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  1. WARNING! Before watching DISABLE your mind!
  2. THANK YOU wery much!
  3. Im dont know how delete post. Make it please, i make 1 new post with video
  4. Bayern vs Warspite ModsNorth kerbin dynamic, Infernal robotics, tweak skale, BDarmory+my GameData(two cfg files, link in YouTube in descr)HandlingChoose cokpit and click "Control from here", push space and lets goRotation forward towers left/right 1/2Rotation backward towers left/right 3/4Toggle hidden in towers 360' cannon 5Toggle main cannons shoting idle for visibility 9 Video(craft under video in YouTube)
  5. Description Warspite British drendout the First and Second World Wars, Battleship class "Queen Elizabeth", armed with eight guns for 381-mm capable not only inflict crushing damage, but also to withstand the biggest hit neodnorazovye guns and powerful torpedoes remaining afloat and maintaining the combat capability. Against dive bombers on board has 6 anti-aircraft machine guns and your own fighter. The crew of 1184 people Bayern Queen of the seas of the German Empire, the great Bayern built in 1915. The eight 380-mm artillery cannons placed on the 4 towers protected 350-mm steel, able to carry in chips every coastal fortress, and 14 secondary cannons do not give any chances away with boats to attack this floating fortress. Warspite characteristics (SPC) Games Version: 1.1.3 Weight: 4.329 tons Cost: 3,831 Number of parts: 1063 Length / width / height: 208/35/62 (meters) Speed: 30m / s Bayern characteristics (SPC) Games Version: 1.1.3 Weight: 5.784 tons Cost: 9,894 Number of parts: 1193 Length / width / height: 208/44/74 (meters) Speed: 25 m / s Mods North Kerbin dynamic, Infernal robotics, tweak skale, BDarmory + My GameData (two cfg files, link under video in YouTube in description) Control Select cabin, click control from here. Start the engine and steer. Rotate the front towers to the left / right 1/2 Rotate the rear towers to the left / right 3/4 Switch hidden in towers rotating gun 5 Switch main gun firing idle for visibility 9 Video(craft under video in YouTube)
  6. yes
  7. Part count: 440 Mass: 0.88 tonn Mods: tweak scale, infernal robotics DOWNLOAD: link under video in YouTube
  8. Part count: 1048 Mods: infernal robotics, tweakscale Mass: 930t. Cost: 1 700 000 Link for DOWNLOAD craft: in description under video on YouTube
  9. after welding 50. before 15000
  10. three)
  11. computer. paste and push enter
  12. dont work
  13. thank you)
  14. im cant attach video. help me, moderator
  15. This ship i make for a 3 weeks one year ago. Craft has a 15 000 parts. Version 0.9.5. Using mods: Ubizor welding; K.A.S; Tweak skale; Hangar extender. Video: