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  1. I wonder how many people are irritated by the fact that it's called radar and not sonar.
  2. I must be blind because I don't see a download link
  3. So far I haven't made a working helicopter and you'll see why in the following pictures The propeller blades always break and fly off creating what looks to be a horrifying tornado When I tried it with the relay inside, the kraken attacked and the shaft of the helicopter glitched out of its holder.(no pictures for this) Here's a look inside the propeller (and whats inside the fairing)
  4. My relay can fit inside a mk 3 container but do I have to use one?
  5. Can someone give me the link to the version of SM Marine that works in 1.3? (if some other person made a working version)
  6. I wish all of you with luck and hopes that the kraken leaves you alone.
  7. Go to the github for it. There is a patch for 1.3.
  8. 1.3 compatibility?
  9. Where do I find it?
  10. 1.3 compatibility?
  11. Maybe I should throw a 10 degree ramp at the end of the runway to help out my brother even more than the slope
  12. 1.3 compatibility?
  13. I guess I'll just have to throw a missile guidance unit on a small rocket with rcs or reaction wheels or thrust vectoring