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  1. Thanks, I got it back up and running, hopefully chapters will continue on course.
  2. My GPO save file has been corrupted so maybe I could join. Maybe.
  3. My save file has just been corrupted, how I do not know.
  4. BLAST EVERYTHING! My save file has been corrupted and some how, everything is lost. This is what I think killed my save file: Yes, my computer is crap. NOOOOOO!
  5. Great job! I myself am using Kerbalism, and I plan to visit every body in the GPO solar system. I'll be sure to take a couple things from this.
  6. Chapter 7: A Little Too Much Like Mint Ice Cream So sorry for the delay. This week will also be devoid of chapters probably because I am going to visit some friends on Monday.
  7. you use imgur, that is how you do it
  8. Chapter 6: "We're in Hell Jeb, Everyone is."
  9. In that picture, it is Bob and Val fist pumping. Jeb is in the LM readying for departure to the Mun's surface. This doesn't change my view that Jeb and Val are twins. It just shows that Val has a thing for wimpy, intelligent scientists.
  10. Could us a list of who's playing?
  11. Chapter 5: The Gollogical Expedition
  12. I have being reading his books since last year. I know the kraken is released, but still it doesn't hurt to scream it at the kerbal.
  13. Will this poor graduate student release the Kraken!? PLEASE! DON'T RELEASE THE KRAKEN! he'll kill you..........are you even listening to me!?
  14. Gamelinx, it is nothing to do with the mod. The mod is one of the most wonderful I have ever seen. I'm just in one of those KSP downs. Well, there was one issue which started it all. There was a mess-up in the map mode which killed Bob. I quicksaved before hand, but it was before landing beforei got into orbit of Nightmare so I redid everything. And this time, I accidentally crashed into Nightmare. It took another roughly six tries before I got Bob back and a good hour. That was what started it. What finished it was I, using KAS and KIS, managed to accidentally detach the top of my rocket instead of the lights I put on. I had no quicksave. That's why I'm slightly out of KSP right now.
  15. I watch your future career with considerable interest Here's some hints that I found out. Not all of these might apply to you or could be wrong, since I'm not the most experienced author out there, but I daresay I'm fine. I hope these hints are helpful. If you want help, just message me and I'll reply