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  1. I dont know exactky how long, but i hope to have Back to the Moon with 10.000+ words. And ????? Around 5000.
  2. I got hit by a parked car.

    You know, people say texting and driving is dangerous, but nobody talks about texting and walking!

    1. NSEP


      Well, here in the Netherlands, texting while bicycling is a thing too. Lol.

    2. Spaceception


      You just gave me the mental image of someone who tried doing stunts with a bike, but ending up faceplanting instead :D

    3. NSEP


      But suprise! That does not happend here in The Netherlands, the Dutch are still pro-skill bicyclists.

  3. Thats a cool idea! Thanks! Will take care of that!
  4. video starts at 0:00
  5. Why can i hear the neighbours kids playing? Do the walls absorb sound like air or are they loud? And dang, its like 8-9 AM, they should be sleeping right when they have a day off! Oh, no there is one crying and running away, and i do not hear any noises again, ah well not much. I think they are playing in another room. Pfew!

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    2. NSEP


      Well that sucks. Never heard of presidents day before, we just have a break this week.

    3. The Raging Sandwich

      The Raging Sandwich

      Oh, well what a coinkidink.

    4. NSEP
  6. Hello! This is a thread about my story ideas, wich one do you like the most? (This is a new thread, because the older one is dead) Curently working on: - Back to the Moon, the story is about going back to The Moon. Universe: Ameschland - ??????, Universe: Heavily offpath. Ideas: - Mission to Rodinia, a adventure SciFi book about exploring a planet with life, without being able to communicate with earth. Universe: Ameschland. - S.S Celesta, the story about the first ever, space cargo ship. Universe: Ameschland. - A.Lowells Dairy, a dairy about Anne Lowell, just a normal girl. Its a buildup story. Universe: Ameschland So, what do you think? Wich one do you like the most? Wich one should i do next? Tell me, if you want to
  7. There is a new story coming up, but its secret for now! Its also very different from what i am writing right now, Sp yeah. Stay tuned!
  8. New secret story coming out someday, a little different than normal! Here is a spoiler.


    1. Lo Var Lachland

      Lo Var Lachland

      Can't tell what it is. 0_o

    2. NSEP


      Its a map of a place. A quite early map. Spoiler number 2! Its set in a alternate universe, simulair but different at the same time from ours.

  9. Look! Its The Netherlands! Wait?! It looks a bit strange! It must be a clue to a new secret story! Oh! Prepare Uranus! Sorry for dark image.
  10. Im not a huge music fan. But i like M83, Muse and Air the most. I dont like singing, some music just gets ruined by someone singing. Im also not a big fan of what is populair right now. Its all crappy to me.
  11. I dont use the nonverbose version of the biological waste disposal that much. Neither does anyone i know use it. So i dont know if its appropriate or not. But 1 less swear word is fine. Nobody really uses it that often.
  12. Thank you! Thats exactly what i thought while reading this thread.
  13. Yup, or you have to borrow them from the library. We had €100,- off though. So thats a pfew thing.
  14. Nothing compared to Karbonkel. EDIT: I was wrong.