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  1. The CTT patch places both workshops under the Nanolathing tech, not Adv. Construction. Have you researched that?
  2. Stuff CKAN, install it manually. Just copy over the contents of the GameData folder you can install from GH/SD into your gamedata. It's perfectly harmless, no actual changes would be made to the file. It's just not loading the patch for want of OSE.
  3. Well, it's not happening to me in your save. The chems stay very firmly put when switching vessels. I did run into a bug of my own though-the MKS applet has disappeared completely.
  4. No. It might with a save or vidclip, though.
  5. It has already kinda been done, with antennas' Partial Transmit mode. Not sure how well it would translate to module inflation, though.
  6. While I get what @jd284 means, 'stupid' is indeed probably not the word you want to use. RD summed it up nicely a while back:
  7. I think RD is more occupied with working on the new logistics system when it comes to coding time. Either that, or it's on the back burner until 1.3.
  8. Unless this is a mod mechanic I'm not aware of, try downloading the USI Constellation (under /bobpalmer) to make sure all your USI mod versions are synced up.
  9. What version are you running? This is a new(ish) behaviour.
  10. I remember hearing somewhere that the longer tourists have been grumped for, the longer they need to spend in the medbay before they return to normal. I've never used it so I can't tell you for sure.
  11. It almost makes me want to get into offworld construction and KSPBS. Almost. I did notice the (presumptive) Tower of (solar) Power-it would probably work better with MFSUs the massive blanket panels from NFS, since the tiddlers probably just get in the way of each other. Also, what do you use to create and superimpose the labels onto each picture?
  12. Oops, didn't see a new pre had been released, probably because they both say 'released 17 days ago'.
  13. 1) The upcoming logistics overhaul is still probably months away-the more minor 0.51.0 prerelease is bundled with the Constellation under /bobpalmer, but RD hasn't released a fix for the nullref spam with the Orca from FTT which appeared up in that version yet. Here's the notes (from the bundled changelog): 2) EPL is no longer needed, but I don't think GC works on-orbit. EPL support has also been officially discontinued in light of the switchover and the integration patch is entirely dependent on PRs to maintain it, so its current effectiveness is unknown. I think it still works, though. 3) it has been said more than once that C/S ratings have no bearing whatsoever on MKS.
  14. *always* delete it.
  15. You don't have any of the dependencies (USI Core, GC etc.) or any of the ancillary mods. All the mods that come bundled with MKS are there for a reason-just move the entire USI folder into GameData. Never mind, what you have in the folder is actually the master folder MKS is downloaded in. Move all the folders (not MM files) from the GameData folder (that is, 000_AT_Utils, 000_USITools, CommunityResourcePack, CommunityCategoryKit, Firespitter, GroundConstruction and UmbraSpaceIndustries) in the master MKS folder into your GameData