  12. A Small Side Project Jeb was given a large party after the succesful Minmmus touchdown and Valentina returned from the chapel. She was ever so slightly miffed that Jeb was thrown a party but quickly regained her spirits after swigging down several pints of hydrazine..... Jeb had returned to his usual position as Director of Operations but was still under careful watch for any more fainting episodes. While sitting in the cafe with the rest of the Original Four he had a small epiphany. Why not make a fully reusable spacecraft to reduce payload prices and general day to day financing. He then proceeded to hold a meeting with Wernher, Mortimer and the rest of the Original Four. Mortimer was obviously overjoyed. Wernher was slightly worried about the engineering challenges of building such a craft. Jeb was feeling pretty pleased with himself. Bob was absolutely scared stiff at the thought of possibly having to fly an untested spacecraft. Valentina was looking forward to flying a new vehicle. After a couple days of hard unrelenting building and designing the VAB doors opened to reveal: The Immersion I the world's first fully reusable manned spacecraft. It then became apparent that a highly skilled pilot was required to control this new spacecraft. Valentina and Jeb went for a quick chat in the conference room to discuss who would be flying the Immersion I. "Jeb I want to fly that spacecraft." stated Valentina in a matter of fact tone. "Well I think I should fly it. Considering that I just recovered from my slight shock," countered Jeb. "Yes. But you already flew the Minmmus Probe and a whole bunch of other prototypes when we were setting up the company" "But the Minmmus Probe was remote controlled. You can hardly call that piloting!" This went on and on for several hours until Jeb and Valentina decided to have a quick rock, paper, scissors match to settle the matter. Guess who won? None other than Jebediah Kerman. Understandably Valentina demanded that in return she would pilot the first of the Duna Missions. Swallowing his pride Jeb accepted the deal. The Immersion shot up into the sky and performed a standard gravity turn. When the First Stage reached MECO tt was jettisoned and left to carry on its current suborbital trajectory. Jeb gunned the engine and piloted the Immersion into Low Kerbin Orbit. He reached over to the radio and spoke, "Mission Control, this sure is a beautiful ride!" Valentina who was the active CAPCOM replied in an almost monotonous tone, "Copy that Immersion, we'll handle the first stage recovery now." "Jeez Kermise where's your sense of humour Val." "Did not copy that Immersion," Meanwhile the First Stage had survived the rigors of re-entry and was now drifting relativel slowly to the recovery zone. "Hmmm" thought Wernher, "Ve better increase ze fuel levels on ze stage, ze speed is a bit high...." As it turned out the stage could not slow down fast enough and plummeted down into the recovery zone instantly destroying the stage. A memo was sent to the Board and a list of improvements was sent to the VAB construction team. Jeb returned home safely on a bright and sunny morning and did not realise there was a nasty suprise waiting for him with the Board of Directors...
  13. Typical kerbals. "Let's use something again even though its already blown to pieces!"
  14. A Green Touchdown Part II Jeb calmly enganged the probe's engine to start its descent towards Minmmus' surface. The probe replied in turn by enganging its several small Spider engines in a retrograde fashion and the probe began falling towards the icy moon. All in Mission Control were all in awe at the calm and controlled way that Jeb was handling the probe, despite a minor transmission delay. But they were more in awe of the beautiful pictures of another celestial body reminding them all why they had joined a space program. Not for the money and fame. But for the sense of wonder and desire to seek out new world and boldly go where no kerbal has gone before. The probe flew over several craters and narrowly avoided more than a few mountains thanks to Jeb's almost inhumanly perfect piloting skills. But through that all the probe's camera kept on clicking away taking in much of the landscape as possible without a hint of emotion. The probe then began a second burn so that its trajectory began dropping vertically towards the surface... Jeb was ever so slightly sweating now and the rest of Mission Control looked like it was on the verge of a nervous break down but finally it touched down on Minmmus.
  15. A Green Touchdown Part I Jeb unfortunately was still recovering in the Intensive Care Unit but Adamantium Tech continued on with its various projects with Valentina as Acting Director. To regain some semblance of a reputation it was decided to green light the Minmmus Landing Probe and get everything ready for launch as soon as possible. It was a modified version of the highly successful Vibranium probe series except beefed up with a lot more fuel and including airbags as landing gear. In addition the venerable Vibranium Launch System was again used. The probe was hauled out onto the launchpad and prepped for launch. The administration department again had decided not to change the name of the spacecraft... It was as always at the Space Centre a beautiful launch filled with the toxic fumes from the crude first stage SRBs. The probe managed to establish a succesful orbit and began making the necessary plane adjustments to get it on course with Minmmus. The probe flew through the darkness of space to the large green ice cream scoop that was Minmmus. As with the previous probe sent to Minmmus the probe immediately established an orbit. This procedure was executed to allow Mission Control to select the best landing sites from a good perspective. The probe then lowered its orbit even further to allow Mission Control to squeeze every last drop of science, from LMO (Low Minmmus Orbit), before beginning the final landing. It was at that moment that Jeb hobbled down into the Mission Control centre, having just been rushed from the Intensive Care Unit to the Space Centre, and demanded to remote pilot the probe himself. Valentina was obviously annoyed at this as she had wanted to do the honors herself in Jeb's absence. Another thought on her mind was that Jeb might do a bit of showboating and crash a several thousand funds probe into Minmmus' surface. In the end whether for the best or for the worst she gave the remote control station to Jeb and then hurried to a nearby chapel to start praying......