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  1. Missed it, i was asleep. ):<
  2. So you are taking a walk in a park or something and suddenly outta nowhere this Chicken Dino thingy jumps up to you. What would you do?


    1. cratercracker


      I'd make a chicken nugget.

    2. Urses


      Fine something to eat and i love chicken

      They are tasty

  3. Another "Dinosaur". Yeah, that happends to me all the time too.
  4. For anyone who wants to know how to make a Dinosaur with only 2 animals to mix: here ya go.
  5. I wish my history class can turn into Black Hole discussion, our history teacher does not allow casually talking about things, wich i kind of get. And yeah my current PP is temporary.
  6. I hate that moment when food/or another object randomly and mysteriously flies past your head and falls in front of you. This happends at school al the time, and often the source is hard to find. One time, it was a rock in the middle of nowhere. I dont think it was a meteor though but im sure some dumb kid threw it at us.
  7. Haha good bye spaceflight Paleontology is better haha.

    Ok im joking just a pwank bwo, but i will be focusing on Paleontology more.

  8. Tell me some my boy, i would like to know it my boy.
  9. Wow! Thats amazing. My Sci-Fi imagination goes wild now thanks. Ok you can trap me in a room now and i will write an entire trilogy about this,
  10. I thought people would like my ideas so i joined the forums.
  11. When hanging out in the Minecraft Forum, someone told me spaceflight simulators are not that realistic. I was talking about the RSS/RO level of things by the way.
  12. I had a free empty page in my notebook where i wanted to draw a cool Mars Colony but school had to ruin it. it is like my only emtpy page. Im calling the cops now this is abnormal.

    1. Urses


      Open up a support compain...


    2. NSEP


      Goal: 5 million dolleeuropounds.

  13. Yeh, Elon Musk just looks like an alien reptilian thing to me. He could be from another spacefaring civilization who observed Terran Civilization, and he wants us to get to space too to join in the party.
  14. I love Russian Rocket engines! They are efficient, reliable, and in RO, they are easy to find (cuz they all start with RD or NK) and there are enough of them to choose from, hell, i think i can even make an orbital rocket out of the R-7 verniers!

  15. Nah @cratercracker