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  1. Haha, you should add a TM next to Eventually. Fun story, was goofing around with the Buff and Heisenberg the other day... I can't build airships (yet), but these are some cool things man. It's been since 1.0.4 or 5 since I used Buffalo. Big improvement to a system that already worked well. Thanks. I like that I don't need to strap a 2.5m teetering Science Lab to the flat deck anymore. Bob kept crashing my prototype science rovers anytime he took a grade steeper than 2 %. (He got his licence from a box of Kerb-PopsTM).
  2. If memory serves, the Mini was about a 2 ton max, or basically the heaviest part from the KSO Space Station Pack/whatever you can cram into the cargobay. The Super 25 had about a 12 ton(?) payload I believe. Using the testing patches, the largest payload so far was about 10-11 tons, which to me was perfect based on the size. With that one, I've been able to launch some pretty bulky parts, ranging from the smaller SETI greenhouse, pieces from Orbital Material Science, and for no really good reason, a large Near Future fuel tank full of lithium (12 tons I believe). The test patches do work, but in orbit, the shuttles are kind of squirrely when it comes to stability, especially the Mini. The current versions have both shutlles with tricked out reaction wheels, and it helps, but only really on ascent and descent.... under some circumstances, you'll use a dung ton of RCS fuel just to dock.... Reasons why I haven't shared any current patch files here: As for the pitch issue you mentioned, yeah, the ETs get hit hard by Atmo drag in 1.2.2. It's best (even without the patches) if you actually do the intitial 10-15 degree pitch back at 1000m, and then (mostly) let gravity do the rest as described in the pdf that is in the downloads. If you stray too far from prograde your ET will become a ginormous (haha no spellcheck flag on that last word) sail/airbrake and "you won't be going to space today".
  3. Apparently you need some Autostrut and KJR love
  4. First... haha yeah, I don't usually make that kind of an ugly grammar mistake. That kind of mistake costs me a contract or a few thousand dollars in the real world. Well, now that 2 of us are playing around with patch making (note: I am a complete rookie) hopefully something will come out soon (Trademark). Since two of us are working on them, and I am getting feedback from Nazari as needed, this means that something that is "1.2.2 stable" is more likely. The patches that Deimos Rast built are good, but not close to "Release into the wild" ready (yet). As mentioned above, SAS, and stability on general should be addressed. If you have any suggestions, please share so that I or someone else can try to make some kind of a patch and then test it. *Deliberate space* I am doing some research too... again, hopefully having 2 users working on getting these birds flying again will bear fruit.
  5. Well, with or without RPM this is a great mod. Thanks @ nertea!
  6. In a clean install (only this mod installed - no others) I cannot replicate this error. In fact, I have not found anything yet that will not make it work in 1.2.2. I was fooling around with it for about 30 mins in the the VAB, doing different things with both the individual parts, and with the craft file, and no issues whatsoever. One thing: You'll need to attach the engines individually, no grouping (2/4/6 engines) is possible on any of the stages. BUT when building it from scratch, it seemed that the parts went together easier if you have the command pod dragged up at least 3/4 of the way to the VAB ceiling. Oh, and I am now adding this to my current save!!
  7. @nightingale I just had Contract configurator throw this error at me as I loaded my save.... Fortunately I backed it up... sometime ago lol, but any idea what happened? If it makes a difference, I had just installed Kerbal SlingShotter - Reslung, TRP Hire, and Janitor's Closet. This save has many (many) other mods, but it was working well before I installed these 3. Thanks and keep up the great work! EDIT: Removed TRP Hire and SlingShotter, and the save loads. Will try with each of those added individually in a bit.
  8. Groovy. I'll try to make sure I don't send out a craft file from that install then. Thanks!
  9. Re Capt Hunt's post and your answer: I also looked through the logfile. I (think) I found the issue to be something at my end actually. For whatever reason, I sent a craft file from my modded install (uses TAC-LS). I also sent some patches from that install to Hunt. So I resent the files from the stock save that I have been using to try to get the KSO shuttles to fly again. That issue has so far not reappeared. My best guess (probably not a good one) is that a craft file from an install that has TAC-LS can include resources from that save, and put them (and their masses) into a save that doesn't have TAC-LS, but does have CRP? Does that scan?
  10. I have been using the Seahawk extensively these last few days.... LOVE IT!!!! Basically any time I try to land a shuttle from a >10 degree inclined orbit.... So far, 3 rescue missions and no fatalities! I did alter the position of the main landing gear though.... I am still having trouble doing a vertical landing, so I end up trying to land like a regular plane, and smucking up the gear .... I'll post a screenshot the next time I am in KSP.
  11. I like that lander design! My last 2 missions with rovers attached ended with one ditching the rover and experiment pack on descent (unbalanced profile) and the other ended with 2 omelets-for-kerbals into the side of the hills near the Memorial.
  12. @AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures I think I am still using 0.5 or so, but man, it looks good.... at least from the tracking station! I am still a long way off from sending anything out to Valentine, even if I did move it to 4 LY from Kerbin (thanks for that fix by the way). I am hoping to try out the Slingshotter mod and see how many gravity assists I can make to get my Koyager I and II probes out that way.... but they only just left Kerbin, so it will be a while! At the speed they're going, I might have KSPI-E warp technology before they get there! :).... Have some ideas on that though...
  13. Ooooohhhhhhh DRAT!!!!! Looks like I'm going to have to lock myself away during my wife's hen-par..... I mean the baby shower we're hosting tomorrow....
  14. Welcome to the forums! Glad to have you hear! Your question will be best answered if you start reading from here and read through up to your post. That way you'll be up to speed.