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  1. is there a major difference between notepad (which I have by default on my pc) and notepad++?
  2. Bows down to the master of helicopters (and murderer of my computer lol) awesome!!
  3. I have edited the basic stock parts before. I would like to create a bunch of new mk2 and m1k parts for space use, like rovers, rockets etc.. (anything but planes really) what config files would be easiest to use to make a mk2 cockpit? It the first part I'm going to try and do (seems easiest). Also, are there any specific programs needed for part making other then a program like MS word or notepad and KSP it self? Thanks!
  4. USI rescue pack has a bunch of airbags and flotation devices, both inline and radial. They work great for small payloads like 1 man diving bells. I haven't used the for anything else so not sure how well it works for bigger payloads.
  5. Hi guys! I would like to start trying to make my own basic parts for KSP. I know almost 0% of c# (I only started learning over the weekend). Is there a way to take preexisting part config files from a stock or mod part, copy them into a separate file, and edit them to match my part?
  6. That thing was fully implemented for stock? cool! I thought I had to wait for 1.4 to do that kind of stuff.
  7. All those other ores come from the community resource packet. The other deposits are completely useless as a stock resource, unless you have the corresponding mod for. as @Draalo mention, TAC and PBS are 2 that allow the usage of water. Metal is used by EPL to build ships off site. I'm not sure what the others are for (I only use EPL and PBS)
  8. If I install both RSS and RO, can I turn them on/off depending on what save I am playing on? I have a 50% stock save currently (with the exception of some USI stuff) and I dont want to accidently mess that up. Also, can I use USI LS instead of TAC, or would that cause difficulties/end of the world glitches ?
  9. yay! I was about to ask this exact question! (I have 0 idea how to script/code in any language except for block coding lol. Thxs @Snark
  10. Yay! this is going to be so useful! and once I finish building my current revised version n3 launcher ( I keep forgetting stuff) I'll post mine!
  11. Cool! Whats the farthest this shuttle can reach? (return doesn't matter, I am going to build a base on the Mun and this is perfect for carrying Kerbals there if it can make it).
  12. I use a few mods (no more then 10 or 11). Most of these are either to help me build rockets (KER) or to make certain parts of the game more fun, like base building, exploring planets and EVA/ (rover mods, KAS/KIS, and extra planetary launch pads). I also use USI LS because it seemed a bit boring being able to send 10 Kerbals to the mun without having to worry much.
  13. EVE is the only one I know of. it adds lots of clouds and other stuff into the game. Not sure if its what your looking for though since I don't use visual mods.
  14. Can I use this mod using only 1 device, and keep the different windows minimized? Also, is this on CKAN? It looks fun but I am using 1.2.2 and I don't want to upgrade right now.
  15. Using USI core by @RoverDude also adds in different nuclear reactors of different sizes. Not sure how they compare to near future though (I only used the USI stuff)