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  1. There's also the JX2 mod, if you're interested in mods.
  2. There really is no better way to put it than that.
  3. @SpannerMonkey(smce) is another master of wheels, I'm sure he can help you out as well.
  4. This is certainly a way to get me to do tourism contracts. Will be following this for sure.
  5. ^This was the first time I had looked at the mod in detail. Something like that would be a perfect fit for an achievements addition to stock.
  6. Looking for microbes could be implemented as a science experiment, perhaps as a part of surface samples. Maybe it could be a separate part that can dig for samples that can only be used by a probe so as not to contaminate the soil as easily as with a kerbal present. But as others have said, it wouldn't be good to add extraterrestrial life in any capacity beyond that.
  7. Personally, I've seen achievements as an in-game way to track your progress with different tasks. The R&D facility has a sort of checklist for science, but I think it could be expanded for piloting and engineering achievements like those mentioned above. At the very least there could be an achievement for collecting all of the science, which is one of the main goals of the stock game.
  8. Sometimes I'll pull out and read the KSPedia for help in something. Sometimes I'll do this on a modded install, and I'll notice the topics are a little out of order, and usually the stock pages are at the bottom. Something like this: BDAc pages seem to be scattered about, and there doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason for organization. So I suggest adding some organization to these pages, either based on mod or alphabet, with the stock pages towards the top. Thoughts?
  9. This for ALL sliders like those. The slider inaccuracies (can't think of a better word for this case) are my biggest gripe for the tweakables in the editors.
  10. Now you just need a Kerbal riding a motorcycle into the plane before the plane takes off.
  11. So damper set to 1.75 will probably be too high for those seams?
  12. Beautiful plane, true to the original. If you don't mind using mods, your plane may benefit from using these razorback parts.
  13. My favorite part of this mod, aside from Trek-style warp drives.
  14. Beautiful engine @RoverDude, can't wait to fly with it and the other parts in the expansion. Also, despite being only a budding modder, I'm excited for updated PartTools, especially since it's compiled against the version of Unity I've been using.