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  1. good morning @ all. i have trouble with some contacts. i have many packs like bases and stations, grand tours, remote teck, scan sat, .... i see some contract generated every few seconds, if i select one contract to read the description on the right side, it will bwe grey after a few seconds and i have the click again con the contract to see the description again. i would be happy if i can become some help greetings M4ssler
  2. i tried it, it remove better burn time helped me and i can play again
  3. Sorry, try to understand what you mean with "in common". Is this a list of mods, who are deffinitively working with?
  4. ok, will try. with or without the modularflight integrator and module manager? will test your suggestion with the 2 groups. but i need time. if you need, i uploaded the output.log now
  5. i install all mods over ckan, just maybe station science manually.
  6. I install just kopernicus over ckan with modularflight integrator and module manager (that is needed says ckan) ohh, 60 fps. so i think will never find out that is responsible for that bad fps must be a combination whit this
  7. actualy my physics delta was default 0.04. change to 0.10 is the same effect. i have +-100 mods. i installed 4-5 mods, tested fps rate. just this mod brings it down. my visual mods are planet shine and eve. now i uninstalled that 2 mods, but does not help. 28-30 fps again Now i try run with no mods, just kopernicus, give me a minute
  8. here is the log data, https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtO96LP9EnkbryVmUcHmpoxQqvm-
  9. ok, thanks, will do that, if i find it
  10. my hardware i5 4690k, r9 390x 16gig ram, my fps going down from 60 to 26 with kopernicus. all drivers are new. I disapear. why is this not working. any other ideas?
  11. Hello and good evening, i have the same issue with the 10 error. Is there any limitaion in using the parts, or can the error be ignored and there is no problem?
  12. Thanks for your Feedback and hard work, to make this game more realistic. Actually I´m looking 2 times per day in this thread and on ckan. If it is released the new version i can begin my adventure (career).
  13. I will try it later if the final version is released and most of my mods are working. Does anyone know if 1.1.3 mods are compatible to 1.2?
  14. I try my best and did make a report http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/11738
  15. I´m sorry. searching a long time and can´t find a forum with a link. Many posts i have to google translate, because i can not understand difficulty words