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  1. It not that I don't like landing the rocket, just the Launchpad is confusing on how to land it while its extended. For the actual base, I first launched a simple mining rig with just ore tanks, then a second building with the regular stock fuel tanks and ISRU. Next came the stuff needed to make metal for EPL, and then finally came the Launchpad. I will connect the three buildings together with KIS and KAS, but it wont let me attach anything to my Launchpad, and I couldn't attach anything to it in the VAB .
  2. For small things like space stations (a.k.a a command pod and some food that never gets deorbited ) and mun landers, till it works . For BIG things like my new mother ship I'm building out of many mods and lots of parts? Uhh... I cant remember when I actually started building it..... was it 3 months ago, or maybe it was 4..... I really need to put a timestamp on these things
  3. oh.. I'm just using hyperedit its easier, quicker and seems more fun . I got the Launchpad on the mun with a mining rig nearby, but I cant attach docking ports are KIS ports to it anywhere .
  4. We will do want we have always done on the forums when new content is released that doesn't fit in the current sub forums (like for discussing the 1.2 prelease) Make a new sub forum just for that one purpose, and then watch as the moderators run around moving threads to their correct spot every time a new member joins and doesn't understand .
  5. I managed to land the Launchpad on the mun... but realized I cant attach anything to it, not even docking ports . How do I attach stuff to the launch pad to the rest of my mining rig I'm launching?
  6. lol. I wonder if Spock would find humor in this.. He'd find it to be a logical mistake .
  7. I'm already doing something similar. Since the Launchpad is hard to land on the mun (I am bad at landing an mk1 command pod ) I'm hyper editing enough stuff to small things, like a rover, some LS supplies, etc., then going to (after extensive practice) land more Kerbals, etc. nearby and start up a colony connected by either KIS/KAS or one of the mods that let craft share a resource pool like from @RealGecko (since this is my first base of any kind, I am not sure how many KIS/KAS struts my PC can take.
  8. wait... a converatron can refill greenhouses?? YAAYYYY!!!
  9. I have only a few things I ever care about in my ships. 1: They keep the Kerbal alive. This is a must. Whether or not I'm playing with LS installed (which I do a lot) the Kerbals must NOT DIE. This can range from having elaborate and overpowered escape pods on my stations that will never be used, or having a simple yet effective ejector seat on my test shuttles that will always be used . 2: I build everything for purpose. I really don't care how stuff looks. This lets me have almost total freedom building, since it doesn't matter what it looks like so long as it gets my guys to where they are going alive and well. 3: Must be prepared for everything. This one ties in with number 1. All my ships can have the cockpit and any extra crew modules eject from the main shuttle and land on Kerbin, the Mun and Minimus independent of the rest of the shuttle (I don't have the ability to leave that area yet, so no worry about crash landing on Duna ), and include up to 300 days of supplies for each Kerbal (LS thing) for my Kerbals to survive on the planet till rescue arrives. 3 Continued: If I happen to need to eject the crew into space, they also have RCS included in order to help rendezvous with the rescue ship, and let the Kerbals EVA out and over to the rescue ship (I play sandbox so I don't need to worry about tourists). Finally, in the event that my ship somehow gets stuck somewhere that I don't have the experience to rescue from (like orbit around the sun) then..... well... actually, I haven't figured out a contingency plan for that one yet.... eep! back to the drawing board!!
  10. don't forget the addition of the asteroid redirect mod that they are making fully stock!
  11. I am right now going to put an EPL Launchpad at my small mining base (I'm using hyperedit for this one part only... its annoying to fly ) and then from there launching rovers and such for my Mun base. I don't like colony mods that require lots of work like MKS, but I have USI LS (need to fix it though) PBS and Deepfreeze which is enough "colony" for me. Combine these with Hanger and EPL and I can build a functional useful base .
  12. I think the only way to do that is either moding your game, or to just turn off CommNet. I play with CommNet on constantly, so I'm not sure.
  13. oh ok good . thxs also for anyone interested, here is a 1.2 ejector seat and parachute mod made by linuxgamer!
  14. so.... I am confused... with 1.3 be a pay to get update or is this a separate expansion pack that is pay to get? (I can live with the second option , not very interested in the expansion pack to begin with.
  15. I installed USI LS, PBS and feline utility rovers. I have only LS supplies/recyclers/containers from the feline utility rovers mod . All of the mechanics for LS are working fine, but none of the parts are in the editor. I got all 3 via ckan. Do I need to reinstall them? Note: I have not checked on a clean save yet. I had to reinstall everything in order to upgrade from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2, so this is for my save that was started in 1.2.1.