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  1. I ran into some problem but I may have found a solution... The Problem is: a) it is very hard to get the plate perfectly 90* relative to the axis b) I am not sure if the way I thought I will build the contacts will work. I added some epoxy glue I mixed too much and put it between the rings to prevent the springy contact from slipping of and put it together with tape but I can't get a good contact. I will try it again tomorrow but I am also thinking about using a tube on one side and putting a cable through and then transmit a signal over a single line and decoding it in the ball with a attiny85. Of course i would need a way to get the single line outside but that would be a lot easier than 4 lines. I could do it like this: If you have any Idea how to do this let me know...
  2. I just finished the Slip ring: maybe i will make a notch instead of a tab for calibration...
  3. Here is a picture of the C-clamp: The white Thing in the upper right contains a Ball bearing and the bar holds pieces of spring Steel against the contact plate which I am working on now. UPDATE: just finished etching the contact plate, looks nice, tomorrow I will add some rings between the copper rings to prevent the contacts from slipping off.
  4. Thank you again gor the explanation! Its already too Late to change it but on the real Apollo one, the rate meters at the edges could display 50 degrees/s max so I think Apollo was moving at that speed. If I think of a capsule spinnig at 0,5 rpm, that seems pretty fast if you are not in ksp. I'll make some pictures after school and try to get the contact rings done. I think i'll print a Round part with 2mm height and some rings around the centre to seperate the contact rings. In the places where there is no seperation i put in a thin sheet of copper Or aluminum. I know this explanation was horrible but If I'm finished I'll post some pictures.
  5. But if two of my gimbals align on the fdai and I move the "missing" axis, would that be possible? I think I didnt understand it because i dont know How this could work if i have 3 axis... Nice Idea with the camera! Do they move fast enough? I am using the cheap Chinese 28byj-48 and they move at around 0,5 rpm (2s per revolution) max. I think that's enough for me but I will also add a light which indicates that the fdai isnt at the real position and needs time to catch up. I am also not sure yet if I'll add photo sensors for calibration. I think it would be easy to build and I have some here but I dont know if I would need them. Maybe I'll have some pictures tomorrow. KASA
  6. Thank you for the explanation! I am still not sure if I should place the gimbal lock region around the poles (probably easier to integrate in KSP) or if I schould do it like apollo (bettet for Launch and landing...) Yeah I am 3D printing some stuff, the C-Clamp is made out of aluminium (aluminum where the non-metrics live ) with printed connectors inside. The Plate between the two Arms is made out of acrylic (because I had it l lying around in the right thickness). I also printed the Part that holds the inner axis Assembly (It is a Metal Tube with Ball bearings at the Ends where the inner axis goes trough) and the Part to connect the middle axis Motor to the C-clamp. I am also printing the parts to connect the hemispheres to the inner axis at the moment ( 1 1/2 h to Go and already 2 hours printing just for the First part ...) I think I will print the second one tomorrow.
  7. Helle there! I am currently working on the FDAI and ive got a question: Why are the Circles on the Ball concentric around the gimbal lock Points and Not the Poles? http://www.collectspace.com/ubb/Forum14/HTML/000813.html In KSP it is concentric about the Poles, right? Also does somebody know what the diameter of the Ball is? I already made the U-clamp and today I will be working on the central plate. Thanks for your answers
  8. No, I meant the Vehicle which launches from Mars to bring the Astronauts from Mars to the Hermes. I couldnt find anything there... The third one by the way is the Rover. But thanks for trying to help! You should really watch the Movie by the way. KASA
  9. Hello there! Im Back after a long time... And I managed to do----NOTHING Ok I worked on the "couch" for the Cockpit (I dont know how its called, just a tilted ejection-seat-ish chair) and thought about the layout and design... I first wanted to build it like Apollo or Something like this but now I think a mix of Apollo and the Martian would be awesome! Not too modern with MFDs but a bit more modern. Im still stuck with the tapemeter and the artificial Horizion (did I even tell you I want to build one) because I´m never sure my plans wont change. I dont want to build it and the throw it away because I dont like it anymore and prefer a different style FUN FACT: Did you know the MAV is called MRV (Mars Return Vehicle) in the German version? Do you know where I can get footage of the MAV interior of the Martian? Bye KASA
  10. Gotcha! Just Woke up and you posted one Minute ago For the Offset weight: The Problem is i dont have These weights For the editing: Im on My Tablet so no shift And After all: How did you Do this nice drawing? And where did you gegen this edgewise Meters? I Never sag them in germany and I couldnt find any Internet shop which sells them for under 30€ + A LOT of shipping. For the Panel, I had the Idea to 1) Split it into different Parts for easy exchange (More flecibility) 2) Support it on the Back with a sheet of Wood with holes where the instruments Stick out on the back. How will you use the AGC?
