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  1. Is there a setting to not cut warp whenever i get a notification? with a ship around moho i cant warp for another ship because i keep getting a notification about it losing signal or whatever and i really don't care but i need it later. it makes warping very difficult.
  2. I have the issue that the lock command doesn't work, i have taken the code from the simple autolaunch and even that does not work on the lock command, everything else does. here is the code // landing #1 print "this is a test". lock throttle to 1. lock steering to up + R(0,0,180). stage. print "Launch!". it prints the text and stages but does not do anything else. I only started this a day ago and this is very disencouraging. edit: I can lock throttle and steering by manually typing it into the terminal, and I have also uninstalled all other mods, but it will not read the code, it also does not show error messages.
  3. I have the persons corporation with the design number and then the nickname. something like : (SRMS)-11 "Knifejack" or (ASFA)-20 "Croc" No idea how i come up with the nicknames, it just feels like i should name them that.
  4. ah, well then ill just go back to SVE then, but can the animated clouds be in SVE?
  5. Before I used SVE, but then I saw this new animated cloud thing and just put in EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements, Scatterer, and BoulderCo to give it a try. Not at all like what I saw in that video, so I'm probably doing something wrong, can somebody tell me what it is?
  6. you guys started talking about the forum bugs, but never got back to the original question. will this ever be updated?
  7. Could there be a fix where less things are underground? or is AlphaAsh offline and thats why the name doesn't say 1.2
  8. just commenting to saw wow, the mk 1-2 pod i just slapped on my list if mods as well with the props pack and i was blown away when i went into iva. great mod, i can't believe all those switches work.
  9. I saw that you liked screenshots, and i thought these were pretty good. (still new and the link bar goes red when i post the ingur link in "insert media here" so i need a little help with that)
  10. i cant seem to install this properly, when i put the scatterer folder in my gamedata, it just removes sunflares from the game. ive gone into the original scatterer and modified ghost3 (to nyan cat cause why not) i does not show. if the pngs are changed or modified and even having the same name in the same place, it just disappears. (got it working, nvm, but i did get some interesting results with that cat)
  11. i just started today (with online, i have 400 hrs) and joined the "NoNameShips Stock 1.2.2 | Anything Goes" server, everything was fine, i played and had some laughs for a wile, im a bit confused on how to sync because the button wasn't always there and i just wanted to figure this out, so i pressed the button to warp a day ahead because the person i wanted to sync with was 3 days ahead, aaannd thats whe it went bad. i'm guessing that because there were 200 ships having to calculate trajectories for it lowered my FPS to the .0's and then froze. i exited the server but now i cant join back in because it immediately freezes when loading the ships, but it only froze on the last 3. other servers work fine.
  12. WOO! yea! got that working, i now realised why the inline might have been skipped. its so small. did some scaling on the props i put in, now i just need to export it into ksp. how exactly do i overwrite the configs to put it in the game? (edit: Got it! whoop whoop. a lot of frustration but i got past the first step. i will be tweaking these a lot.
  13. This video is the most help ive gotten so far, but he is using completely different files than the interior files that I found. Can somebody tell me what i need to do? i've gotten pretty far now, so i dont think its a big difference. i'm just lost on how to load s t o c k interiors. as soon as i figure this out i'm going to make a video to help helpless souls like me.
  14. i found this helpful thread, but all the images wont show, so i am confused beyond ever before. Why cant there be any videos or working threads on importing stock parts into unity? ive found 50 on how to create new parts, but those are all loading from a different application.