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  1. Ivan as in, the kerbal, who has unfortunate incidents.
  2. You are reusing Ivan from the Alien Skies, hilarious. Also I expect full Val awesomeness in the next chapter when she aero-breaks with the main capsule, without parachutes and heatshield.
  3. I have always believed that Jeb and Val are brother and sister, which makes sense since they have the exact same traits. So if there are going to be anyone "hooking up", it would be Bob and Val since Bob is actually intelligent and Bill's intelligence is negligible.
  4. When I first went to jool, and landed on poll and bop, with Interstellar-Extended.
  5. So, The kerbulans won and killed a dozen kerbfleet pilots, destroyed their ships, and ended the life of the USS Enterprise? I am really tempted to pull out the pitchforks.
  6. What do you call a car that is out of gas? A stationary wagon. What do you call that same car when its selling goods? A stationary store. What do you call a window with no glass? A hole. What do you call a boomerang that doesn't come back? A stick. does this fit the bill?
  7. Just yesterday I caught my first asteroid. It was a C class asteroid with only 125 tons of ore inside of it. But i did it! I thought it was going to be difficult to rendezvous with it. Wrong. I thought I would be difficult to attach to it. Wrong. Finally, I thought I would be easy to shift its orbit. STRIKE OUT!
  8. I was so surprised when I noticed an asteroid inside kerbin's sphere of influence, when I started tracking it in the tracking station I realized that it was orbiting kerbin. The next thing I know I assemble an asteroid mover without solar panels and reaction wheels. A VERY bad idea indeed. I of course turned on infinite electricity but turning to preform burn was Agonizing. long story short I managed to claw the asteroid and close its orbit closer to kerbin, I say closer because I forgot to aim for the center of mass when I clawed the asteroid. But I didn't let that get in my way for I had finally caught an asteroid. I soon sent up a probe full of rsc ports and reaction wheels and solar panels. It was easier rendezvousing with the asteroid and clawing it at the center of mass. The probe still had its transfer stage, a poodle and a large 2.5 meter tank. I attempted to do a retrograde burn at the near periapsis, the nav-ball became a mess but I ignored it. The next warp to the periapsis crashed me into the planet. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But then, i quit, then when I reloaded the game, the asteroid was still alive with the asteroid catcher.
  9. Well, I mean, the goal of this series was to show your journeys to duna and eve and the Jool five mission. Check It was also to show how awesome a writer you are. Check Finally, it provided most of the community with an awesome time reading your stories. Check Then you tried to make it interesting by adding some combat, which is fine but it corrupted the story and made the story all about the combat, not the missions. Honestly, stock ksp combat isn't very entertaining, if you have BD Armory installed, combat would be better, but it wouldn't have helped the story along at well because the series was supposed to be stock and you installing a battle mod would have had terrible results. So yes, it got a bit long, I used to read all of Kerbfleet, but as soon as you started writing the combat stuff, I signed off. I periodically looked at it but it lost my interest. But if you ever want to do a story using a planet pack, that would be great. Like Gallieo's planet pack, why not that? By the way, this is not criticism, I am just speaking my mind, and I want to congratulate you coming up with such a great story in the first place.
  10. Nothing beats attaching solid rocket boosters(the most KERBAL boosters) to a SSTO, (which is the most KERBAL plane) to exceed supersonic speeds(which also very KERBAL), to go to space (which is the most kerbal of all of the above) Basically, RATO SSTOs is the most kerbal you can get.
  11. I flew a spaceplane to minmus(launched from an SSTO rocket) with one hitch. The wings where upside down. Bill! You dared to forget to flip the wings around in the VAB! You dratted engineer. Well, using alot of rsc, I manged to land on minmus and return to kerbin. Imgur pictures below.
  12. The Falcon Heavy uses two side boosters, so onion staging, but what is the difference between onion staging or asparagus staging.
  13. Here is a picture of my RATO SSTO
  14. like this?
  15. Stage 1: When I learned not to build with 3.75 meter parts for a small,orbital mission. Stage 2: When I learned to cram engines in a small space Stage 3: When I learned how to dock Stage 4: When I learned how to encounter another planet beyond kerbin Stage 5: When I learned how to beat the career mode Stage 6: Lost favour with Jebidiah and started using Val for important missions (Still haven't reached this point completely) These can be completed in any order, though happened to me in this order.