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  1. I would use this mod, but I'm too addicted to Uncharted Lands. Sorry, @Gameslinx!
  2. 2/5, Minecraft Kerbal
  3. No Bad The Doge meme is dead now, it's 2017.
  4. You don't 'get it', the mod creator has to add it to the code for Kerbin's new orbit.
  5. What about Kendulon?
  6. I'll be attempting this soon.
  7. Sorry about being late, I had school. @Adstriduum
  8. Coolio! Will there be a 10x scale version for this mod, because I have SSRSS (Meaning I have Sigma Dimensions) on, so the planets and star will be TSS scale.
  9. I think it would be. imagine all the sacrifices i could make to the kraken But there are a few unconfirmed worlds in the habitable zone around GJ 667C, so maybe add those into that unconfirmed planets expansion for this mod?
  10. If only... Also (I'm assuming this), if you like Gliese 667C(c), why not add it into Constellations sometime in the future? (oh the irony, i just suggested something that takes time and effort)
  11. Yes. (Only if you have the time and/or effort to do it, though) Also, are you keeping the Tau Ceti planets or moving them to the 'unconfirmed planets' expansion?
  12. Not yet, lol Alpha Centauri B has 1 unconfirmed planet, Alpha Centauri Bc, discovered after the debunked Alpha Centauri Bb. In fact, what's the harm in adding in ALL unconfirmed planets to stars you've so far added?
  13. Because Saturn is much less dense than Earth, and what @TheRagingIrishman said. If Saturn had Earth's density, it would have MUCH more gravity than Earth.
  14. Very true.