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  1. First off @5thHorseman great question. Too many threads begin with some variation of "don't you just hate..." and I feel like this game has been getting better and better all the time. When I found out the color of stock lights could be changed I was stoked. But when I double-clicked an IVA window and it zoomed in... Those little touches are what make this game the best! Jimbo
  2. Answered perfectly, thanks guys! Jimbo
  3. Hey all, been away from KSP for some time, glad to be back! My question is this: I keep seeing posts of cars, jeeps, and dune buggies where the vehicle has a tubular frame, like a roll cage. There are no parts attached, just a bare cage I'm wondering where people are getting these or if they're making it themselves. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance! Jimbo
  4. I'm only using ckan because I recently got a new computer and it makes it super easy to try different mods. I'm probably going to go back to manually installing everything one I figure out my prefect mix.
  5. I've been using CKan for the first time and noticing that some of the mods/plugins I want to use are not on the compatible list. I was wondering if CKan will throw a fit if I just slip them into the gamedata folder, any thoughts or previous experience would help greatly. Thanks in advance!
  6. Awesome, thanks for all the replies everybody! I'm going to get started on these downloads, lots of great ideas here. I'll report back with my observations if anyone's interested.
  7. So, you may have seen my post about 10 days ago in another part of the forum, regarding my amazing wife who just bought me a new PC from CyberPower. Well, it came via UPS today! Quick specs, Intel I7-6700 3.4ghz, 16gb ram, gtx1070 8gb ram. I'm looking for recommendations for this significant upgrade. Not just visual enhancements either(but bring em on), as an example: on my old machine I couldn't run RasterPropMonitor without dropping to less than 3 fps, so RPM will definitely be at the top of my list as I love IVA missions. I'm looking for any mod recommendations you may have. I'd especially love to see some of your reasons why you love certain mods vs similar mods or stock. Obviously KSP is known to get bottlenecked at the cpu meaning my new gtx1070 may not do as much as I expect, but I'm going to push this beast to its limit before I back down the throttle. Any mod recommendations for a top of the line PC would be most welcome!
  8. Here's my number one and two: Go Team Venture!
  9. @KerikBalm I will definitely be installing visual enhancements, along with a bunch of other mods that lag my pc way too much right now. Those photos you posted look absolutely gorgeous.
  10. If I had 85 mods on my current build, it would explode. I can't even run basic RPM right now unless I want 2 fps ... yes 2.
  11. I don't think they're lights. They look like drag and lift indicators from pressing F12 to show aerodynamic forces. If you press F12 again they should go away.
  12. Ran into this problem with a land train prototype. I was going to use claws to connect the cars, but couldn't get them to flex. Here's some imgur for you:
  13. Lols, she's too busy playing Pokemon Go right now to notice. Actually, we just bought a new 60" Samsung TV about a week ago, so maybe she thought she owed me one. She watches way more TV than I do. If you were intending some other subtle message, I am quite the cunning linguist, she will get plenty of buttering up.
  14. Doing these things already got me the new pc methinks. Actually, when we were still dating I started giving her all my money to hold on to, I'm terrible with impulse shopping. So I couldn't say where the money came from, it's magic! She did day I wouldn't get another computer for at least a decade, so you're pretty close there. 'Nuff said. Your wife rocks!
  15. Omg, I've been struggling to keep KSP alive on a old Dell Intel pentium dual core with 4 gb ram and 256mb vram in an on board gpu. Today my wife says out of the blue, "how would you like a new computer for that space game you play?" 2 hours later she orders me brand new CyberPowerPC Gamer Extreme VR: Intel I7-6700 3.4ghz quad core, 16gb ram, 2tb hdd, and the kicker: nvidia gtx 1070 8gb with room for a 2nd gpu if I want one. I always say my wife is the greatest woman in the galaxy, now I have proof!