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  1. @megamike looking through your log, the only mods affecting Lynx_FreightBig that I don't use are FarFromKerbin, JettisonFuel, AmpYear, and KerbalKrashSystem but none of those affect the fuel switch. [LOG 19:00:17.822] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'KerbetrotterLtd/FelineUtilityRover/Parts/Payload/Freight_Big/Lynx_FreightBig' [LOG 19:00:17.827] [KerbetrotterTools]Config node Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object The problem is definitely ^ but I can't figure out for the life of me what's causing it . I'll mull over it tonight and see what I can think of. Also, I'm actually living in Boston right now .
  2. In order for the module that tweakscale uses to resize parts to actually be added to anything, MM has to be installed. Also, why is it a big deal?
  3. @Shadowmage while the parts from Firespitter haven't been updated since forever ago, @RoverDude is still actively maintaining the plugin side of it (he released a new version less than 3 months ago). Still, love the work you did fixing wheels and would be interested to see what you could do with props.
  4. @megamike try changing the opening line of OreTanksSwitch.cfg to @PART[*]:HAS[@RESOURCE[Ore],#category[FuelTank],!MODULE[InterstellarFuelSwitch],!MODULE[ProceduralPart],!MODULE[ModuleKerbetrotterResourceSwitch]] { This should prevent the patch from applying to any FUR parts that use Nils' fuel switch module. Also, if you could post a link to your ModuleManager.ConfigCache that would show exactly what is being applied to the part.
  5. @megamike it appears that something went wrong in your download of MKS, USI-LS, Community Resource Pack, and Tweakscale (KSP threw 7 errors saying that various files were empty, including one that I know for a fact is not (because I wrote it )). Reinstalling CRP *might* fix your problem with FUR as it provides the definitions for the resources that you are missing and reinstalling the others will prevent other errors down the road so that's what I would recommend.
  6. What do you mean by "Dropbox has stopped providing public links"? The link in the OP still works, the links I've posted in various forums still work, and other people's dropbox links are all still working so...what's up? EDIT: I see that the Para-Sci Visual Enhancements link is down but nothing else is
  7. @kiwinanday in general, what should the com/col placements look like?
  8. Can confirm that it is on the CKAN! I'm excited to start making ring stations.
  9. This is awesome!!!!! Are you planning on putting it on to the CKAN?
  10. The USI-LS github has all of the old versions available for download.
  11. @RoverDude not sure how you feel about this but would you ever consider adding something based on age that would cause retirement/death of Kerbals that have been around forever?
  12. Good idea. How about you go through and mark each one that can be closed.
  13. I support this
  14. Old Kerbin-Side with new Kerbal Konstructs works great on 1.2.2
  15. @RoverDude If I was going to make a PR about Kontainers, it should be done to USICore right?