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  1. In the future, don't ever have your main save (or any saves, really) in your Steam KSP directory. Copy your KSP install somewhere else, and it will be safe from updates. Also/alternatively, if you're modding games in general, turn off Steam auto updates.
  2. Feel free to add it to the wiki, but I think the KSPedia is a perfectly natural place for handy information like that. It's a handy place to put information that is accessible in game. I'm a little stumped by your logic behind not looking at the KSPedia for something you didn't know because you already knew everything you needed to know, but there are a few mods out there that have put together very good KSPedia pages, so I would encourage you to check it out every now and then.
  3. Perhaps a silly question, but do you have blizzy's toolbar, and if so, does the USI LS button show up as one of the available buttons in it? Also, is the button not showing up in any scene, or does it show up in some but not others? (Space centre, VAB, Focused on vessel, etc.)
  4. Correct. The error is just saying it couldn't find the settings.cfg file to save settings data to it.
  5. The way I understand it, TWP will write (and read) settings from that location, but it doesn't create the pathway itself for some reason. If you create a PluginData folder in TWP and put a settings.cfg file inside it, TWP should start using it properly.
  6. Going off memory here, I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter if the scientist is in the med bay, but the "tourist" Kerbal DOES have to be in the med bay.
  7. I have to second this. I think it's important to remember that USI's MKS and KPBS aren't really competitors, per se. MKS is about expanding gameplay. The parts could all be white cylinders and they still add the same amount to gameplay. KPBS doesn't look to add the crazy resource chains, life support, off-world Kerbal spawning etc. that MKS does. It adds gorgeous parts that work well with other mods. You can use them with an otherwise vanilla game to make bases which are functionally pretty similar to stock bases, but are way more aesthetically pleasing. Nils has also done a good job of adding support for other mods (like his recent addition of parts for EL and all of the life support parts which only appear when their respective mods are installed). Some mods makers, like Angel-125, extend support for their mods (WBI suite) to KPBS through their own configs. DStaal's integration pack is yet another way to make KPBS play very well with other mods. The beauty of KBPS is that it gives you beautiful parts that can be used with whatever other mods or systems you want. Since it's "just" a parts mod (I don't mean that negatively), it's basically never going to be completely incompatible with another mod. At most, it's only ever waiting for someone to write configs to make it compatible. In short, always install KPBS no matter what other mods you have installed.
  8. Lol, no worries. It certainly isn't a giant button like some mod pages have. I would have just pasted the link in my reply but my mobile phone and I don't really have the greatest success doing anything more than type simple messages on this forum.
  9. The link is in the OP under the heading titled "Manual".
  10. I see that your question was answered above, but I would like to thank you for asking for clarification. Courtesies like that make this forum way nicer than when people, for instance, copy and paste their logs or saves here or in a github issue. So thanks!
  11. That's not a misprint. The first "issue" you mentioned literally explains the second. When you do a boot camp mission, that training rig spawns, regardless of which class it's for. The objective text is telling you that if you are not doing an Engineer boot camp, you should ignore the Training Drill.
  12. In my experience, a hoist typically refers to something that specifically lifts or pulls something upward. A winch doesn't really have that limit in its use. That is, I don't think anything is wrong with describing the device that retracts a cable under a helicopter to lift something as a winch, but it would be odd to say that a car stuck in a ditch was pulled out by another vehicle using a hoist. Personally, I think winch is a perfectly good word to use. It accurately describes the part without being too specific to narrow its intended use, and it's a proper word, not slang or anything like that.
  13. Having some issues with forum on mobile, but based on the above quote from the MKS thread, looks like we may have work to redo. On a personal note, I'm currently on a bit of a hiatus of sorts. Work hasn't been going well, and I'm also going back to school, which is a bit exciting. Anyway, all this means I haven't fired up KSP in quite a while. Since it's only EC usage that should have changed in the spreadsheet, it shouldn't be too time sensitive to get updated. I'll try to putter away on some numbers as I find time, but it may take a while. Having said all of that, I do check the forum daily, so I am always reachable.
  14. Simple answer is you copy the CONTENTS of the GameData folder into your GameData folder. That is, you never want to have nested GameData folders. Edit: though if you are concerned about messing things up, nothing is stopping you from making a backup of KSP. It doesn't have any DRM, so you can keep multiple copies on your hard drive if you want. I always leave my steam install untouched, then I usually have one stock backup, plus a few others for games with different combinations of mods.
  15. I would seriously like to thank you for asking how to post a log instead of just copying and pasting the entire thing into the forum. That's not being high maintenance, that's making sure you do things right the first time.