  11. Thank You again! I am too Tired to understand your Post at the moment so I will try it tomorrow Today I grinded the Seat (It isnt finished yet, the armrest, the Headrest and the box where youre fest are lying in is still missing. Rhe seat Looks like this from the side: +----------+ | | +----------+============/////// ///// is the headrest, on the ===== is your back and your legs Are lying on the box ob the left (its basically a 90* tilted seat) Its Getting a bit complicated now: Things to do: Seat with shaker and Seat Belt pull mechanism Structure Sound System Props Panel layout Panels Indicator Lights Attitude Indicator Guidance Computer with Thermal Printer Space Suit a lot of programming New PC (at the Moment I have got a Laptop and I Need 2 Screens) Periscope for landing to be continued.....
  12. It is a Battery Driven 12v Motor. At the Moment I dont Know how to build the Offset weight... At the shaft there is a 10mm gear... Maybe a piece of aluminum |_| shaped profile with a 10 mm hole and a weight at the end (around 10 cm long i guess). Here comes the dumb question: What can I use as weight? Water filled things? I dont want them to leak Thanks for your suggestions with the shaker! The Problem is: The shaker is nice at around 45hz but just 10hz Off it has only 3/4 of the power... The Shaker is Cheap (10€) so I dont think they are the best quality and I will have to use 45hz to get a good shake. I will Maybe Order a more expensive shaker (24€ ) And add that too. I think it would ne cool if the panels were mit really shaking but rather moving around. (like in "GO for launch")
  13. I think I will just get a function generator to do a sine wave with the frequency where the shaker shakes the hardest and will only adjust the volume of different hardness. The G Idea looks good but I think I should combine it with the throttle because if you burn your engine in space, you may be below 1 G but it will shake. Maybe I will just do it like this: If G load multiplied with a still to test factor is bigger than throttle percent, use Gs. If not, use throttle. Maybe also with the volume Level as well... I also had the Idea to build a BIG pager Vibration device... I found a electric drill beside the road and I am thinking about using it with a off centered weight to generate some low frequency bumping (Maybe at the Panel so it is shaking as well....) I may order some more bass shakers to stick them under my seat as well. Do you know BTW if you can connect several arduinos to the serial port at once so I have 2 Arduinos getting KSP Data? Or do I have to connect one arduino to the Computer and then this to the other arduino?
  14. WOW! Yor Panel Looks awesome! The attitude indicator Nice Idea with the disassembly. Maybe I Could also Tilt it by 90 degrees and slide it under the bed... I cant use it als a chair as it is because you Arne lying in the back and watching up. I will rethink it. I ordered a Loudspeaker, a bass and a bassshaker BTW but I dont know where to Mount them yet. (The shaker under the Seat of course) I also thought about a spring mounted Panel with a Bass shaker for Launch vibrations. (The Apollo astronauts Said they couldnt even read the displays in the First sexonds if i Remember right. Maybe I will add a Air condition (just a hairdryer with deactivated heating) to pump some Air around and them enable the heating during reentry Problem is: How Do you Detect reentry or launch? Launch maybe with mission Time and Reentry with ablator? Both not the best.... I think My Cockpit will be specialised for 3 rocket types: The Suborbital one (Apoapsis 150km and ballistic flight) The Orbital (Orbit and if wanted docking with a target vehicle or spacestation The Munar (Flight to Mun, Landing and return) EDIT: Mounted the Shaker under the Seat today but only tested it with a 15 Watt amp. Do you know if you can combine both stereo outputs and get 30 Watts? I also thought about a mechanism to tighten the seatbelt when G-forces are present. I have so many Ideas but dont find the time to realise them . I couldnt do much on the seat itself because it rained today and the disk saw is in the shed and i didnt want to walk there everytime to saw something. I instead worked on the rocket in KSP which I will use then. Tomorrow I will go on with the seat.
  15. Im Back with some News first the good: I began with the Seat and it Looks pretty nice And the bad I have a BIG problem. We are Four and wie live in a fu***** House.... And there is no Space for a 1*2 simpit I First thought it would fit under May bed (its elevated) but i checked it today and it doesnt fit.... Basement: Parents: No No its too Small too wet too less space.... Of course its too small if you keep every loveing book of your Grand Grand father which no one will ever Read again.... 1. floor: We have a room just for GUESTS which is almost Never used (10 days ayear ~) Parents: No Way! 2nd floor: There is really no space I have to say except for My brothers Room which is the larger than the one of My Parents and almost unused! He just sleeps there, has no hobbys or anyzhing thats needing Space Why the love is bis room the largest and almost empty while My room is full? No one will ever understand And under the Roof: Like a Second living room To Hang out etc. what I want a ******* 2*1*1.7 Space and its too big for this House ? I dont Know what to say... I thinkI have to stop the build until I know if it will be possible to Place it anywhere.