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  1. RO seems to altered how solar panel work. usually I can use solar panel as the power source of a KSPI electric engine. but it wont work with RO installed. The reduced NF engine thrust is really good. But they really need to work in timewarp
  2. So with KSPI and RO installed, the electric charge and Megajoules cannot convert properly And with NF and RO installed , the NF ion engine wont work in timewarp( i've got persistent thrust installed)
  3. Another problem... I cant tweak kspi engine scale when RO is installed
  4. It seems that NF and FASA electric engine in RO cannot use timewarp thrust through persistant thrust mod
  5. I've tried release 2/3/4/5 of kopernicus. None of which works
  6. 我在贴吧好像被误封了10天,只能来混Forum了
  7. I still feeling some minor overheating problem. Its not game-breaking , just some minor heat up near large planets. But still........ the temperature is indeed higher when I have Constellation installed. Really strange
  8. My game always freeze( no crash, just freeze ) when I try to create a maneuver node out of flight planner. Any fix?
  9. How does principia handle the flyby mission contract and science definition sence there's no SOI
  10. Cuold you add RealFuel compatibility for SSTU?
  11. thx ill try that out
  12. I have too many of them, is there a way to adjust them altogether
  13. That does not stop the Failure message from killing the time-warp
  14. I have over 50 craft in orbit, kerbalism always kill the time warp every time some parts fail. But I need a 100 year consistent time warp in order to get to Proxima Centauri b , so I just wanna know how to disable the timewarp killing featrue
  15. So I found that food and water consumption were too high for a RSS game experience. And I think a patch for KSPI is really needed. Those large antenna in KSPI with light-years range do not work in kerbalism. A small patch for that would be nice!!! And the MTBF of parts , they are just not too low for RSS, maybe you can adjust that anyway Thx for this fantastic mod