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  1. I'm in the 20+ category. Many of the mods are for looks, many are part options and diversity, some add additional challenge, and others are for information and so I don't have to do math or guess.
  2. I know where your head is It's a setting when you start a new game, "part pressure limits" or something like that (not at my computer to check)
  3. Yaaay!
  4. @JoeNapalm don't know if you'd be interested in these, but I've found them quite useful.
  5. My game tried to update to 1.3 this morning. Shame on you, GPP isn't ready yet! (Nor are a few other mods I consider "core" to my game) After getting that squared away, I sent up a tourist, brought 4 down from visiting my Eklutna 2 station (after replacing their destroyed parachutes), and started planning for a tourist trip to Iota that may or may not be scouting for a base location
  6. Open the VAB using the menu on the bottom left, then exit and the water will be normal.
  7. @NISSKEPCSIM the US lost a lot of states since '63 apparently I do dig the flags though
  8. That makes good sense, and thanks for that! Unfortunately I can't open the readme file in the download... I should probably get something so I can open those... I had read the primary bullet and was like, "ok, cool. Stuff for modders and people who understand programming" and proceeded to skip the three sub-bullets I will make sure to read more carefully in the future Thanks again for the update!
  9. Thanks for that @AG5BPilot, also, nice avatar I'm kind of curious why it's a separate download and not just bundled where it needs to be. Also, @JadeOfMaar, would you mind updating your installation post to reflect the second download, please? Thanks once again to everyone involved with this awesome mod!
  10. I am also having the infinite load screen. I have had GPP ever since it first released and never had this issue. I have followed the instructions exactly, twice. Came here to check and found this, but I see no GPP_Textures in the download. I have a GPP_TextureReplacer, but I'm pretty sure that's not what you're referring to. Edit: I also re-downloaded GPP just to make sure.
  11. I had a scientist named Dudewin on a previous save. The guy had really high courage and very low stupidity and ended up becoming my primary scientist. Wishing I had him back right now
  12. As most have stated, the early game is fun. Unlocking each new tech node at that point makes such a difference. I also really enjoy the point where lunar bases, the first kerballed interplanetary missions, and tourist trips to both moons start. I love trying to come up with new ways to fit more and more tourists and trainees onto a single ship for the latter (and I feel like the mk3 spaceplane parts are kind of cheaty as far as how many kerbals they fit, so I don't use them).
  13. If you really want the ring design, you could do like @eddiew has in the past and have an SSTO spaceplane that docks worth a ring shaped interplanetary transfer bit. That saves you weight on both descent and ascent. If you're set on having a single piece ship that can both land and take off from any body, good luck and I want to see it if/when you pull it off. Either way, you'll need to have a minimalistic design approach. All those crew cabins are eating up your dv and as others have said, they are not very aerodynamic.
  14. Yeah that biome is rough for anything but flying over. I've destroyed many craft trying to get data from inside.
  15. Look in the background...