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  1. I don't put too much outdated mods in my game
  2. oh well don't, why not just name your planned habitable moon Coyote and make it like the descriptions of Coyote? btw, can you post the descriptions of your planned habitable worlds?
  3. Well you could definitely do it how you want, once they got those lovely names Also why have 4 habitable planets? Why not have one habitable planet, one gas giant and one habitable moon around that gas giant, as well as other planets, asteroids of course
  4. Well Coyote orbits Bear, it's a lush moon with many rivers and no seas or oceans, the rivers meet at the equator and forms a large equatorial river that stretches around the moon called The Great Equatorial River, sort of like a sea but it's not a sea, certainly large enough but it was never called a sea in the novel, the moon is habitable, has dangerous animals on it, it's the only thing I know, the other moons were never explored in the novel and they're not habitable. Having the names however would be lovely, they're interesting names I stronglysuggest you read the first novel, it's lovely, the others are more meh and it gets worse over time with the last novel in the trilogy being the worse. Oh and reread my post as I made edits to it
  5. It's a star system, Coyote is a large moon, the fourth satellite orbiting the gas giant Bear in the 47 Ursae Majoris system. 47 Ursae Majoris' system has four planets- named Fox, Raven, Bear and Wolf after Native American mythology. Bear has six satellites- Dog, Hawk, Eagle, Coyote, Snake and Goat. Of these six, Coyote is large enough to support its own biosphere. It's a fictional star system, the star exists in reality but we don't know if it has planets around it, and if it does, they aren't like those named here. I thought I posted this long ago, but it seemed it never went through, when I found this thread again, it returned my post to what it was and I just hit enter
  6. A 1.3 version is badly needed if the NCA is ever gonna colonize any of these worlds
  7. I got a suggestion, Ursae Majoris system as describe in the Coyote novel trilogy. Almost lost this mod thread lol, spent a while searching as the name slipped my mind
  8. SSTO's are never TOO easy, plus remember RSS
  9. In earlier versions they did, the moment electricity was gone, they died, it said life support off and they died
  10. @ShotgunNinja I noticed Kerbals don't die immediately when electricity is gone, not that I have a problem with it, I wonder why? Is there an explanation, such as residual life support in the capsule? Them not dying immediately due to loss of power is what saved my crew on entry when they unintentionally skipped back into space and did a whole other orbit after I detached the service module
  11. Change for the sake of change is MADNESS! The Doctor should always be a white British male, and I am black, no I don't want a black Doctor. After 50 years to change him to a her is absurd. This shows women can't create original and popular characters but must appropriate something popularized by men first. This is sexist towards women
  12. I would just like you all to know that I will always be MALE! And if anyone has any problem with that, TO HELL WITH YOU!