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  1. This seems handy even just for ease of running experiments. What mod do you use to weld parts together?
  2. Steppenwolf and Heart were my favorite bands as a kid
  3. @Freshmeat it looks to be Near Future Construction, if I'm not mistaken.
  4. Haven't had much time so this has taken place over the last few days. My original visit with Niven went poorly. I had three probes land on the surface and their transfer stage was to remain in orbit and act as an intermittent relay so I could transfer the small amount of science they gathered and fulfill a contract. Only I put the wrong antenna on the transfer stage and it's now essentially worthless. It's now the next transfer window so I've launched my two standard relay packages. Each has three relays, the first is for low equatorial orbit and the second is for high polar orbit and is the main communication with Gael. I've also sent my standard ScanSat probe and a probe designed to test DV requirements for returning to orbit. The latter has a transfer stage that should be able to bring it home to fulfill another contract. We'll see if I have time to fine tune my encounters tonight.
  5. What mod is that for stage recovery?
  6. @JadeOfMaar do you sleep?
  7. @Enceos I kind of see what you mean with the centrifuge and secondary ships docking location. Yours definately has a more industrial look to it (which is in no way a bad thing) @NISSKEPCSIM how about An Ulchabhan Dubh, or whatever color you want.
  8. The Kodiak's maiden voyage was a success. Details and more pics in the spoiler.
  9. @DerekL1963 he mentions adjustment burns for that reason in his second paragraph.
  10. @Galileo that's funny. As soon as it started to click that it was likely a joke, I thought to myself, "well it wasn't Galileo's doing".
  11. @Kertech check Red Shirt's post 4 above yours. I think someone was playing a prank.
  12. JadeOfMaar is correct. The mod also has the 6-way connectors I used, a couple of which have one or two sides that are larger, which is handy both asthetically and for part count (so you don't need an adaptor). For a while I had minmus showing up with Dr. Warner Von Kermin's textures wrapped around it. I'm not sure what fixed it but yeah, been there before.
  13. You've lost engines on a couple of launches. What mod is this, Kerbalism? Also, since this is sort of a story type mission log, even if the mod just breaks an engine, it would be kind of cool to see a recap of "why" it failed. I realize you'd be making it up but I think it would be kind of cool. Thanks
  14. @regex I love xkcd, that dude gets me.
  15. A couple drinks brings out some interesting ideas, but more than that and the likelyhood that I'll forget say... parachutes, increases exponentially.