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  1. Yeah that biome is rough for anything but flying over. I've destroyed many craft trying to get data from inside.
  2. Look in the background...
  3. Just found this thread, pretty sweet! Of those I've seen, the Eve landing flag and the Minmus flag that you posted on April 11 are my favorites. I may hit you up with a request!
  4. I'm not a fan of small dogs, but pugs are an exception for reasons like this. As for my KSP time, I've been quite busy getting ready to move to the other side of the continent, so things are hit or miss. After a recent GPP update, however, I decided to go ahead and start a story driven career which has been quite enjoyable. Once I get some actual free time, I plan on doing up a mission log similar to what others have posted. Hopefully I don't bore anyone with it Right now I'm working on an introduction for it but it is -s l o w- going.
  5. @klesh were did you get those landing legs? Also, as JadeOfMaar said, that's a sweet looking base!
  6. @The Flying Kerbal something you could do to test equipment requirements is to check the contract while the ship is still on the pad. Make sure all of the parts requirements have a green-light before launch.
  7. In my first save, when I first successfully landed on Mun, I had not enough fuel for a return trip. I sent a rescue ship which did not have enough fuel after landing to make it all the way back. I then sent a rescue for the rescue and knowing nothing about orbital rendezvous ended up with Jeb floating around Kerbin in his EVA suit. In my most recent save, he's waiting for automated flight testing to certify a rocket so he can be the first kerbal to orbit Gael.
  8. I can see the speck of light for each one... except Dres... I cant find Dres
  9. I remember playing a flight SIM as a kid (about 20 years ago) where I managed to fly a Boeing 777 inverted. It's a good feeling when you pull it off.
  10. What is your "proper" novel about?
  11. She says whatever it is, it likely can't exist.
  12. I asked my sister-in-law who happens to be a biochemistry student. She says it looks like nothing specific, but might have carbon in it.
  13. This happened to me while trying to check out the volcano near the KSC in GPP.
  14. LOL "SpandX".
  15. That was my first thought as well