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  1. Well, I assume that due to the... You know what? I don't know. Anyway, I believe it is because the specific impulse means the amount of acceleration per fuel used and as the atmosphere pushes you back less and less, more fuel is consumed easier. But I could be wrong. Fire Edit: Ninja'd.
  2. Science equipment? It would set itself apart from the other planetoids like it such as the Moon, Dres and Vall. It would be a nice little touch of realism. Fire
  3. Not really. If it is very thin, then it will be almost un-noticeable. I agree. Fire
  4. Well I would be ok, as long as it is almost not noticeable. It would be kind of neat. BUT it might be annoying. How high up are we talking? Fire
  5. "Resistance is futile." Not much to say about this, except I will believe it when I see it. Elon has a lot of great ideas but this does seem a bit futuristic. And dangerous. Fire
  6. I have a Jool 5 in my signature. Not finished because the entry wasn't made right and I decided that it wasn't worth it to finish it if I wouldn't get the award but I did complete a Jool V. It isn't a probe, but it is a little more. Fire
  7. is being eaten. This VAB...
  8. So this IS RO compatible! 1+ download. Fire Edit: Or is it? Confused. Will give it a try tomorrow.
  9. Imgur albums? I saw a imgur album on a challenge thread earlier today. A new one too. (Low cost Moho mission or something like that) Fire
  10. Well I have been designing and redesigning my LLM-1 mission for a while and have a design that looks as if it will work. I have begun to use KER again since calculating all this dV and TWR with a windows 7 calculator gets tedious. In my stock game, I can still do this but not in RO. I wanted to make a design that was close to either the Saturn V or Ares V for practicality purposes but that all depends on the weight of the payload, so with a nearly 70 ton payload to go to the moon, that just wouldn't work. It is a 3 stage rocket with about 1200 m/s spare to reach orbit. Since I'm using the Apollo CSM engine with 36 ignitions and approximately 3500 m/s of dV on it's own, I might be able to use a bit of that to get the optimal lunar transfer but only if the dV left in the burn is <500 m/s. Flying the mission now. Will post a report later. (This depends on whether or not it is successful) Fire
  11. Oh... Well... That is even more reason not to buff their thrust. Fire
  12. In real life, the Ion engine is used for adjusting the orbit of a satellite or for getting a probe to the farther away planets in our solar system. Ion engines are not meant to boost interplanetary ships. They are meant for really small probes. However the KSP community has found more interesting and fun ways to use them. And it turns out their only downside is their low thrust and high EC consumption. Also Xenon gas is very light. Too make an ion engine count, you need a very light spacecraft, otherwise, that high ISP won't matter anymore. The Ion engine is balanced and quite realistic. I think maybe they should add more xenon tanks. There isn't enough variety right now. So I disagree with this post. Fire
  13. Just waffles, thank you. Fire
  14. Which is the most common gas found in Uranus' atmosphere? -Methane.
  15. I actually do. Waffles are great! Fire
  16. *mind blown* Fire
  17. I don't like cake... Fire
  18. Yes although I was asking if this was compatible in RO since some mods have RO con figs or just say there is or isn't RO compatibility. But I will ask there. Fire
  19. RO compatibility? Fire
  20. Ahh. I did forget to mention it became stable when firing RCS... Thanks! Fire
  21. @winged What engine mods are you using? Those look great! Don't have such a great engine selection here. Also I have a question that would probably go better in the discussion thread but I don't care. I am trying to design a lander. The best lander and orbiter propellant I have found so far is either Aerozine/NTO or MMH/MON3. There are others if I remember correctly but I just can't think of them. Now for some reason, these propellants become unstable at random times and I cannot activate my engine until it randomly turns back to being stable. This happens while timewarping, after a burn or just at a completely random time when I'm not firing the engine or timewarping. Is this a glitch? I am playing in the 1.2 pre-release. Or is there a way to fix it? And also, I'm thinking of reverting to 1.1.3 in this installation. How do I do that? I made a copy from steam with this one. Thanks! Fire
  22. Those landers... I have no words. Great work, Raptor! Fire
  23. Not one week anymore, nine days. But close enough.
  24. And that is all stock? Oh my god. Please make an SSTO version. That looks sick! Fire
  25. Yes probably but I doubt they are what we think they are. There are billions of planets. And billions of habitable planets as well. And I assume some of those have life on them. Fire