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  1. If I ignore aethestic, When should I consider TWR and when to consider staff, for a VAB rocket plane? Debating between using small hardpoint and decopulers
  2. Did you forget to post the link to your craft?
  3. Would Buran-Type shuttle be easier to fly? The station is not designed for returning from Orbit; the RL plan is so they can make the Columbia useful and have some US space station up, before the entire Freedom was scrapped for ISS. In KSP, an Orbiter derived station is only good for a dual-hull, no-docking space station... which is countered by the fact shuttles are hard to fly.
  4. I am not sure how I stumble upon it, but I ended up trying to make a Orbiter derived Station, which is covered by Patent 5350138. My ended up making 3 configuration converted from Dyanwing, 4 version that I build from scratch (since dynawing's cockpit is a bit... off), and 3 version that used fairing and made it resembles Shuttle Derived HLV. While I managed to fly them all to a circularize orbit WITH the external tank (!!), I found that I am constantly trying to do roll and yaw operations. Not that I had rotated the SSME outward by 30 degree (which is one normal click with the rotate tools.) So my question is of follow: Are Shuttles, even with wings, difficult to fly? Is it possible to build this shuttle-station without using wings? In a subjective manner, when would you consider a craft to be flying well enough for release? Example of one that I planned, made from Dynawing: (The extra CRG-25 is due to Removing the RCS fuel tank for more crew space)
  5. Thank you. Need an excuse to make a bigger station.
  6. I am wondering, given a station that have more than one labs (eg: 2 labs), each with 2 scientist, would it produce more results, or results at a faster rate? If no one have an answer, would someone suggest a way to test it?
  7. Sorry about the picture issue... As for the results, they will be transfer to a recording container that I will add eventually. I have not even put the rover in the bottom bay yet! And I am aware of the issue with the tanks making engine stuck, but thanks for the heads up. I will sort through everyone's answer and select one as the best one. Thanks anyway.
  8. Also read the "secret content" section.
  9. Overkill of Payday did. For 4 mask.
  10. Also, do people just base a craft's performance on the pictures only? For all I know I may have hide some decouplers around Anyway, can someone give me the figure to reach to Duna 100k orbit? According to the map I need 1810 for dv, but what about TWR?
  11. Here's the deal for me: The only way I would be hesitate (but not out right not buying) is if the feature of the DLC is not merely available through a mod (which is given), but actually had been based, or have knowledge of, existing mods. This is exactly what made people angry at the Payday 2 DLC when they start to roll out the "FBI files", which is made with an explicit knowledge of a community website that provide a much better function. Paying for DLC is not an issue. Riding on the coattail of your fans will be.
  12. Hey, that looks like my screenshot As some of you probably guessed, it was based on the LV-4 as made by Raptor9, in concept at least. I thought It was stage so only the 4 man capsule goes up. I do have to rearrange the oscar tank attached to the descent module as they made the terrier of the upper stage get stuck. It was based on Von braun's STS-Mars, which in turn is based on Boeing's IMIS. The duna excursion Module will be at the tip end, which will be carried by Nuclear shuttle (1 in the case on STS, 3 stages in the case of Boeing). Upon arrival, the excursion module will detach (hence the docking port), then after using the de-orbitign pack, will enter Duna atmosphere (hence the bottom heatshield) and land with the help of parachutes and Fuels. Departure from Mars surface involves just the upper stage, which I replicate by (looking over at Raptor9's LV-4) using a single terrier. That being said, I can replace it with a covered dock, as it is suppose to be carried from Kerbin to Kerbin's orbit by a STS shuttle, and transfer with the help of space tugs. The question I guess is: in the original IMIS on von Braun STS-Mars, does the Mars excursion module's ascent module double as Earth return vehicle? That's the reason for the upper heatshield.
  13. I am trying to make the Duna Excursion Module (ala Von Braun), but I am unable to get the ascending vehicle to Duna orbit from Duna surface To my understanding, based on IMIP (and Raptor9's EV-3), The Ascent module double as Earth return vehicle, hence the heat shield at the bottom of the command pod. Otherwise everything is limited to 2.5m in order to get it fit inside a Mk-3 Payload bay (There is a reason for that) The craft is as follow:
  14. But where's the craft files? (granted, it is easy to replicate)
  15. I bought mine at Dec 2013 steam sales. The DLC, even full price, is better than those from EA or OVK. As long as they don't do loot box and keys.