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  1. @Scientia1423 and @DMSP already rebooted it once I think, and it promptly evolved into the community space program . (not sure if its the same one or not). link is over here :
  2. this is looking cool! For the seven part rule @Galacticvoyager, if you need RCS you should use detachable tugs like @Ultimate Steve mentioned. This means you can have 2 RCS tanks. with the RCS blocks attached to them, not the module, and after docking the module just jettison the two tugs so that you can have them either become debris or you/someone else can bring it back into the atmosphere so it will burn up.
  3. Could I design stuff and give you the craft files off of kerbalx, and you guys fly em out where they go? I would but I currently do not posses the skills toget past minimus . Stuff I would design and test on either Kerbin, Mun or Minimus: rovers planes small lifters for getting stuff to orbit landers for the colony ship (hyperedit is my friend when it comes to testing these ). random other bibs and bobs for fun.
  4. is this a continuation of the CSS made by @Scientia1423?
  5. if the stock game came preinstalled with a refueling station, it would defeat the challenge of building one your self, which is what makes the game (for me at least) fun. It would also stop you from being able to make it "your station" since it would be identical to everyone all the time, it would not be unique.
  6. yay it got pinned!
  7. .1. oh ok lol. 2. we need to stop redacting things in rapid succession .
  8. oooh ok. I redact all that has been said then . I thought it was just a random video showing that the orbit was possible. (I'm still new to all the terminology, so I don't exactly know what a synchronous orbit is, but since that was the main point of the discussion I put in what little I knew, which was obviously not enough lol. Google time!).
  9. oh ok. I changed my idea. 1. he takes the station thingy off from minimus (or from somewhere else), and flies it into a really low orbit (but it might* not have been synchronous). 2. waits till it is in physics range 3. does the gif . * emphasis on the word might
  10. given that his "Station" had an engine strapped to the bottom and a huge fuel tank, I'm thinking he did something like this: 1. launches the station from the surface and flies it so that it skims the top of the minimus flats without making it actual orbit (he might of gone on an a super low escape trajectory). 2. waits till the station is in physics range 3. does what he shows inside the gif. Given that the station was moving so fast and so low, and he was able to match the speed perfectly, I'm thinking it wasn't a space station, but infact it was a rocket that took off form the surface of minimus with a low altitude and high speed. I've done similar things with rovers and biome hoppers looking for easter eggs from about 500m up. I have not done anything that size though, and I never thought of even trying to match my speed with another moving vehicle. I agree though that it seems impossible to make an orbit with that much precision with game physics. (unless he modded his game with korpernius to make it possible ??)
  11. yay! Now to just fix my CKAN issue to get my mods back .