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  1. In EP 12 & 13 - where did the inflatable parts for the space hotel come from?
  2. I'm running MemGraph with the 64-bit version and 32GB of RAM...Still getting the pauses. They're less frequent, but oh so annoying. The definitely become more common as I have more stuff going on (ships in space, landers landed, mining going on, etc). I'm trying to figure out if certain of the activities are more responsible for the pauses than others so I can steer clear of those activities.
  3. Are there ways to reduce the GC pauses? It seems like they get worse as my space program grows. I keep wondering if Life Support and / or running asteroid mining ops are significantly increasing my pauses.
  4. the poll would be more helpful if there were pix of the two cockpits for easy reference
  5. Part failures are intriguing as long as we have ways of reducing the failure chances. Failures are a real life occurrence, but the ability to test and analyze failures to reduce future failures is also a real life practice. I think it would be great to have to work up to manned missions through testing in the way that the real space programs did. Thinking more about this...it's not just how many times you've flown (for example) a particular engine model, it's also tied to how many times you've flown an engine type (fuel type or vacuum vs ASL), furthermore, it's tied to how many times you've launched any type of rocket. As your experience goes up new models will have lower failure chances because you've gotten better at designing and building engines. SpaceX has had a much lower percentage of engine failures than we experienced in the 50's even though the SpaceX engines are new models.
  6. if you take orbital mechanics out of KSP in favor of magic drives you'd also have to replace the engines with magic engines, the fuel with magic fuel. In fact many parts would be unnecessary. Also, the whole navigation and maneuver node system is thrown out. These are key elements that make KSP the game it is. Take that all away and you're not really playing KSP anymore. You're playing a game set in a magical version of space that allows you to design your own magical spacecraft. Cool. There are a lot of games like that.
  7. I'd finally hit a point where I needed a break. Missions were starting to get repetitive. Got to a good stopping point in 1.2.2 and decided to give it a rest for a while. I think it's healthy and will let me come back with a fresh viewpoint.
  8. AutomatedScienceSampler offers this
  9. some have had success with 3D Space Mouse. Takes a bit of work to get the drivers working...there are some threads about it http://www.3dconnexion.com/products/spacemouse.html?gclid=CjwKEAjw8ZzHBRCUwrrV59XinXUSJADSTE5kfBEWlwmuex9BJa30DBjx7FWs4AUaR0L-BftyjhRYKhoCXnzw_wcB
  10. I'm still reading This New Ocean by Burrows...it's really amazing as a review of human spaceflight starting at the earliest ideas of how the universe worked - Copernicus and such - and working up to modern times.
  11. I've tried a few things, but nothing that had the right "look" so far. I'm going to play around with it more this weekend. Is there a WIKI or other instructions source for how to use the MOLE parts?
  12. I'm sure there's a simple math reason for this, but wondering...I'm playing in a 3.2x scale GPP. When I scaled up, my transit time from Gael to Iota went from 3-4 days to roughly double that. I expected that, while distances increased, velocities also increased and would cancel each other out (more or less) It's throwing me mostly because my Hohmann transfer times are now longer than Hohmann Transfer times to the RL Moon. Why is that not the case?
  13. @Angel-125 wow this mod is beautiful! I'm looking for a way to emulate the droppable engines on the RL Mercury Atlas launch vehicles. Do you have anything like that or have you seen one?
  14. will 1.3 fix the Asteroid drill overheating issue in 1.2.2? I didn't see that on the list
  15. Went to the download page and the nomenclature has changed for the different versions. There's an "X86" version and an "X64" version... I think someone mismatched their terminology. Is the "X64" the 64-bit version?