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  1. Haha same here. Except I joined KSP 2 years later. Fire
  2. I'd invite them in and make them supper. Then I'd start up KSP and play it with them.
  3. @Just Jim's Emiko Station story... Nuff said. Fire
  4. Alright the first bit of evidence here is that this post is in the Science and Spaceflight forum...Wait a minute... Shouldn't it be in The Lounge? Yes! Yes has 3 letters. 3 has 5. 35... 8. 8(3^2 * 5) = (3 * 3 * 5) = (45) = (8 * 45 = 360). Correct my math but I think the world is 360 years old... Fire
  5. Yes. First, we need your submission. Second, we need rules, e.g modlist and what is allowed and what isn't. And third we need some type of scoring system. If you don't understand, just look at other people's challenges and base your's off theirs. Fire
  6. Well there is Ckan. Although it is a separate program, it might be good to incorporate that into the game itself but since I know only basic coding, I'm not sure what that would take. Fire
  7. I think the grey is a body of water. As for the sky, I think it looks great. Great pictures once again @cubinator! Keep it up! Fire
  8. Great for small spacecraft, not great for much else. The Xenon which they run on is very light and their thrust is tiny. Not my engine of choice but I have used them on occasion like for instance when I did JacobJHC's low mass Moho challenge. Fire
  9. Hmmmm deja vu! I feel as if I have already said "nice video" today. BUT... Great mission, have some rep. Fire
  10. Well as you might guess, my previous rocket I posted here failed. I took a short hiatus from KSP after that to rethink my design. Then someone in the "What did you do in KSP today thread" inspired a new design. One Kerbal, minimalistic lander design, direct landing. So, with all of this in place, I decided to yolo it. Rocket stats looked ok, got good enough power generation, nice DV and TWR, no need for lander testing. So I launched into orbit and encountered my first problem: not enough nitrogen to power the Falcon 9 RCS packs, it ran out very fast. Also had no forwards and backwards thrust so no ullage. Well, to solve this problem, I activated the RCS in a later stage and then when it came time for TLI burn, shut the RCS down. This worked very well and TLI burn was completed and the stage was jettisoned. Now I knew that my propellant would decay, I just didn't know that all of it would be gone by the time I reached the Moon. Now I had two hydrogen fuelled stages, one of them decayed and the other was fine. Is this because on one, the engine was active and on the other it wasn't? I'd love to know so I can save some fuel next time. So then I used the tiny bit of fuel left in the decayed stage to adjust my Periapsis and then ditched it. I still had enough fuel to land and come back. and it was time to capture into lunar orbit. Since I was doing it on the dayside, I decided to just land. And now things got good. The music I was listening to, (Two steps from hell) was getting really epic and I was shooting across the lunar surface at over 2km per second under 50 kilometers from sea level. I charged through the last hydrogen fuelled stage and was about to fire up the lander and then... I discovered that the fuel in the lander wasn't pressurized. Aww c'mon! At least I was under a lot of pressure! But anyway this pressurized tank thing is becoming the new solar panels. I forget it every mission! So then I reverted back to VAB. Anyway I'll fix this rocket and then attempt it again hopefully better next time. But that's it for now. Fire
  11. Completely blocked. Fire
  12. Video is blocked for copyright reasons. Fix? Fire
  13. Looks nice but what good is an SSTO if it isn't reusable? The whole point of making it single stage is to make it easier to reuse. Fire
  14. Hmmmm... interesting... These are nice stockalike parts. Does the p47 cockpit have a different IVA? Fire