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  1. I sketched out one my best aircraft I ever made in KSP to date, back from 0.90! It was capable of flying to the poles and back again, all the while carrying a medium sized rover in it's unpressurized rear cargo hold (the big empty angular bit), all while carrying a sizable crew and tons of stuff internally with the use of KAS back in the day. I want to try and remake it soon, to have a new version of it for future endeavours.. Here's a pic of it:
  2. Welp, it's been a while since I posted anything here. here's some stuff I made in the past weeks! An Hs.129 chases a small biplane in a rather unfair and one-sided encounter. A T-26 soviet tank! Two fancy-looking fighter jets engage in some classic dogfighting. An Airbus 318 climbs into the sky, bearing a Pine-inspired livery for fun! Also, @XB-70A, your drawings are improving every time you post something new! Each one comes more detailed and more well-executed than the next! What doesn't practice achieve, amirite?
  3. This thread speaks to me. I for some reason have immense trouble sleeping before 2am, and that is on weekdays where I only end up with four hours of actual sleep a night. During weekends, I tend to go to sleep after the sun rises, many times not even knowing what time it actually is. Rarely, on occasion, I end up not sleeping in the morning (maybe because the sun makes me stay awake) and I end up staying over 50 hours awake at times, only going to sleep at 2am the next day, regardless of how tired I may be. I tend to have a completely broken sense of coordination when I stay two days up, with broken spirits and a general loss of inspiration or willingness to do anything. Everything becomes a chore. An hour last forever. Don't stay up for days on end if you can help it guys. It really doesn't do you any good.
  4. Indeed I do! Thanks for the compliment too!
  5. Applied! (Name is SaplingPick)
  6. I decided to try practicing car thumbnail sketches!
  7. Today I went on a little outing with my family to Petrópolis, and it was a great opportunity to take some nice pictures, since it's a historic city and as such, is well preserved ever since the royal family left. This was a church that happened to line up with a photogenic bird as I crossed a little bridge: This is Santos Dumont's house, which I found rather neat-looking: This is a pathway in the the royal palace museum: Clouds were floating low today: The best part of the city was this really shallow river that had really clear water and all around had lots of trees: I would have taken more pictures but my camera ran out of battery power early on (I forgot to charge) so I was constantly turning it off to save it for later, and missed a lot of stuff. Luckily I'm going back in a few weeks.
  8. @tater, it was this little 'miniature' mode I have in my digital camera, which I use quite a lot, to the point where my family complains about me not having normal images. It's great for taking pictures of scenery and making some scenic pictures.
  9. So, I tried redesigning a plane from an older wii game I had, Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces. I think it turned out okay-ish, what do you guys think?
  10. Good luck on your travels! Hope you have lots of fun while traveling too! The forum will be different without you, for me especially, since you helped me out a lot, but you're also going to be doing something I have wanted to do as well, so I can't feel bad when you'll be enjoying life! Enjoy you travels, @sal_vager, and thanks!
  11. Here are two pages from the past week of random sketches and doodles I made during class. (BIG IMAGES)
  12. I was told there was a place for me once my rep went into quadruple digits.. Is this it?
  13. Imagens inéditas de meu novo programa espacial, que eu estou escrevendo um Mission Report sobre no subforum lá. Essas ainda tenho que desenhar, mas tá quase!