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  1. Hey @Space_Coyote I'll explain it for you. This is what it should look like if you have everything installed. The order doesn't matter except you should install USI Tools last because sometimes the version bundled in downloads is out of date (USITools is update more often then everything else). GameData >000_AT_Utils >000_USI_Tools >CommunityCategoryKit >CommunityResourcePack >FireSpitter >GroundConstruction >ModuleManager.x.x.x.dll (the x's are numbers that tell you what version of Module Manager you have installed. Current version is 2.7.5) >Squad (obviously) >UmbraSpaceIndustries >Akita >ART >ExpPack >FTT >FX >Karbonite >KarbonitePlus >Karibou >Kolonization >Konstruction >Kontainers >LifeSupport >Malemute >MKS >Orion >ReactorPack >SoundingRockets >SrvPack >SubPack >WarpDrive Let me know if you have any other questions about it.
  2. The problem is that it's very very hard (basically impossible) to find the aerodynamics of the final stage.
  3. First Mün landing back in .90
  4. I'd go with making a new resource to power the engines and then adding in converters to make it from Karbonite or Ore or whatever else you choose.
  5. Yes it is you just have to download the patch (it's in the OP)
  6. What he said and if that's too much @custume at least make an issue at detailing your ideas (stuff gets lost very quickly on this thread so logging it on Github will make sure that it stays visible).
  7. The 1 day too short is fixed in the next release. Feel free to put something about non-hardcoded year/day lengths up on and I or one of the other people on the USI team will see what we can do.
  8. License on USI Tools is GPLV3 so you can bundle it or even fork and expand it. I'm now working officially with RoverDude and can answer most questions you have about the plugin/MKS/USI-LS, either here or in PM.
  9. looks to be down right now
  10. Yes it will stay that way unless either mod undergoes a large change.
  11. Completely incompatible. Kerbalism gets rid of some stuff that MKS needs to function in order to be able to have backgroun processing.
  12. No issues. Right now it just has USI-ls compatibility so no mks manufacturing stuff in KPBS form factor. There is a compatibility project which you can see at the link below.
  13. Go to the post that I linked in my last post, it has full install directions. It's a little complicated because the mod has been updated to 1.2.2 but not by the original author so it's not just 1 folder you have to download.
  14. No the fuel tank part of it is stock. The special part of it is that the model shrinks or grows based on how much fuel is currently in the part. I think I'll set up a patch to increase its mass if CryoTanks is installed.
  15. It's the inflatable tank in MKS. The reason it's light is that it's meant to represent a balloon that starts empty and gets bigger when you add fuel. I'll probably just increase the mass to what you suggested.