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  1. This would definitely make for some good cinematic shots. Who wouldn't want to see their brave kerbalnaut of choice from the cockpit window as s/he flies?
  2. When the computer crashes.
  3. I'm starting to like mini replicas more and more. First the Enterprise and now this. Awesome plane.
  4. It's a Jebediah, because any other pilot would soil themselves doing that maneuver.
  5. Do it. I want to see those question marks as well.
  6. You've been insane for a long time, @Azimech, and we like you that much more for it. Beautiful plane. Aside from the four landing gear, there seems to be a theme of three present in this design, so maybe a name of Trinity would fit?
  7. Puts a new spin on the word "ship".
  8. Dude. I don't need any more plugins to color stuff. *downloads anyway *
  9. The Terrier is one of mt favorite engines, even with mods. The Terrier has never had issues with me.
  10. I wish to know as well. I can see the potential now.
  11. The biggest and most important difference between KSP and GTAV is multiplayer. GTAO has a need to strongly balance against the strangely-dressed Trevor Phillips's that roam the online servers, and any mod that has the potential to give a player an unfair advantage and bypass the need to pay for content creates problems for the very large amount of players that want to play fair (by GTA standards) as well as for Rockstar and Take-Two. KSP multiplayer relies on a mod that (from the looks of it; please correct and fill in my partial information) is less stable than GTAO, and the community around it is no where near as large as the "community" of GTAO. The need to shut down mods that effectively unbalance multiplayer is greater in the GTA case than in KSP. As others have said, Take-Two have the power to do as they please with KSP, and I do carry a bit of pessimism about what may happen to KSP in the future. However, all I will do is simply watch carefully and hope for the best.
  12. Ooh, shiny! Me likey the new antennae. Will definitely spam Kerbin orbit with a couple of these.
  13. I'll keep that in mind, thanks.
  14. Since I'm on a modelling kick, you can bet I will tinker with this.