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  1. I once tried to make a rocket in RO but for some reason, the rocket floated above the surface and when i hit the engines, it just didn't take off, like it was hanging.
  2. I find a landing spot for their rescue mission, they call their rescue mission. I hop om the spacecraft to take a trip to Space!
  3. Should i make a littoe comic about Iconel?

  4. Oh man, I just now recognized your avatar. IS DAT SUM STROOPWAFEL? Yum. :D

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    2. NSEP


      Cool! I live 30 minutes away from A'dam, i go there at least 4 times a year lol. The last time i have been there was 3 weeks ago, for history class :wink:

      And yeah of course the bicycles. I ride them to get myself to all sorts of places, yet its alot calmer with bikes than in Amsterdam, where you cant even cross the bicycle road XD.


    3. monstah


      You have 1337 likes. I don't want to spoil that by liking anything at the moment XD

    4. NSEP
  5. I have been looking down the comments of a Mars Rover video and its full of dumbos who think just because some dust gets cleaned after a while on the solar panels, the Mars rovers are fake and staged. Im having a mind implosion right now.

    1. cratercracker


      What kind of mars rover? (Curiosity,opportunity,spirit?)

    2. NSEP


      All of them pretty much. All they talked about are what cleaned them (obviously wind)

    3. Urses


      Didn't you know? Mars isn't earth and is round and wind can only blow on flat surface, ergo only on flat earth... (this are these times when i ask myself how the earth managed it to survive so long with the mankind....) the example what i mentioned is from a diskussion. If the earth would be a sphere the wind have to leave the surface because it has to blow tangential, and as we see it blows near the surface and it is a evidance for flat earth....

      Lovely god let rain a lill on Brain or Bricks, but take the umbrellas away


  6. why is it raining salt

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    2. Urses


      @TheKorbinger How dare you!!! It is a Conspiracy of the medias and the politics, they brainwash us all:wink: 

    3. ProtoJeb21


      Wait, WHAT?! Is it actually raining salt where you live? Get out the popcorn before it's too late!!

    4. Urses


      In my old home it was more like it was salting rain. Middle Asia inbetween of 2 big deserts and a dried out sea... if this rained you have to scrub salt stains from everything. The good thing it rained mostly never between march and october:D

  7. I hate WW2 in history class, no in depht look at the actual war, wich is very interesting. Its just 99% Holocaust. Not interesting compared to types of weapons and vehicles.

    1. cratercracker
    2. ProtoJeb21


      I had the complete opposite. When studying WW2 we learned about all the different causes, effects, strategies, viewpoints, etc. Also I did my WW2 unit project on the bizarre weapons made during that time. We barely even touched upon the holo-you-know-what.

    3. NSEP


      Im not alone pfew. And there was also a comic book for history class about the V-rockets by the Germans, and all it actually was was 2% actual V-2 rockets and 98% German concentration camps. The sad thing is that it was on this devistating weapon kind of perspective, and while it sure was a terrible weapon, they forgot to mention it was a really important piece of engineering, that changed they we live today in a positive way.

      Your lucky @ProtoJeb21. Maybe because you live outside the Holo-you-know-what affected area. I live right in the middle of it. The only strategy we know of is Blitzkrieg, thats it, i really need to know more.

  8. I was so baked and tired the rest of the day that i just spent 4 hours watching North Korean propaganda lol. NK is good at hiding their stuff.

    1. WinkAllKerb''
    2. NSEP


      I know, i do weird stuff in my freetime

    3. Urses


      It is only weird if you seld name it so:wink:

  9. Oi peeps! It has been a long time since a made a Mammoth Spacecraft! See here i have one for you peeps! This is my first ever Single Stage to (almost) everwhere spacecraft! Happy launchings! Mammoth SSTAE Design 2... How to operate: Launching this is easy, all you have to do is to launch it like any other rocket! Once you are in orbit, you should have 1,5km/s of delta-V in your tanks, if you are below a minimum of 1,270m/s of Delta-V left, you cant go interplanetary ): maybe send up a refueler for help. When you have all the required fuel, you can go and land on Minmus for a refuel, open the Cargo bay to reveal the mining equipment, and press 1 to deploy the drill in the engine section of the spacecraft! Once you mined enough resources and converted some ore, you can go on exploring! Repeat this process untill you went everywhere! (Expect Eve and Jool, this spacecraft is not intended for those thicc atmosphere planets!) Please note: This spacecraft has no real use other than travel to other planets for fun, but you can modify it! Stats: Delta-V: 5~km/s ElectricCharge Capacity: 8000~ Units Fuel Capacity: 34,000~ Units (Equal Oxidizer) Parts: 100~ Download: https://kerbalx.com/jbaltus123/Mammoth-SSTAE-D2 Video: Also coming soon!
  10. YES! I refueld my VSSTO at Minmus for like half a year, and now im on my way to Duna! I also did not really think i would get to Duna, i just realized i was right in time to get to Duna, a amazing coincidence! Im planning to get to Vall after this!

    1. The Raging Sandwich

      The Raging Sandwich

      No Dres? (Or are you coming back for it?)

    2. NSEP


      Maybe! If it exist lol.

  11. I crashed my VSSTO 2x into the Mun so let me have a break, by he way, how much delta-v do you save by going to Minmus instead of the Mu?

    1. NSEP


      Figured it out! I need 1270m/s minimum for Minmus! Cant wait to start a mini grand tour!

    2. Urses


      The funny thing for Minmus, you mostly can use RCS to save on fuel there. My most landers or biomehopers are pure Monoprop designs (actually more Iota kind)

    3. NSEP


      Havent tried that yet lol.

  12. Do you peeps remember my Vertical SSTO's? The Mammoth series? If you do not:

    But im planning to return the project! This time im building a Single Stage to Almost Everywhere!

  13. I really like the Far Cry series in general, i really like that you can do missions, whenever you want, and how you want, unlike other games.
  14. Oi peeps, me again! Im currently working on releasing my universe story thing. Stay tuned! A sneak peak so far: https://www.wattpad.com/402424301-welcome-to-iconel-anno-2536-what-is-iconel Or read it here: What do you peeps think?