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  1. How long does it take for the second version of your lander to return to Kerbin (in real life time)? Thanks for your help guys!
  2. noooo... I just finished updating my mods .... oh well... New content!! YAYAY!
  3. Thxs!
  4. I'm not at ksp right now so no pics (will post later today or over the weekend if I can) but my lander is a mk2 command pod,heatshield,1 medium sized rockomax fuel tank (can never remember the names). Around this is 4 radially attached small rockomax tanks with decoupler. The middle stack has a mainsail engine and the four detachable drop tanks have poodle engines. I have fuel lines going from the 4 drop tanks to the main engine. On each fuel tank there are at least 2 drogue chutes and 2 regular, and there is 1 parachute on the command pod.
  5. ok thxs!
  6. yay thanks you! since you included material bay I'm going to assume that you are using the mk1 lander can? if so do you think replacing the material bay with a crew cabin would affect it much? I want to bring 3 of my kerbals with me if possible (if not I'll happily settle for 1 kerbal).
  7. hi guys! For my first ever interplanetary mission (not including the one where I managed to fly past eeloo due to a failed trip to Minimus ... don't ask) I want to go to Duna! But.... I cant figure out how to build a lander . All my test landers cant even get into orbit around kerbin. I would prefer if I could get to Duna and back without needing to dock (refueling it ok though) but I wont care if its a 1 way trip since its my first time. Anyone have any tips/examples for a basic dune lander? I am playing in sandbox so science parts do not matter. Thxs!
  8. Hi guys! a few days ago I installed both KIS and KAS via CKAN. Now, whenever I open up KSP, all the little kerbals on the loading screen carry tiny little electric drills and backpacks . Val even has a chunk of C4!!!! I hope this is intentional, because it is very funny and cute . Pics for proof
  9. yay! thxs! to start out I might go with @Foxster's idea of just going on eva and leaving the empty command behind.
  10. ok thxs! this is all going to be in sandbox, so science/money/parts are no problem for me .
  11. ok thxs!
  12. Thxs @GoSlash27 @Starman4308 and @draalo! 1 question though. Do any of these planets require maunervour nodes? if so I need to learn those too .
  13. uhh..... not sure what any of it that means... srry . The only docking I've done is when building a station with EPL. I spawned the part via the orbital dock, moved the station so the things lined up, then moved them again till the magnet took over... This entire save is sandbox also. I don't like science mode or career right now till I figure out the perfect combo of mods for me.
  14. Hi guys! I know this has been asked thousands, maybe even millions of times, but the most recent post of this that I could find (via Google) was from 2013, and I'm not sure if anything's changed since then. I would like to go beyond minimus, but I'm not sure where to go. Docking for me is absolutely impossible, unless its on the ground and can be done via either rovers or KIS/KAS. No matter what planet I go to, I plan on bringing an unmanned sat with me (for comnet) and a 1 man lander. I'd prefer it if I could return, since I'm playing with USI LS, but since I have turned off the death penalty for running out food, I won't mind as much if I cant do it. I know EVE has less delta-v requirements then Duna, but I also know that EVE is almost impossible to leave from, especially if you miss the land and hit water. The only places I have visited in KSP are the Mun and Minimus, but I have also returned from both. Simply put without the big box of text above, I would like to know if I should go to EVE, Duna, or somewhere else all together.
  15. both pilot and engineer. I like flying stuff, but I've grown very,very attached to my Kerbals, so if there is a craft that can quite possibly result in their death by either kabooms or by stranding them somewhere (I play with USI LS, so no food=death), said craft will never leave the ground while it is being manned. if the craft is unmanned however, I don't care what happens .