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  1. Where is the badge for the fastest plane challenge?


  2. The challenge expired today. I had the fastest entry in proper form. Can I please have a badge?
  3. Wow. So far I have the fastest entry
  4. How obsolete was my second entry when I made it?
  5. Are you allowed to drop the plane off another plane? The first plane will carry it up and it will go from there
  6. Granted. The lock button locks it for a thousand years. I wish for a perfectly cooked waffle.
  7. I thought I had a good entry D:
  8. I have a new and even faster entry: The Fletchette Top Speed = 1,537 Meters Per Second (in the mesosphere) Brief description and/or history = A plane based on the concept that bigger isn't always better. Engines = 1 Whiplash Proof = I hope no one can beat this
  9. Is part clipping allowed?
  10. I'm making a second entry at this second.
  11. The sweet sound of Kevin Macleod
  12. What does the badge look like? And what's this "Manta Ray"?
  13. What does the badge look like?

    1. Secret Agent Kirrim

      Secret Agent Kirrim

      The badge will most likely be blue and feature some sort of plane zooming across a picture of Kerbin.

  14. The golden kerbal naturally is huge so I resized it so it's about 4 lines of text tall. Also, I bet I could make this thing go a bit faster by taking fuel out. EDIT: double click the picture and make it 100 px tall
  15. How did I do? I didn't need to have re-entry heating off .