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  1. Follow instructions in post directly above yours. I believe doing that will best answer your questions. Angel does a very good job with the guide therein
  2. @Noud Probably best to use the forum search to find them. As @Jas0n said, there was a (generally civil) debate regarding these. Do a quick forum search for that thread, and you'll be able to find the accepted formats for these. The two users before me who obviously think and type faster than me further outline some issues regarding them, that's you @TheRagingIrishman and @Tex_NL That said, I have fooled around a good bit with Chaka Monkey Exploration Systems which is by all definitions presented in the debate what a mod pack should be. However, it is not ready for 1.3 (yet). They will announce 1.3 compatibility when it's ready. So, take a look for what your looking for, and if you do find some mod packs, see if they are presented in their Opening Post in a way similar to that of Chaka. While not by definition a "Mod Pack", KSP Interstellar Extended is almost an entirely new way to play, and is 1.3 ready. Like the Irishman said though, asking in a new thread which mods work well together, will likely get the biggest response from the community.
  3. I have no info regarding the development of the EX as I have never been involved in that project. It would be unwise and inappropriate for me to comment on it.
  4. Haha um... nope. Thank you. Now that I can use screens for more than 10 seconds at a time, I have the category patches complete for everything except the vehicles. Sorry, still no love for them yet. There is other work happening too, and not just by me (more technical than what I can currently do), so we're not there yet. From what I can see it's a bunch of small details that are somewhat tricky to resolve.
  5. lol I actually eneded up permanently deleting that entire install a few days ago That's what I get for not labelling my installs on my desktop very clearly.
  6. Thank you!!
  7. I haven't moved into 1.3 yet, except for some testing of one mod suite. But if I ever do get into 1.3 with my career save, I'll let you know!
  8. Take as much time as you need. Thank you.
  9. Sweet! Gonna try this out when I eventually swing into 1.3. Are you going to look at picking up another pack or two of severedsolo's?
  10. Ok. I'll get that for you later today/tonight. Still have another 3 hrs of jackhammering to do
  11. Correct. Tried both the Spacedock and Github downloads from the OP. No joy. But so far I'm doing ok by using images from the forums and internet in general to teplicate the various payloads. I haven't started to make some launch vehicles though. Not at my laptop now, but I'm pretty sure the N1 launch vehicle loads correctly.
  12. @Beale , while working on my last space station design in KSP 1.2.2, I was looking for some trusses that would work out to something similar to the ISS. Naturally after grabbing Hab Tech, CX Aerospace, and a few others I can't remember, the trip down that rabbit hole lead me to Tantares . So of course I grabbed Tantares LV, because why not, right? I have a question: I seem to be unable to load any of the Tantares (regular or LV) craft files, they all have a popup window in the SPH/VAB that says "Cannot load vessel. The following parts are missing:" And on many of the craft files, the list of missing parts is quite long. Using the forum search in this thread I have not found an answer... Do you have any thoughts?
  13. I'm actually fairly sure that in my 1.2.2 KSP that the Greenhouses work.... but I can't check until late tomorrow night, (erm in around 18 hours ) But I'll check regardless. @Angel-125 Unrelated to your mod suite, but have you ever loaded a vessel (station) after leaving it for a good 20-40 days and find that one (or more) of your solar panels have just disappeared/just have the stub that holds the whole thing? When you Rclick on said part, the context menu just says "Part is broken" or similar. I ask here because I remember the Great Command Chair Escape Episode a few pages back and am thinking maybe it's related? Either way can you recommend some ways to track down the issue? I have gone through the last log it happened in and I couldn't find anything that said " X-part has disappeared/broken/krakened/ just because KSP doesn't like you" or similar - at least I didn't find something that stood out. If you want to look at a log, I'm in the process of trying to replicate it and not forget about it.
  14. Started to work on my next station for my current save and here is the first screenshot 20 minutes into building: I think I have a few too many mods....