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  1. Yes, there is. But I don't want to change my whole solar system completely... I want to leave the stock stuff exactly the way it is and add onto it. I have OPM installed, and I wanted to make a replica of earth just out past Jool, I wanted earth to have the same atmosphere, size and gravity as Kerbin without using Sigma Dimensions or another method of resizing a planet... other than through it's config file. This isn't a mod I am going to distribute, I have plagiarized WAY too much code from Galileo and other modders to distribute it... this is for my own learning and pleasure. and I think I have accomplished it. Thanks for your help guys.
  2. @allista Hi Allista, I mentioned this back in Feb, I think you fixed it, but then something along the way reverted back to the old error "Karbplus" instead of KarbonitePlus. I've edited the cfg file on my install and it works perfectly.
  3. Can anyone tell me how I remove the comm stations on my Earth? I'm using Kerbin as a template. Got my answer from @Galileo Thanks
  4. My Rally car The cockpit The view from the kerbal's eyes of the screen with the canopy closed
  5. Welcome to the Forums!! Good to see some new OPT space plane builders! Here is what I would do if I was having this problem: 1. Delete the OPT folder 2. Delete the firespitter folder (OPT uses the firespitter plugin for fuel config... I'm 97% sure lol) 3. Copy everything from the newest OPT install into the gamedata folder. Start your game and try again. It will work now... I'm 94% sure
  6. How the hell do you launch such monsters!? or do you assemble them in orbit... I know you don't Hyperedit them there
  7. I like to build huge Battlestar/ floating weapons platforms in space, put them on autopilot with the BDA autopilot module, then attack it with a single Viper. The auto pilot won't fly it in space, but it WILL definitely shoot back It's fun when you are bored.
  8. J___S!! that thing looks big! Man... I have at least 2 dozen unique/purpose built OPT craft now, but nothing like that... all mine are space planes. My "Galileo" is one of my favorite and most unique though It's a super long range VTOL.
  9. I'm no modder at all... I can make and edit/fix config files, but that's about the extent of my skills. This mod doesn't seem to be overly complicated... I could be wrong. I believe this would be a very fun and very useful mod use. For example, many of my rovers use an external command seat, and I think it would be cool to have a monitor mounted in front of the seat for realism and just cool factor I wish there was someone with the necessary skills to fix/duplicate it.
  10. I've always noticed this too, is this a difficult fix? I mean my space planes seem to perform fine to me, but could they be better?
  11. So, I have been away from home, on a military exercise for the past couple of months, and the only entertainment I brought with me was a crap ton of movies and KSP. With regards to KSP, I've had to remove about half of my parts mods, and all of the graphical enhancement mods for my poor old Asus G75 to keep up. I really really love my huge space planes, and I was getting a little more frustrated with it each time I played with one of them... until last night when I saw FAR was updated!! I tethered my phone (already over my data limit), downloaded and installed it as soon as my shift was over... it took me a while to re-adapt my space planes back to FAR compatibility, but OH MAN when I got it done, the fun I had!! I played KSP until almost midnight inside a crappy leaking modular tent buffeted by high winds and horizontal rain... with a smile on my face. Thank you ferram4, I truly appreciate your work.
  12. ↑ is a god among Kerbals. Thanks Shadowmage!!
  13. That's right, you have to leave it (go to space center, switch to a different craft... etc) in order for it to do anything. I was a little disappointed because of my expectations, but it is definitely a very useful mod!! A very welcome addition to my 115 total mods now Thanks for your work RealGecko!
  14. Should be highlighted as a necessary step... Smart people might figure this out, but it took me QUITE some time to do so I was wondering why the darn thing wouldn't move... so I swore on it and went back to the KSC... then noticed it's icon was moving... DOH!!
  15. I have never been able to get this mod to work... I just built a completely stock rover to test it, and it just will not go anywhere... I spent over an hour trying different things and no luck.