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  1. When making an SSTO for the K-Prize in Sandbox (outside my usual Career), I did notice something else-none of the LLL Jool V stuff is visible in Career. It's all there in Sandbox, but in Career it is not visible in the tech tree and therefore unusable. Are these parts deliberately hidden in the tree, or is something not working?
  2. Specify?
  3. No, you have to visit them every so often. Planetary Logistics should build up quite a buffer though, provided you have a production surplus.
  4. It happens after you load the vessels and the resource catchup is processed. This means you will have to periodically check in on your outposts (and also need at least six hours worth of production storage to accommodate the catchup).
  5. They went and found the wiki page after asking.
  6. If you insist on credit for the Minmus trip, a gatecrasher (don't worry it's not really) I guess it's a space-launched spaceplane?
  7. As long as everything that goes up comes back down again intact, it should be ok. However, you won't get the credit for the Minmus trip because in order for that the entire vessel has to go there and back.
  8. Well. That or check the part descriptions in the VAB. Machinery is made from Materialkits and Spec Parts in the Ranger Inflatable Workshop and the Tundra Assembly Plant. EPL support is also being depreciated in favour of Ground Construction, but you should be able to make rockets out of Spec Parts and MatKits with MKS installed for the time being (I don't use EPL so I'm not sure on the current state of this integration). Try reading this page.
  9. The Tracking Station GUI hasn't changed since v0.20 and, at the moment, it sorts craft exclusively by MET. While this does give it some kind of order, it does mean that once your list of active vessels starts to stretch into the dozens and beyond it becomes very hard to keep track of all the different craft-a system for sorting how vessels are displayed in the UI would go a long way to easing problems relating to vessel overload. You would have the default MET sorter, but also options to sort active craft by name (alphabetically) and by MNV (so you don't have to watch for flashing numbers). Also, it would be very useful to be able to group them by vessel type (probe, ship, station etc) in their own sub-lists and be able to pin frequently visited vessels to the top of the list to save scrolling down every time, but these are perhaps surplus to requirements. EDIT: I may have forgotten to check the common UI suggestions list first.
  10. Huh? Whatever that is, the discussion mainly centred around the fact that you can't lock them.
  11. If I PR it, it would be the nuclear option i.e. remove the organics requirement from agmodules completely, configuring it to not nick orgs from the modules would require C# skills which I don't have. I'm not sure if the sledgehammer-nut approach is the right one.
  12. That was talking about machinery, I don't know if that extends to organics.
  13. I could PR it, it would only need a few small cfg edits. That is, assuming @RoverDude actually wanted to change it.
  14. He did, several versions ago. According to the release notes for 0.50.15, ag modules supposedly no longer require organics as an input so this shouldn't be a problem. Looks like something got lost in GH somewhere.
  15. Is there a way to unassign the hotkey to bring up the BOSS UI without it spewing ArgumentExceptions at you?