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  1. Hi in 1967 Australia launched their first sat WRESAT now I challenge you to build wiki page-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sparta_(rocket) only mod FASA if you do want to use FASA ask me ( note-Third stage was in wresat)
  2. Craft file
  3. Ok sooooooooooo rip me

  4. Hi can you do the Sparta Rocket that carried WRESAT
  5. Ok Thx oh and can you do like Atlas (A to I) launch tower (Goodluck for Saturn launch towers)
  6. When continuing Saturn launch towers and ITS launch tower
  7. Hi Just a note Hayabusa Launched from a M-V rocket looks like this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:M-V_with_Astro-E_satellite.jpg
  8. thaht has up to 0.13.3 R.I.P me
  9. I know i already got ksp does that count
  10. Halp test
  11. click MMB or middle mouse button and mac FN-ALT-F12 for menu win ALT-F12
  12. W0W