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  1. MKS also has patches for the RO mods CLS, DRE, FiltexExt, RemTech, TAC-LS and KAS already. Right now, patches are low-priority.
  2. I'm sure it will-pity it'll only be for the 1.3 version. Most people need to be told how to make GH PRs, so you're doing well. If you're going to be editing multiple files at once, I might suggest using the 'GitHub Desktop' program, which allows you to edit local copies of the files on your computer (use MS Virtual Studio to edit the source files, there should be a .csproj file in the directory that allows you to edit all the source files from one location), and include multiple file changes in one commit rather than spam them like one of mine before I started using GH DP.
  3. The pull request is up, RD will eventually get round to merging it in if it works (I can't tell, I don't know C#). As an FYI, RD prefers for PRs to be submitted to the dev branch rather than master, but it's not a huge deal.
  4. You should probably ask in the AD thread, lest we open that particular can of worms again here.
  5. Yes, I did mean for you to do it at the time, but you've done it now. I might suggest putting a little more description into the ticket, but don't be so worried about doing stuff on GH. Ask me if you don't know how to do something.
  6. If that's the case, I'm inclined to agree with him in that calculating the multiplier on a per part basis penalises you too much for having large numbers of crew. Ideally, I would have kerbals be assigned to the best hab facility and when that's full be assigned to the next best facility and when all facilities are full then the penalties would start to kick in so each kerbal would have their own time calculated individually in a more sophisticated way as opposed to unfairly applying the same penalties to the entire crew. This would be more coding work though, and would probably result in noobs who can't be arsed to check the wiki turning up and asking why their kerbals have different habtimes.
  7. This is gibberish. I can't tell what you are trying to say.
  8. What do you mean by 'cal'? Nothing's wrong, but it's probably designed so you can't do what you're trying to do i.e. spam cheap, low-capacity modules. As your crew complement increases, you have to use bigger and higher-capacity ones.
  9. Hm. I did some testing and it seems that the habtime calculations are done individually for each multiplier part, so they are indeed reduced to 1/10 of their multiplier for each (assuming each has an crew affected stat of 1). This makes the total hab multiplier a lot more complex to calculate (e.g. if you have 8 kerbs on a vessel with a 3x part rated for 5 kerbs and a 1x part rated for 1 kerb you would get a total mult of (3*5/8)+(1*1/8) = 2x overall). It's not like in USI-LS where you can have one high-efficiency recycler and spam small ones to up the crewcap. I checked and indeed it does. Still, MKS and USI-LS add so much to each other they playing with only one of them only seems to give you half the mod.
  10. Strictly speaking, no, but USI-LS only offers 2 parts to extend habtime (the stock PPD12, cupola and USI-LS cupola) and offers no method of sustainable supplies production. MKS adds more habitation-related parts and a way to produce supplies/fertiliser in-situ. SXT also has a few parts for habtime.
  11. That's not a USI cupola. When you hover over it and rightclick it should display a lit of 'modules' that part has (from the config)-look for the one titled 'Habitation' and its 'crew affected' stat.
  12. I think we're having some communication issues here. It should say the crew capacity in the infobox when you hover over it.
  13. What is the stated crew capacity in those observation modules?
  14. If it's crashing on start then you're trying to use 1.2 mods in 1.3, which will never go well. What's the stated crew capacity for those observation windows?
  15. The hab multiplier is only reduced if you are over capacity on the multiplier modules. While each module may have different multipliers, all multipliers and capacities will stack with each other (so if you have a part with 2x mult for 3 kerbs and a part with 3x mult for 5 kerbs you can support up to 8 kerbs all getting a 5x mult before the division kicks in). Normally the total habtime is simply divided by the kerbs on board-in your instance, the habtime per kerbal would still be (10y*10)/10=10yrs per kerb. The LS tab in the VAB shows the calcs involved.