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  1. Is there a way to tweak KVV so heat shields aren't shown as separated from the capsule?
  2. Cool. I'd be very interested in how you're solving that. Cargo bays for sensitive parts?
  3. Sorry about the troubles, but your results were very similar to many of the actual Venus probes
  4. Would you consider releasing texture packs for Procedural Parts / Fairings / Wings to allow ship builders a way to make cohesive looking ships using your style? thx!
  5. I saw this as well. Mine was closer to 5-10 seconds
  6. Agreed! my fav thing about this mod is that I can't complete the science tree with just Gael (Kerbin...I know...still blasphemy) and her moons. Dropping science returns down to 50% and using 2.5x scale is proving to be a real sweet spot for me in which I am often barely able to achieve my next goals and have to get creative. The result has been some of my favorite ships I've made. Okay..some gratuitous pic posts...KSC scientists discovered they'd get improved performance by clustering 4 Thuds around a Reliant then dropping the Reliant main engine after enough fuel had been depleted and continuing up only using the 4 80% power Thuds. This improved d/v and also lowered the G forces on the crew. The Merkury launcher used 1 1/2 stages to orbit. The follow-on Kemini launcher used the same technique with an up-rated 100% Thud engine cluster and added a second stage, achieving orbit in 2 1/2 stages. Merkury Program: Kemini Program: Primary Mods: Ven's Stock Revamp, Tweakscale, Procedural Parts, USILS
  7. Is there a way to turn off the tooltips for orbit tools? they cover up the Orbit Info - specifically they cover up the inclination reading, which is exactly what I'm clicking on the orbit tools buttons to change Maybe you could just have the tooltips directly to the right instead of to the right & below? That way you'd just have to re-position the tip instead of having to write in a way to disable them? Thanks for this awesome mod! KSP wouldn't be the same with out it. Tyko
  8. It's totally doable, I've captured a dozen or so large rocks from interplanetary space.
  9. - I'd pay a few bucks for a DLC that would change the look and body type of Kerbals just for fun. Added bonus is it's moddable so others can rescale or replace Kerbals - Support for multiple solar systems. There's so much in the news about exoplanets it would be interesting to simulate near future explorations of them. - Expanded Kerbol system with more planets and points of interests added to all the planets with their own science: volcanos, methane lakes, canyons, dried up river deltas, etc
  10. 2.5x rescaled career game (5000 d/v to orbit Kerbin) - designed an Atlas D style booster that could drop engines. Couldn't figure out an elegant way to drop two outside engines, so instead I mounted 4 Thuds around a Reliant mounted on a decoupler. This let me stage off the Reliant when I didn't need the extra thrust. Works like a charm.
  11. I added the cfg to a test game in which I'd already designed ships using Ven's engines. When I attempted to load one of those previous craft files only a portion of the ship loaded and the VAB got all wonky. The Load Ships dialog box stayed on the screen and couldn't be canceled out. When I exited the VAB the Load Ships dialog still persisted. When I exited the save, the Load Ships dialog was still there. Only when I completely quit the game would it go away. I tried three times to reload the game and on each occasion I had the results above. I removed the cfg, repeated the steps and the ship loaded without problems. Just for fun I then tried to load a ship that was created with you cfg loaded. That ship failed to load properly and I experienced the issue stated above. I'm happy to share any more details you want, but you may want to see if you can replicate my experience.
  12. Quick Note - adding or removing your config file to an existing game will break existing craft files and crash the game
  13. yep..that's what I've been doing up until now. I was hoping that there was a way to increase the shroud diameter when you changed node settings
  14. Thanks, I tried your config. It lets me select the node size which is great, but it doesn't seem to have fixed the issue with fairings...