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  1. Question about RSS . Should i change some settings in .cfg file to use all Kerbalism features with RSS? everything is 10 times bigger than stock and i wonder if rates of resources consumptions are not going to be too high.
  2. If you use 10x scale then atmosphere rescaling is a problem. Check some posts earlier about AtmoToplayer . Sigma gave there some nice examples how atmosphere is rescaled using this If you rescale Atmosphere , to be realistic so 100km it means ~1.42 then at the moment you hit it it is like a wall , your HS start deplete like crazy even barely scratching the atmosphere . I play in a 10x scale and made setings: Atmosphere 1.2 atmoToplayer 1.2 Looks not bad , no more "wall" when you get into atmo , heat and drag is now growing slowly when i get deeper in atmo. I am still not sure is it best setting cause i had not enough time to play so i didn't go beyond LKO
  3. The problem is that i cannot recreate it now First attempt was just fast built plane without "proper balancig" and it flew very good untill fuel run out around mah 15-16 . Now when i balance CoL and CoM try building proper plane fastest i got was mach 13 and planes lose stability . I use SMURFF set to 1 so it makes everything lighter and add some more power to engines so that might be the case , plus my atmosphere is 20% higher so a little more air on higher alts . About heat , yes plane started to build up heat but it could go a little more . No hax , maybe FAR is the cause I just started new career and build most basic planes to really learn how to make them fly properly so maybe later i'll make a spaceplane .
  4. A thing i noticed. Resize setting is affecting cloud layers in EVE I use Sci-Fi Visual Enchancement from @panzer1b and clouds set to 6000 m altitude in 10x scale were at 60 000 m . Not an issue cause i set them to 600m (x10 = 6000 m ) but just wanted to inform
  5. @aquilaspqr https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealismOverhaul/wiki/First-RO-Rocket Best is to read all guides , they helped me alot even with 10x kerbin and SMURFF cause basics are the same as RO Long story short make small payload , small fuel tank and engine, then make that stage 5000 delta V and TWR ~1 - 1.2 not more . Then make lower stage that has 5000 delta V and TWR 1.2 . That is all. You need a bit less delta V in both stages and less TWR in upper stage but 1.2 TWR in lower and upper stage + 5000 delta V in each is good start to learn proper launch . You don't need power , all you need is making rocket as simple as posible . Less parts, less weight, less drag and everything run much better faster and higher
  6. No need, i hit the wall i got too mah 16 and my planes became very unstable, i need totally different aproach and learn some basics how to buil prober plane cause untill now i focused mainly on rockets . But still awesome mod man, i mostly like that most of the parts have real use in-game . Rovers, planes , planes for no-oxigen planets , landers , vtols , vacuum vtols tons of options . In many mods i delete half of the useless parts that are garbage and here whenever i look there is ton of options
  7. MKIV does not have any good engines . Ok they are good but for stock game . AS i mentioned i play 10x scale and SMURFF set to 1 so my orbital velocity starts around 7500 m/s so engines "WhateverSizeCloneSabre" are far from doing anything useful, 2000 m/s to start rocket engines and 30 km height is simply not working . First fast build hypersonic drone did 4000 m/s and more than 50 000 meters, i was climbing too steep and it flamed out . So the difference is huge and i bet i can get close to 5000 m/s and around 60 000 m if i fly correctly and build vessel corectly
  8. I love this . I was looking for an engines to make a spaceplane in 10x kerbin and here comes the mighty SCRAM that works like SCRAM not some "limited to mah 6 jet engine" .I love it Now please tell me there is planned larger version of scram engine so i can start working on cargo spaceplane
  9. This is awesome
  10. You can use SMURFF mod , it will lower the weight of the stock parts, fuel, engines, pods making it more realistic without the need to go trough full realism like ullage or limitet ignitions . And i have a question , are there any mods with "realistic" SCRAM engines? i want to build an SSTO but most of the parts i find are not meant for larger scale systems , everything lacks thrust at speed higher than 3 mah and it is like stock parts modelled towards the 2500 m/s orbital velocity . Feels like i have to stick to vertical launch vehicles
  11. yes stock orbital velocity ~2500 - that means rocket at the pad need ~4500 delta v 10x scale atmo 100km orbital velocity ~7500 - if you launch perfectly you can get it with 9500 delta v (9700 is more than enough) so in both cases total loss during ascent is somwhere around 2000 , it is harder in 10x to launch perfectly and air drag matters more than stock but in perfect conditions there is not much difference . And most likely it is from 30 km higher atmosphere rather than scale of the planet
  12. Use SMURFF to make fuels/engines/pods weight more realistic than stock game .And all those delta V are not so difficult to achieve . As for me 0.3 landscape was too flat, 10 km mountain range looks like a tiny bump in the road i keep it 0.5 and avoid landing in mountain regions , and mountains look like mountains . It is very hard to make Kerbin "earth-like" it wasn't designed like that and to make it more like earth landscape should be 0.1
  13. Gravity /drag delta v loss does not change much with scale . in stock total loss is around 2000 and with 10x scale 1.2 atmo and 1.2 toplayer (100km atmosphere total) delta v loss due to gravity and atmosphere drag is around 2100-2200 to get into LKO . So if you don't scale atmosphere several times difference in delta v loss will be marginal