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  1. @Raphaello I believe that's actually caused by Sigma Binary. Happy Earth (or Kerbin) Day!
  2. @fenderzilla This won't solve existing rescue contracts, but will prevent it in the future.
  3. No, the KAS struts only let you strengthen the connection between two parts of the same vessel. Since the pad and the base are not connected, you can't use the struts that way. Now, you could use a KAS pipe instead, since those allow you to link two vessels together.
  4. Certainly not anytime soon. First, work situation is rather not great at the moment. Second, when it comes to computer work, I'm pretty hit and miss. So... yeah. I have wondered in the past what a MKS (or USI suite) contract system would look like. Contracts for reaching certain colonization bonuses on specific planets? Does it make any sense to have a contract for recovering MKS resources on Kerb in since you already get paid for them? Should there be contracts to deliver Machinery, Specialized Parts, or Colony Supplies to other worlds? Maybe a World First Society contract for constructing the first new vessel with Ground Construction? I feel like there are so many ways to play KSP with MKS that for any contract system to do it justice, there would need to be a lot of contract types. Thanks to seeing what people here can do, I know that I only use a small amount of MKS' potential in my play. I'm not sure I would know how to do it justice. Boy, did I ever just take off down a rabbit hole. Back on topic: if I have a chace to play with mining contracts, I will. If they are any good, I'll share them. No promises to either of those things, though.
  5. This reminds me of the annoying (to me, anyway) stock Ore mining and transportation contracts. I always find myself wishing that, if someone was putting out a contract to bring back resources from off world, they would want more valuable resources. Might be time to learn how Contract Configurator works...
  6. Arg, you lost me when you specified that you need people with skills Please don't get hit by a bus.
  7. @goldenpsp I've always been partial to the hub parts in Nertea's Stockalike Station Expansion as well, in case you wanted a different look.
  8. Oh boy, config work! I actually haven't fired up my pc in a couple of weeks now, but hopefully I'll be able to sneak in some time for some figuring.
  9. Since you mention the vessel not being loaded, I'm guessing you're tracking EC usage through the USI-LS toolbar button? It's only an estimate, and doesn't track generation. When you return to the vessel in question, the game's catch-up mechanics should figure out how much EC you would have produced since the last time you were in physics range.
  10. Ah, good point.
  11. Hey @RoverDude, quick question for you: would you be opposed to a pull request to add the MKSModule to USI-LS partd when both MKS and USI-LS are installed? I have a habit of building my starter space stations out of an MPL, inline NOM and a large recycler. Since none of these parts have the MKSModule kerbals on board aren't contributing the planet's kolonization bonus. As a follow-up, are there any parts you would NOT want to see have the MKSModule? I'm thinking the little radial recycler and perhaps the little cupolas don't really make sense (they're as likely to be on a transfer vessel as a station or other longer-term vessel) but I thought I'd check with you first.
  12. That's a really nifty idea! I think I would prefer to include it on the MKS greenhouses (like the Ranger Ag module) but not include it on the Cupola-style (un crewed) USI-LS greenhouses. I just think a greenhouse ought to be crewed if you're going to run experiments out of it. The USI-LS inline greenhouse would be perfect. Thoughts?
  13. Several of us here are not seeing the framerate issues and the general slowdowns you describe. If others (especially the mod maker) can't replicate the issue, and you're not willing to provide more details than 'I installed this plus some other (unnamed) mods and my framerate dropped' then what response do you expect? Are we dealing with a mod conflict? Install problem? Maybe you're running a different OS than us and the problem's there? Maybe there's something else I haven't even thought of going on? We'll never know unless you follow the instructions on the ever important "how to get support" page. Can't you provide any other info? Logs, list of other mods used, confirmation that the problem persists on a clean install (perhaps not just an install with mods removed but an actual fresh install), KSP version, mod version, etc. If you wanted to be really useful and try to track this down, maybe even see if there's any useful data shown by Memgraph. If instead you just post a message with your video card info, then two weeks later say you're uninstalling the mod, exactly what kind of response do you expect? Framerate issues might mean you need a better computer. Based on the info you've provided, that's as reasonable of an explanation as any.
  14. Oh boy, more balancing work!
  15. Correct. Or IFS core can be installed with CC.