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  1. Seeing some familiar parts in that. The airlock from SXT. The ring tanks from MKS. The solar panels from NFS. The trolley wheels from Konstruction. The Malemute cab (etc.). Guess we know where some of the authors got their inspiration from.
  2. Larger than Tundra series? The Tundras are unwieldy enough to ship around, anything bigger (5m form factor?) would just be massive. Regardless, if larger modules were to come, would it be possible to make them multi-modular (as in multiple modules work together to perform one function). Different combos of modules would perform different single functions, similar to multiblocks in Minecraft, and more complex multimodules would be required for better efficiency, simplifying the resource chain spaghetti and producing more advanced end products.
  3. Like @TDplay, I'm not sure of the premise. Basically, are you saying the HP is just a really good, glorified radiator or it more than that? Does the cooling rate vary with temperature as much as stock radiators do, or does it follow its own mechanics?
  4. Assuming you mean crust temperature and time, are you saying it does indeed vary slightly (if so, numbers?)?
  5. I mean the part of the description that states it works better on cold planets and during nights.
  6. Then the desc is misleading. Is this a planned near-future mechanic?
  7. Assuming you mean for the heat pump, it's just flavour text-all it needs to work is some kind of ground contact. Not sure of the maths for the exact cooling rate, though. IRL it works of the basis of part=hot, ground=cold and water pumped around the part will cool it down and then the water is then pumped through the cool rocks to cool it back down again. And @RoverDude the Karibou legs do that for me as well, and have been doing so since I started using MKS in v0.50.8 (with both MKS and USITools up to date).
  8. That would have made one hell of a physhop if the whole thing counted as one vessel.
  9. No, USI-LS is a standalone mod (but is designed to work around MKS and vice versa).
  10. Bit behind, but I think this is because drills have a max cooling much higher than they use to account for the astronomical kolonisation bonuses (10x that at basic load level). This means they reserve much more cooling from the radiator than they need, starving other parts of cooling. Try using radiator panels for other overheating parts (assuming the drills are not attached to the part the panels are on) or editing down the drills' max cooling stat in the partcfg to a more reasonable level (but leave some headroom for bonuses).
  11. Oops, meant perma tourist bug. It's been cropping up a couple of times lately so it's still around.
  12. Does this include a fix for the permanent hab bug? Editing the persistence is getting irritating. (P.S. I'll be away for a week)
  13. I tested out your change, and it works just fine. The Big Bad Evil Dev should merge it in a day or two. I think the reason it was showing up as an agri module is because I think the base tundra model might use the agri part as a default skin and the agri sticker as a base sticker, in which case it might need to be specified before it can be replaced with another side label.
  14. It's easy-ish© . Go on GH and click the "fork" button at the top right of the page-this will clone the repository to your account. Now go into your forked repo and click through the files until you find Tundra_Workshop250.cfg. Now click edit (at the top right of the box containing the config) and make the changes you made to your version of the cfg file (or delete the lot and copypaste your modified cfg in), and click "commit changes" at the bottom (adding optional title and description). Then, go into the main MKS repo and open a new pull request-after clicking "compare across forks", select your fork ("[YOURNAME]/MKS") from the "head fork" dropdown, "BobPalmer/MKS" from the "base fork" and "DEVELOP" from the "base". Now it will create a PR to add any changes ("commits") you've made in your fork into the main dev repo. RD will review your PR before he adds it so if you made a mistake it won't break anything.
  15. Make a PR for that on GitHub to make it easier for RD if you want it to be speedily added.