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  1. Quick little update, my first iteration of an "SEV-Test bed" (named the Kelley) suffered catastrophic rapid unplanned disassembly on ascent - apparently 2 Nervas are not enough to gain orbital velocity after (really big) SRB separation. The Kelley II is under construction, with some modifications to the launcher core - read MOAR BOOSTERS!!! Here is what it was supposed to look like: And here is what it looked like upon C.R.U.D. And now Imgur will not upload images again? What is with them? Holy ^%$#@!!!!!!!
  2. @Nertea, I find when looking at plans and trying to figure out what the engineer/architect intended with "the little tiny room/detail that has not been given anywhere in the Specs or other drawings, and has no measurements in any sane location on said plans", (read bug hunting ) that a scotch or two (or beer or whatever your poison) tends to make the labourious task that much more enjoyable! Cheers! Bug hunting now!
  3. @ xeldrak Alright sounds fair enough. I hear through the rumor mill that Kerbodyne and Rockomax have joined forces on a competing design, a 2 Kerbal design. If free return needs to hit atmosphere, that definitely does not count as one. My Pe was about 140 km or so. Ok thanks for the clarification. Armstrong V and VI are already in the works (V will launch significantly later than VI due to construction lead time changes, and Space Lab 01 running out of LS at one point....
  4. Very well done!
  5. I started designing my DSEV for some Duna/Jool/OPM missions (getting sooooo close in my career)... I'll post some pics once I get home tomorrow (DJing for the Reserves tonight..... and tomorrow morning )
  6. Yeah. I usually bury a small inline RW at the back of the cargo bay and clip it back into the body, just enough that you can see it but don't loose much in the way of usable payload space.
  7. @sdj64 I am working on my final (ish) design of my ship for the Jool 5 attempt. Now that @Angel-125 has done his rebalance of his DSEV mod, would ships containing parts from that mod now qualify? I am pretty sure the Viper engines may not, but I can get around that.
  8. The ones from spacedock are the most current. There is a small group of us with some patches that make the orbiters "mostly work" in 1.2.x. Nazari (mod maintainer) has those too. The big thing to figure out right now (I think) is the best way to maintain shuttle stability on ascent. For the most part, they're both mostly stable. Sometimes having the booster's gimbals switch off and on at different parts of ascent via action groups sometimes helps. Landings are vastly improved, especially dependent on user skill though. Orbital maneuvering, well it's fairly par for the course when compared to other vehicles with off set thrust....
  9. Nothing new from the couple of us testing them. I am trying to track down a visual (maybe?) bug with the wing control surfaces on both orbiters - upon ET separation, the roll and pitch controls get visually swapped (Dauntless) or just don't reflect the inputs of the user (Super 25). They both still fly (the test versions) so not like it's a game breaker. The Dauntless' issue can be band-aided in orbit by sliding the two control authority controls to opposite ends. A (hacky) solution, but if someone has a way of making it never happen, even better. One thing I'd like to do, school permitting, is go through the part files to get some of them to appear in the new categories in the VAB. Low on the list though....
  10. edit: oops wrong thread
  11. *puts away big-whacking-stick-for-silly-question-asker * Looking good as always. Looks like I've got to "try" to do a speed run through my current career so that I can use this pack in my next one. Can't wait to see what happens when I combine this pack with a couple others!
  12. K. Sold. I want haz dirigible for my ride to work every day