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  1. Probably, however it would have to be light enough and have a tall enough fairing. Fire
  2. Saw it yesterday. Great movie! I am Groot! I am Groot
  3. Not if I press E!
  4. Here's one. What is a gas in Uranus' atmosphere? Ch4! (Also to the post above, that was a very paw joke.)
  5. I am a simple Kerbal. I see spaceX, I press like. Great mission! Fire
  6. No. I unfortunately don't have a telescope and never see more than one or two stars in the sky at nice but I would be one if I could be one. TUBM has drank a cup of tea today.
  7. 8/10 that's no dwarf planet...
  8. Samwise Aragorn.
  9. Korbnarbiter.
  10. 1. Elon Musk. 2. KSP devs. 3. Scott Manley 4. Thomas Bergesen ( probably didn't spell that right) Fire
  11. EVE and scatterer? I don't know... Edit: I actually read your post. I think they may have updated it, I still don't know. Fire
  12. Good job, mate! Nice design! Fire
  13. I haven't played either of the portal games. TUBM is on mobile posting here.
  14. So two weeks ago, I posted my Orodruin FTF (First Try to Fly (I made that up)) and I failed a bit. But today, I'm going to call it a 75% success. I tried a few more times in the last two weeks to get both spacecraft to their destination using FMRS, though unfortunately, using LH2 and LO2 in a vacuum slows my game down to the speed of a snail. So I was forced to switch to a Kerosene engine which wasn't as good DV wise as I was trying to keep my mass down so as not to lose too much DV in my 1st stage but had a good TWR and was much easier on my computer than LH2/LO2 was. There were a few problems with this flight, the RCS didn't work and the 2nd stage was JUST not enough to carry the 2.8kg communications satellite into LEO. BUT... Spoiler alert, this happened. So first of all, I had 3 antennae on the satellite and the third one which was a medium sized antenna right on the top of the craft somehow manage to collide with the fairing. It blew up but luckily the fairing was ok and I still had the other two small radially mounted ones. So the second stage ended up cutting out at 7100 m/s which was 500 m/s from orbit velocity! The small .1 TWR satellite managed to reach orbit but the orbit was very ugly. Anyway it took me three tries to land the first stage. The first I accidently stopped the engine close to the ground with one ignition left. Stock habits. The 2nd one, I miscalculated the suicide burn and I bounced off the surface and came crashing down horizontally. The third was perfectly timed and landed nice and wobbly. Not as good as Elon Musk's team but it was good, until this happened... And we slide down an almost perfectly level piece of ground. What?! And it kept going! I went to get a snack and came back, and it was still going. So finally I jumped back to main mission and got a pretty ugly orbit, but what I am most happy about is this. Keep in mind that I did this without RCS since that wasn't working. Get on my level ground, Elon musk! But that's all for now. Fire
  15. Yes! You guessed right! I am @The Raging Sandwich! Wait what? @Firemetal!
  16. Engineer here. I enjoy the designing of the rocket almost as much as I do flying the rocket. Whenever I get an idea for a mission not playing KSP, I start thinking in my head what kind of rockets I'm going to need to fulfill the task and what the payload might look like and get it about as close to that as possible. I then make sure with either something like KER or my computer's calculator to figure out whether or not my design will complete its mission and that is pretty much it! After that I fly it and sometimes it completes its mission, sometimes it doesn't. Fire
  17. False. I am actually at the top of my class.. which is kind of small actually. The user below me hasn't watched The Guardians of the Galaxy 2.
  18. Nice spacecraft! Mind giving us download link, modlist and more pictures? Thanks! Fire
  19. Yeah is good.
  20. Guess he wasn't "flying safe". Fire
  21. I'm back! And so is this thread. Last time, I had a rocket that could land on the moon and return... However the capsule couldn't survive re-entry so... Back to the drawing board! I decided to start doing stuff in Earth's SOI like relay systems, space stations, etc. And to start, I decided to build a reusable booster. I mean I'm not playing career, so this is redundant but who cares. I like SpaceX if you could not already tell by my profile picture. So I begun building Orodruin 9. Second stage is Hydrogen fuelled, 1st stage is Kerosine fuelled. Lets go! However the first landing test flight ended up like the real Orodruin. It blew up. It blew up because I started the landing burn too early and ran out of fuel. But I still have confidence that it can work. So I downloaded FMRS this morning. Uh, so yeah. To be continued. Fire
  22. I am actually using it now but that is because I am playing a heavily modded game of RO and it is tedious as hell to calculate it. I think it should stay a mod or be optional. But that is my opinion. Just play the game whichever way you enjoy it I guess which is why optional would be a good idea. Fire
  23. Krackers and cheese like Wallace and Gromit.
  24. Not doing gravity turn and not knowing that I had to slow down when landing on the moon. Yup.