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  1. I am away from my home, so I cannot upload the craft. Anyway, I am making a XS-1 clone, so it have wings, with 1 orange tank, 1 rockomax 32 at bottom of the orange and a rockomax 16 above the orange. Attached to the side is the payload. Between the 32 and the orange is a SAS wheel. Entire thing is propelled by a RS25 and 2 aerospike. What I found is that, if I have the SAS on, the entire thing is hard to control, while with the wheel off it's smooth flying. Why is it harder to fly with the wheel?
  2. In addition, the concept is pretty much similar to subassembly, except subassembly will also reside in a seperate folder.
  3. Okay, I will bite -- still trying to figure out how to taxi without getting myself airborne, and able to taxi anywhere (on Kerbin), Is some landing wheels better than others?
  4. But the problem is, unless you have rover wheels, you don't get the surface maneuverability or small area navigation you need for career surface surveys... And you can't really fly Mach 3 with a rover wheel sticking out. Trust me, if I can think of how to make a plane that have the function of batwing, I would have done that.
  5. For my career, when doing missions that involve surface scan in some distant corner of Kerbin, my method of delivery is to use the "ICBM" (aka a rocket that goes past an atmosphere, with its payload re-enter in a capsule). In this case, it was the otherside of Kerbin, and use a polar orbit. However, I am wondering would it be faster to deliver the rover by the way of a Mach3 (or even mach 5) jet, and then drop it off like a bomb?
  6. Yea, I am playing that in career mode, and I guess the contract broke... I will just restart it.
  7. I guess I should just restart the career. Just in case.
  8. So that means it's harder than before? Or is there a mod that reenable it?
  9. I am not sure what happened, but somehow, I am lacking a "test" button in career mode, for the Flea engine and Mk16 parachute. Is that normal?
  10. Question: Does Solid rocket boosters (of all size, including the Sepraton and LES) count as an engine or not?
  11. So... where is the craft?
  12. Is there any parts new in 1.2.9? (If not, i will just change the line in craft file to fool KSP 1.2.2)
  13. The reason i am asking is not because I am inpatient (okay, a little bit...), But also because I recently downloaded "Kream Mun" from KerbalX, and I noticed it stated 1.2.9. However, my steam version doesn't seems like it's up to date.
  14. Mental note to myself: Do not say "best design", because someone will always challenge it...
  15. Oops. Forgot the ITS would fly back. Since this (as I stated in another post) is more to think in terms of the Orbiter Derived Station, the booster itself can have the heatshield and aero surface, etc. Sorry for costing your booster. (the station itself should still not have extra stuff -- I would expect Elon would remove the heatshields etc from an old HoG that stay in orbit, but not the ITS booster. And dare I say it's the BEST design, balancing looks with part counts... though I am not exactly sure how I feel about the station is being suspended in the clamshell. That being said, it was so well done I will accept this entry. The scoring may not be that good, but functionality and looks wise I actually love it. Easy to fly and resembles a real space station... nothing more I can say. But I still have more fuel count