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  1. where is the agencies and flags
  2. use the zip i gave you !!!!!
  3. that color change only sor 92???
  4. we decided to make planets????
  5. make a drone core or unmanned pod or remote guidance for your mod you shoud put that in my post i havent follow this post
  6. it can be ksp bug not cockpit
  7. YOUR title is still 0.7 change it to 0.8
  8. yay
  9. when can you made a model of reaction wheel for your altlander
  10. cool
  11. sd it is very hidden sd is the link
  12. @Warsoul let me help him to make his maerda mod so here is my job to let you test and find bugs if you find this use ful for his mod i will give the mod to him to merge MaErDa mod link https://trello.com/c/YSnJ35ZS screenshots: link sd llicense :