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  1. Yes, but I am making a new one. You could tell it's a P-40 because of that giant radiator Nevermind, the radiator got smashed but you can also tell it's a P-40 by the Razorback cockpit
  2. It's the first time this happened. I just crashed headfirst into the SPH.
  3. Whoa, it's very rare that people make this plane. Nice work! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Could you add WWII landing gear? Usally WWII landing gear have big wheels, such as: Notice how the wheel is larger than in stock landing gear.
  4. Just some A6m2 Zeros I made, since it looks like I'm the only one (besides blackheart) that uses the WWII stuff
  5. @kcs123 I know he needs some time, it's just that it's getting kinda messy in here, and its hard to keep track of stuff.
  6. With no comments since June, my Sherlock Holmes mind tell me people frogot
  7. Are any of the devs aware of this issue on DetructionFX?
  8. I really think we should make a new forum thread...
  9. You mean an extra rudder with a deformed propeller inside
  10. Erm... Isn't this a bit too much deformation?
  11. @SartinMax @EnzoMeertens I think @SpannerMonkey(smce) will like this talk about parts deforming underwater, as he makes parts for boats and submarines. Should I tell the BDA team about this?
  12. You can improvise by using B9 Aerospace Procedrual Wings, it works pretty well.
  13. Welp, my game crashed again. I think the ASET mods have to update.
  14. Sorry, I was kinda late for editing this