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  1. If it helps, I remember that severedsolo made a change at my request to Gilly contracts to prevent them from wanting to be below the altitude at which KSP deletes objects.
  2. If I remember right, the various colonization modules' descriptions tell you how many Kerbals the life support extender supports. The Duna one is really limited, but the Tundra series can support more Kerbals.
  3. Not to mention, if someone doesn't like all of the parts together, I happen to have heard of a guy who made some sort of janitor's closet mod for dealing with extra parts...
  4. If you haven't already, I would suggest that you check out USI Core. It has a bunch of large containers (Kontainters) including KIS ones. The 5m ones are quite voluminous.
  5. It isn't as efficient, but you can also use minerals to create fertilizer in MKS. Do you have any of those in the same areas as hydrates?
  6. What are your MKS and KSP versions? Mods crashing games sounds like mods built for KSP 1.2.x being used in KSP 1.3 or vise versa. A picture of your GameData and UmbraSpaceIndustries folders can help us see if it's a simple install error, too. As for the configuring of parts, what life support mod are you using? Many of the configurations only work with USI-LS, some work without it but require at least one LS mod, and some don't need any. For example, any configurations that provide hab bonuses for USI-LS will not be available without it installed because hab time doesn't exist without USI-LS. Other configurations that provide life support converters of some sort will be available with, for example, TAC LS and USI-LS, but will be disabled without either of them. Again, this is because they serve no purpose without those mods.
  7. Just as some background, ReplacementParts were part of an old wear mechanic in USI-LS. They were an invisible resource that was slowly depleted over time, and as they were depleted, LS parts became less efficient. If I remember right, they were created directly from MaterialKits when maintenance (another USI function) was done. That was the only use for ReplacementParts. I've been on a KSP hiatus (except the forums. Gotta get my fix) so I haven't had a chance to look at MOLE, but ideally there shouldn't be any mention of ReplacementParts in USI-LS configs. With the exception of some MKS specific parts, wear is all but removed as a USI-LS feature.
  8. @Mein_Gott try updating Sigma Dimensions. wasn't playing nicely with Kopernicus versions newer than 1.3.0-2. Also, your versions of RPM, FAR, and KJR are all for KSP 1.2.2, not KSP 1.3.
  9. If I remember correctly, hab time displays something silly when you're on the Kerbin, like one second less than maximum hab for the vessel indefinitely until your altitude exceeds the Homeworld altitude setting (default is 25km I think?) I've always assumed this was to distinguish that situation (on Homeworld) from when you have no ill hab effects, or when you have a pilot on board a vessel with more than 1 year's worth of hab time, both of which I believe give you an "indefinite" marker. Oh! I think you can also get it by having a vessel with 50+ years of hab in a system with a kolonization bonus greater than 500%, but at that point we're solidly in MKS mechanics territory. Incidentally, I'm pretty sure the reason installing MKS changed what you saw is because MKS has its own LS default settings that override those that come with USI-LS. In case you didn't know, you can edit your LS settings using the USI-LS button in the space centre scene. The settings you pick are tied to that save, so you can have multiple saves with different settings. ...and @DStaal just ninja'd me.
  10. @MarlboroMan your version of MKS is really out of date. 0.50.14 was for KSP 1.2.2. Versions for KSP 1.3 start with 0.52.x.
  11. That doesn't look like a bug. The idea of the academy contracts is that you are paying for training, hence the negative advance. If you fail, you still get penalized, hence the negative failure.
  12. This is a fantastic addition. Many thanks to you!
  13. My approach was always to use NecroBones' SpaceY and SpaceY Expanded mods. More boosters. Bigger boosters. More bigger boosters.
  14. @Vorg: dumb question, but did your local .version file somehow not get updated when you updated KPBS? Also, unless I am failing to read that log properly, do you have a PlanetaryBaseInc folder inside an EVE folder? At the beginning I see C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements\PlanetaryBaseInc\PlanetaryBaseInc.version Do you somehow have an errant folder with . version file hiding there?