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  1. Moved to Gameplay Q's
  2. This is now closed at the OP's request.
  3. The real reason is that engines never had dynamic drag cubes set up for them, ideally they would become more pointed as their thrust increased, reducing drag, though the drag does aid in rocket stability.
  4. It might be possible to work around this with autostruts, can you share the save you made?
  5. Make sure "Ease in gravity" is enabled in the General Settings screen
  6. I use either multiple Thuds with a reversed nosecone or White Owl tails clipped into the stack, makes it all a lot tidier.
  7. Not only that but separators also release anything surfaced attached to them.
  8. I'm going to move this to the Lounge, it's the place to be for non KSP stuff
  9. It looks like upgrading is not as direct as I thought, and there's more required than just a 64bit cpu, plus you'd need to backup your data.
  10. Hi @Trojan3268, it looks like you are running out of memory for KSP, only 2gb can be allocated to a single program on 32bit Windows. Is upgrading to Windows 10 64bit an option for you? Your CPU is 64bit so can support it. If not, try using the KSP launcher to lower the graphics settings, particularly the texture quality as textures use a lot of memory.
  11. Have you opted into the pre-release? Check the Betas tab in Steam, the languages are only available as part of the pre-release at the moment.
  12. Four languages in the first batch, the others are coming.