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  1. I think I need to reassess the entire design, rather than have mounted engines on the sides, I should probably go with one long streamlined design, reduce the ship size, among other things. The magnetic nozzle takes a long while to get up to speed, I should opt for a pointy design, one massive kerbstein engine at the back, with the antimatter reactor to provide power, remove the magnetic nozzle etc, reduce complexity, length, scale etc
  2. So far not bad, but I doubt it will be enough, I still got an overheat after a while, but it was holding up very well. My main issue remains, it slowly spins, it needs control How do you start an unintentional interstellar war? By launching a ship all in black of course
  3. I think I'm interested in the pivot now
  4. Does the magnetic nozzle have to be directly connected to the reactor?
  5. I made a few changes, took out the two engines on top and one of the hubs and merged them, so it just has one pair of 4 engines, plus I added in radiators, it looks morel like the ISV Venture Star now, just that, the Radial Interstellar Fuel Tank's X11 serve no purpose, if you could configure them to can hold the fuel for the Kerbstein drive as well as antimatter, that would really help a lot, that way, I would have 2 of them holding the fuel for the kersbstein drive and 2 holding the antimatter, making a total of 4 of them, just like the ISV Venture Star
  6. what's the names of those parts? I'll see to it Stability it a major issue Opted for a larger rear, the rear is 15x, the forward is 10x, works well, just keeps slowly spinning
  7. Looks dangerous, I opted not to have drop tanks due to them wobbling and exploding
  8. I don't think that would be much of a problem, infernal robotics would be just another mod to fulfill one job, I added in 4 engines, 2 that are aligned in the opposite direction and curved slightly away. Can you give me the names of the fuel tanks needed for the kerbstien as well as which radiators?
  9. Ship spinning is still a problem, I added in 2 Reaction wheels, but with engines on, it still spins, gonna have to figure out what's causing it, think up a solution. Who knew interstellar colonization would be this hard.
  10. I've been doing some testing, the stock HubMax works perfectly, better than I expected. Only issue is the ship rotates, but that can be fixed with RCS and reaction wheels. It's looking great. There are 4 engines because, in Interstellar space, the ship can't flip to burn, it would expose it to dangerous particles, so it has 2 engines placed in the opposite direction, this also enables them to act as back up.
  11. Tweakscale and hanger extender, I edited the code in hanger extender to make it larger. Can you send me the list of parts needed to make the engines? I'm gonna try working on it now. The structural parts are still a bit of an issue as they pass through each other, I could overcome that by rotating etc
  12. I'm still getting problems with partclipping of the structural parts, they just pass through eachother, I could overcome it by rotating and moving them, but it could create other problems
  13. I shall patiently await this mod
  14. So I'm seeing SVE updated for 1.3, I'm unsure if that means EVE is too, dunno if I should install Andromeda in 1.3