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  1. Haha, thats actually fits well with the drawing ;D
  2. Woow! Awesome gottapropablycheckitout
  3. R-7 "Sputnik" Humanized.
  4. Oh no... oh no. And people say westeners have no culture. *flips bottle and dabs*
  5. There is this one single tone border a loud younger child makes and when it gets higher than that it makes me want to buy a one way ticket to Mars. Im not a big fan of younger kids. 

  6. Oooooh science lectures too? This is like treasure! Good work!
  7. I also could. It would take like a few months, maybe even a year, of wandering through harsh and different climates bit i can
  8. I agree with you. But luckily, in The Netherlands, we have news dedicated to science, economics, and politics seperated from celebrity, fashion, and crime news. So i cant relate.
  9. I fixed the Lunar Lander from Back To The Moon a bit (I bet an oxygen molecule nobody remembers that). It now has a smaller tin can landing section, instead of a longer cylinder on its side, giving it more Delta-V for landing, the previous version did not have enough fuel to succesfully rendez-vous with the CSM (to the right). Also, i drew a cubesat and a banana for scale
  10. This video is amazing, despite being possibly illegal, because you kind of ruin a like a multi-billion westerncurrency project, that also a forgotten word in history.


    1. LoSBoL


      Wow!  That's awesome:o

    2. Urses


      highly Illegal but interesting XD

  11. Welcome! Enjoy your stay -NSEP
  12. You can always go from any topic on Wikipedia, to the Observable Universe, with ease.

  13. Amazing! So you are actually sending stuff into orbit? Wow! Thats awesome! Cant wait for some updates.
  14. Welp, goodbye. If you see a thread were people dont behave like you want it to be, then leaving is a good option. (; Lets stop this discussion now. Im not going for this thread fir a while now.