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  1. Nah, I still use the same ones. Unless I am using headphones and trying to read something, I always enjoy the music... That why it would be nice for it to start from the beginning...
  2. This game has great music... But I swear, since around 1.2~ish the music in the VAB doesn't start from the beginning. That is about a third of the track missed each time... Sometimes, even two tracks will play at the same time... Mostly a minor complaint, but it has been around for a while. Surprised they hadn't fixed it yet.
  3. Whoops. Thanks for fixing this.
  4. Thanks
  5. I am an idiot. Please help me.
  6. Okay I am back working on it... I really needed a break. Steam summer sales happened, and then... Subnautica. Need I say more? Big Joe 1 is basically done, I am going to work continually on project mercury from now on.
  7. ... Umm... Something tells me it wasn't force fields.
  8. Ouch... you really need good gimbal with large rockets... I've had to abort twice. Fortunately I was using space shuttle engines, but I put major gimbals limits on it as I though I didn't need that much...
  9. How come the sciency engineers in the VAB have the doors wide open then? They aren't in suits...
  10. Armed with this new knowledge, I go forth to them moon! If my rocket doesn't fall apart due to staging glitches...
  11. Oh I know, I just didn't have the right altitude offhand... and I accidentally jettisoned the retro-rocket before I could change it Here is the rocket:
  12. 50K was my pe. Splashdown as I am writing this. I had a heat shield though. I meant it wasn't fun as in it ate through ablator. About 200-ish. My rocket wasn't really good, it was just to test the concept. But I will still screen shot it. That reminds me... When I first did KSP... and I returned from orbit I used extra fuel to burn and slow myself down... I never realized that you could pod the command pod off and that would be fine... All those hours struggling to get it work that way... lol
  13. At this moment I am slowly descending from my first "Good" orbit... yay? Bill Bob and Valentina are pretty toasty... I used minimal delta V to deorbit so re-entry is not fun.
  14. I purposely look up "NASA is fake" websites to see their arguments... One guy just said "We went to the moon in the 1969. But not the space shuttle only goes to low earth orbit and we are in the 2000's. Why is NASA's technology going backwards? It isn't. It is all a lie!" Uh... the budget is the thing that is going backwards... Another guy also kept calling apollo 11 apollo 13. How am I supposed to take you seriously if you can't even say the right name?
  15. So they truly are ore advanced! No wonder they can revert flights effortlessly!