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  1. No, there are stars that probably have very high eccentricities, not saying they orbit perfectly circular (I'll try to look up some). I remembered something about ''stars orbit the milky way's center at about the same speeds''. Guess I was wrong XD
  2. Actually, It's been discovered that all the stars orbit the Milky Way at around the same speed (Including the outermost stars), so only dark matter holds them in orbit.
  3. @seanth / @daniel l., just a suggestion, but could you maybe separate the brown dwarfs into the 3 different types (L, T, Y)? It's a very minor thing, so it's fine if you don't.
  4. Anything new, @daniel l.?
  5. So Helium-2 is stable in the Kerbal universe (If our Strong Nuclear Force was only 2% stronger, Helium-2 would be stable)?
  6. That sounds like an interesting concept... Maybe it could be a rogue planet like the starting one?
  7. Ooh! So they'll look like the greys! (Now I can finally destroy those silly earthlings! )
  8. I believe I would've known I mean, it is the first version.
  9. Do you mean a game that is 4x larger than stock? If not, then idk what you're talking about.
  10. Do you have a (potential) release date yet? I'm super hyped to play KSP with this!
  11. Oh, didn't know he basically took it over XD. I edited my post, but now I'm starting to doubt Artyomka15 knows enough C++ (Not saying I do, I know absolutely nothing about it either, same with C#) to do it, if he/she knows C++ at all (I might be completely wrong about that, lol).
  12. Maybe seanth? Or is he busy doing stuff with TBG? Or maybe Artyomka15?
  13. Just a suggestion, Earlier you said there was a habitable planet orbiting Haven, and that DD-EB is going to have Life Support systems. So you should make parts for collecting food, water, etc so your Kerbals don't starve when they get to said habitable planet. Like, maybe you could have some sort of bucket-like contraption that collects water from the shores of the planet that you'd attach somewhere on your lander so your Kerbals don't have to keep relying on the now dwindling water supply of their lander. Idk what you'd use to get food, but I'd assume it would have something to do with wildlife on the planet.
  14. I agree with MemeMarine, just add in the solar system, darkness, and the ice planet and then release it as an early version. Also, what do you mean by 'turn up the gamma'? I've never heard of that saying before.
  15. Maybe I'll make some sort of series on this on YouTube.