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  1. I drew a thing! Airship was made possible by @Angel-125's wonderful Heinsenberg mod, which I love!
  2. Adivinha quem tá fazendo um mod agora...
  3. I find that my designs usually tend to function rather than looks, although I begin every design with an aesthetic already in mind based on my earlier experiences with the kind of vehicle I'm building. So, when I'm building landers, I already start thinking of a more vacuum-based design, or maybe when designing a SSTO I think of a more pointy sleek shape, etc. I also try to base the design based off of what the mission is, so I rarely re-use a design. That being said, I always try to push the aesthetics as far as I can before performance is impacted. Here are some examples:
  4. Uma imagem de um mod WIP: Como o autor do mod original desapareceu do fórum a 3 anos, decidi fazer um sucessor espiritual do mod dele, que eu amo até hoje. Só falta modelar as perninhas de pouso, mas não sei como modelar elas ainda. Mod original:
  5. It's easier if you export the file as a .png and then host it somewhere, uploading the raw file won't show anything.
  6. Piney Miney Pine, can I spam trees?


  7. These look so cool! Congrats!
  8. A WIP render of a plane I found in my KSP screenshots that I thought looked cool enough to be drawn as if it was a real aircraft! I still need to look up the name of it, but it's supposed to be an early WW2 fighter of sorts, from what I can tell. Currently coloring it, wish me luck!
  9. @trippytripp, your drawing is finished! Definitely a bit on the more detailed side, but worth it! Hope you like it! I'll send you a backup pm with link for the image.
  10. Yup! Here I am! Maybe @sal_vager?
  11. Trying out some concepts I'm planning on using in the next few weeks...
  12. @trippytripp, your drawing has begun... I'm easing myself back into doing these, so they may still be long and far in between, but they're coming!
  13. Hello there! Can I invite @HoloYolo to the party?
  14. @The Raging Sandwich could you do a Venture Star? I've been following your work and I'm really amazed by the details in them, great job!
  15. Nope, maybe @sal_vager?