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  1. ↑ is a god among Kerbals. Thanks Shadowmage!!
  2. That's right, you have to leave it (go to space center, switch to a different craft... etc) in order for it to do anything. I was a little disappointed because of my expectations, but it is definitely a very useful mod!! A very welcome addition to my 115 total mods now Thanks for your work RealGecko!
  3. Should be highlighted as a necessary step... Smart people might figure this out, but it took me QUITE some time to do so I was wondering why the darn thing wouldn't move... so I swore on it and went back to the KSC... then noticed it's icon was moving... DOH!!
  4. I have never been able to get this mod to work... I just built a completely stock rover to test it, and it just will not go anywhere... I spent over an hour trying different things and no luck.
  5. This would be very cool if someone could resurrect it.
  6. Well, I'm working on the heightmap settings for the moon now, the Earth is done... not sure where I am going to put it (orbit-wise) yet though.
  7. West of North america Nice and blue Gulf of Mexico. Home province of Newfoundland... yep it's foggy there lol Lake Michigan I think I got the terrain height and water level pretty good... I used my home province of Newfoundland and it's surrounding small islands to gauge it. The Rocky Mountains are a little pointy maybe, but hey it's my first try One weird thing happens though, when I load the game, and go into the tracking station, for a split second it shows my Earth, then switches to Kerbin...
  8. Sure thing, taking some now
  9. No sir, I didn't touch your textures... I mainly stole your atmosphere and temp curves... because that was driving me insane lol.
  10. @Galileo Thanks, you helped me ALOT ya know! I went through your Gael cfg file to learn a lot about how to make it work.... Gael was one of the only planets I could find that was close to what I wanted to do. I might have copied snippets of your cfg file... hope thats ok? I'm not distributing the planet.
  11. Hey guys, I decided late last night that I was going to learn to make a planet for my own personal learning and enjoyment. I finally decided I was going to make a planet with the same size, gravity and atmospheric traits as Kerbin, and I later decided to make it with textures and the heightmap of Earth (and I added the Moon) It took me the better part of the night and all day today to plagiarize the CRAP out of bits of RSS and a little from Galileo's configs... Well, I figured it all out and got it working exactly the way I wanted it. My question is, Although I have Scatterer and EVE clouds working, can I get it working without editing, or adding, files to scatterer or EVE? Can I do an MM patch that adds Earth to the Planet list and adds my cloud settings to EVE? Is it so simple that I am missing it? I know some mods like Kopernicus, you can use @Kopernicus:AFTER[Kopernicus] Can you do @Scatterer:AFTER[Scatterer] or am I talking nonsense now? lol I want my planet to be completely sef-contained.
  12. Nice!! This a real "game" changer Great work!!
  13. Well... I actually do want to use it... bad enough that I can work around the MechJeb weirdnesss. Thanks for your work Lgg
  14. Having a weird issue here, I installed BetterTimeWarp and enabled Scale Camera Speed, Use Lossless Physics and selected 1 for Lossless Physics Accuracy. I played like this for a while, and really liked it!! but I decided to uninstall it after I noticed some intermittent issues with MechJeb. Since uninstalling my ships are exploding... rather being completely and utterly decimated and sent off in every direction at like 672534765234765 m/s right after dropping out of time warp. I reinstalled the mod, enabled all the same settings and the problem is gone, but I don't want to use it anymore because of the weirdness with
  15. Cool! Downloaded. Thanks for your work!