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  1. Well, no offense but most people don't want to hear about these things. Everybody here can do what you did. Post about things that others CAN'T do, then you will get some rep. I'll give you some rep for trying to make you name here, just stun me with how awesome your accomplishment is later.
  2. Pretty good, just try to write in active voice more often. Usually helps. You can edit your topic title to include the chapter you are on, just to clarify you posted something related to the story. By the way, how do you create the little bar underneath each post with a personal motto? I would love if I could make one like that.
  3. Chapter 14: The Race Good fortune awaits those who work. This was painful getting this out, but its worth it.
  4. Chapter 13: The Manned Program This might be the last chapter for a while. Sorry about it but life is life
  5. Which is worse, Gilly or Lili?
  6. Chapter 12: The Mun or Else...... Unfortunately, I am very far ahead in the story in the game so I'm just going to breeze through about 8 launches in this chapter and the next, then I'll be back to one launch per chapter.
  7. Chapter 11: In the Highlands of Kerbin Sorry for the shorter chapter, RL becoming a problem again because of the promise of guests next week. I'll try to get one, maybe two more chapters during the weekend to make up for this intrusion.
  8. Don't worry, a few days without computer will HELP you, not harm you.
  9. Chapter 10: A New Partner
  10. Or the one most like the Mun. I think that Dres isn't real and Dres landings are faked by landing on the far side of the Mun. Just to get a load of credits and reputation. Boo Dres. But, try your best to land on the far side of the Mun.
  11. Chapter 9: Progression(s)
  12. I have just recently started a story, and in it Probadobadyne is lead by Bill and is named after the Kreek god of Productivity. Anyone else like to relate their ideas about where these companies come from?
  13. I say about 8 min. I have heavily modded my install and my computer isn't the fastest.......
  14. I was sending a prototype base to the surface of the Mun to meet up with the first part of the base. I was so happy with my self when I had started my suicide burn into the Mun. Thanks Kerbal Engineer! Then I looked away for a moment then corrected my trajectory towards the base. Then the most unexpected thing happened. I LANDED ON MY OWN BASE! Debris was everywhere, as well as my mind. I started laughing madly, then reloaded the landing. I'll try not to be as precise next time.
  15. Chapter 8: An Advanced Start I case you are wondering. I have started a new career mode game which I use Tantares ALOT. I mean, its my favorite mod other than KSPI-E or USI. But there is a catch.....I have cheated my way to about the three hour point in the game, but this was a week ago. That is why there has been no pictures. I hope that the pictures will pick up through these few chapters, though I can not assure you that the pictures will continue. Also, chapters are going to come and go pretty fast.