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  1. yay! @Kottabos did a review of this mod!
  2. Could you add configs so that USI LS works without MKS? (not sure if this is already true or not ).
  3. Is there a way to take the temporary maps, and just make them the new permanent maps?
  4. the calculation for delta-v (and other fun facts) can be found here on the wiki .
  5. 10/10 hypnotic.
  6. EULA? what EULA? I don't see any EULA.... oh wait.
  7. Yes, but only at high tech levels (perhaps have part that lets you enable them, but without the piece you don't have the readouts?). I think that if you had the readout from the very beginning it would take the fun and challenge out of the game. There is nothing better (that I've experienced ) then being able to figure out the exact deltaV requirements (taking into account refueling) to go from Kerbin, then to Minimus, and then all the way back to Kerbin on the third try. If I were to have a deltaV count, I would've done on try number 1, which, while slightly more exciting, would've take the fun of trial and error away (and all my kabooms ).
  8. I used to use mechjeb before I found KER, and from what I could find mechjeb did not tell me about heat for the different parts. (This could also be due to the fact that it took me 3 days to figure out how to open mechjeb in the first place, and so maybe I just didn't look in the right spots).
  9. If your willing to install 1 extra mod, you can get KER which is mechjeb minus the autopilot + more info. @A_name is also correct about getting it into Kerbin orbit.
  10. @TheEpicSquared I regret to inform you I am having problems uploading my craft. I will try to upload it later. I have also lost interest in doing this sadly for now, though later I may return. I am very very sorry. .
  11. For now I'm definitely not doing launchers (the only launchers I know how to build either look unrealistic or use the big orange tank... so first iterations are out ). I can do PP if you like .
  12. yayay! that is exactly perfect for me!! thank you!!
  13. does the part require to be in orbit though? (I know absolutely zip about coding ).
  14. Hi guys! sadly I wont be joining this after all... I reread the instructions and realized that none of the rockets I am able to build count toward realism . Sorry .