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  1. Minmus Station Alpha. Currently has capacity of 22 Kerbals and is recycling as much as possible. Always has a couple scientists beavering away for the better of Kerbality
  2. I have built a couple series of launch vehicles. For lack of any creativeness on my part, they are the Alpha and Bravo series. Best part was launching them as seen below. Alpha Series 1.25m LV. Designed to get small payloads in to LKO. All recoverable using Stage Recovery and RealChutes. Left to right; Alpha 1 and Alpha 2. 2.5 Mg and 5Mg, respectively into 100km LKO. Engines by KW Rocketry. Bravo Series 2.5m LV. Designed to get Medium to heavy payloads into LKO. All recoverable using Stage Recovery and RealChutes. Left to right; Bravo 1 through 7. 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40Mg respectively into 100km LKO. Engines by KW Rocketry, SRBs by KW Rocketry and SpaceY. Charlie Series - 5m... In the works.
  3. Ok reading it that way makes a little more sense. I thought if they were not targeting to anything they would try and pick up something to link it's way back. I guess not.
  4. If I have two KR-7 that are with in range of each other, activated, set to "no target" and have line of sight should they not automatically connect?
  5. Neither do I any more. Not even sure why I started with it.
  6. FYI, I removed the Persistent Rotation Mod and it all works fine now.
  7. Doesn't happen with out MechJeb. If I turn off auto-warp, engage Jeb, wait for it to line up to the maneuver node, give a couple seconds to calm down, then turn on auto-warp, it's all happy.
  8. I've been having an issue with MechJeb since 1.2 came out. When I set up and maneuver node (manually or using Jeb) and hit execute, the ship rotates to the "maneuver" node an appears to stop. Time acceleration then kicks in, but the orientation of the ship starts to drift off of the node. It drops out of warp and moves back, goes into warp, but drifts again. Just keeps doing this, bouncing back and forth over the node and never kicks into warp properly. It does this maybe 20 times then finally settles and warps as normal. If I use SMARTASS and point it at the node and let it sit for a few seconds then hit execute it works fine. Any ideas?
  9. Has anyone tried KSP with the new MacBook Pros? It's time for an upgrade this year and I'm curious about the performance of the Radeon cards in them with KSP. Looking for constructive responses here, if you just going to bash the Mac or suggest a gaming PC(that is a possible option, but not my first choice), then please move along. Thanks.
  10. I'm having an issue and I'm not sure where the problem lays. I think it's in one of the three following Mods or maybe not, I'm not sure. Connected Living Spaces, CX Aerospace or Ship Manifest. I have a bunch of station pieces connected together but CLS doesn't seem to think I can transfer between them. I've double checked and I do have he active/passive combination of ports. In the pic below, it doesn't seem to think I can move Kerbs around through the side ports on the modules. Sure enough if I hyper edit it up to orbit, it tells me that transfer is blocked. Also, why do not all the modules show up in the connected living spaces dialog? As far as I know I'm running the most recent version of each Mod. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. That works great from truss to truss, but if you put one on the z-truss in that orientation the pins hit the surface below and won't mate. If you rotate them by 90 degrees on then they mate. Either way it figured out how to get it to work.
  12. Perfect. Thank you. I had the pins and holes in the right orientations, but the pins kept hitting what ever was behind because I discovered that I had them rotated off by 90 degrees. duh. Just assumed the orientation of the rectangle on the RTAS and on the truss should match. Thanks again for you help. It is much appreciated!
  13. Another stupid(ish) question re the RTAS. Which was is in and which way is out? it's pretty easy to tell with other ports. I assume holes go out on active one and pins go out on the passive?
  14. No worries. Wanted to make sure I wasn't completely crazy in not being able to find it. Real life has a nasty habit of getting in the way. Will give the no SAS a try too. Couple other questions I haven't been able to figure out. Is there a best practice as to which vessel should have the active and passive? As far as I can tell from looking at some RL examples and the descriptions of the parts, it seems the active is always on the "station" or facing out and the docking vessel (whether it be a ship or another component being installed) has the passive. What is the intended difference between the APAS and the CBM and how come the Z1 True has it's own specific CBM, is that so no opens the hatch into the void?
  15. Any word on this guide? I've look around for it but can't find it. I've messed around with it for 1/2 and hour and can't get them to mate. I know it's Active/Passive as the were already connected and I just undocked, backed away a bit and am trying to redock again to try them out. Are they compatible with Docking Port Alignment Indicator mod? it works fairly well but the velocity vector goes all squirly when you get close. like it should be up and to the right rather than centred for perfect alignment. They are stuck together magnetically but just won't mate. It looks like the pins are hitting the holes, but again, just not mating. Any help would be appreciated. Love this mod BTW keep up the great work!