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  1. I want to clean my dishwasher but i only have kool aid in my house oh wait cool.


  2. I said i felt like programming and so i did!

    I made my first message pop up window thing and i made my own self-replicating .bat file! All using notepad! Awesome!

    1. eagle92lightning


      Congrats now figure out how to get voyager home using it.

  3. I actually feel like programming right now. Never done it before, but if i can make a batch file thing that works, im happy!

    1. eagle92lightning


      Try out Sracth.mit.edu it uses a drag and drop programing system. My username on it is eagle92lighting

    2. NSEP


      Hmm, might try that out.

    3. eagle92lightning
  5. Cycling against wind is soo very annoying, and really annoying when its your only form of transport other than walking (wich actually is the case for me). Because nature is trying its best to bully you and get you late for school, luckily that was not the case for me today. But that was always the case a few months earlier because i alot of wind agaist me AND a weak tier. 

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    2. Lo Var Lachland

      Lo Var Lachland


    3. NSEP


      I actually thought of an aerodynamic nosecone lol.

    4. eagle92lightning
  6. The river/canyons are amazing! I also like the Desert in straight up daytime with the shiny light.
  7. Some new ones: -Janushead, people who look better from the back than from the front. -Dianatic, people who follow others without anything to do or say. -Sub-Vegetarian, Vegetarians who still eat fish and/or eat meat in rare occasions.
  8. Well thats true. But it depends. For example, if im going to migrate to a English speaking place, im likely going to use some words of my native language there. Like i did with Snuffel. But it is hard to change a language if you dont know it well, because you will get corrected easier (; Thats what i think.
  9. K, well i dont have a lot of time to snuffel around and search for words. But thanks @razark!
  10. Oi peeps. This is a thread about self-made words. Just because i like make words of things that didnt know already had a word for. Im not a pronunciation geek so no fancy sound symbols. And please note, its just made for pure fun and im not trying to get a place in the dictionary and/or screw up the English language. Anyways here we go! - Cernel, Bassicly Colonel expect its changed so it avoids confusion. - Nervistic, the group of people wo get easily offended. - Xenoesm/Xenoeistic, the group of people who try their best being more different than others. - Snuffel/Snuffeling, Searching around. Do you have any? Post some!
  11. I always make my rockets not unnecessarily bulky. With that, i mean that i wont use the 2,5m decoupler because it looks really cartoonish. Its like having a cool and realistic looking painting with a childish house drawing in the backround, it just pops out and does not fit. I use fairing-interstages instead and-or stack decouplers. When it comes to Spacecraft/Probes, i try to make it simple and quick, and actually look like a real spacecraft at the same time. Not like a cylinder with a satelite dish and a solar panel. I always put a battery and a reaction wheel system in my crafts too. The sad thing is: in my opinion they look slightly off style too, so i have to regulate those things too with my design.
  12. Happy St. Patriks day!
  13. Just played Fallout 4 with my new GPU! Man! That was the bomb! Amazing graphics and fun gameplay! Wooh!