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  1. hi do yo solve the problem? you can reinstall the DMP where do you downloadDMP? delete your current DMP and download it at DMP's website
  2. not just incompatible it is impossiblee!!!!!!!
  3. i need a no lag and high resolution visual enhancement mod
  4. tweakscale compatible version released but not work for MK3s
  5. axe? what is that what
  6. - my first: mod reaction wheels mod Q&A: Q: where is the changelog a: at the download link download: Spacedock(beta and release versions available) orCURSEFORGE (release version only) known bugs: mk3 reaction wheels don't have colors(fixed at ver 1.1.1) mk3 reaction wheels doesn't have Tweakscale(fixed v.1.1.1) mk1 drone core cannot control directions and reaction wheel not moving, however, it can give SAS to the vessel License: & remember to report bugs here IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: THIS MOD REQUIRES MK3 EXP. PACK FOR MK3 REACTION WHEEL TO WORK LINK: mk3 expansion link changelog: 1.0beta mk3 RW added 1.0 release added mk1 drone core 1.1added tweakscale 1.1.1 bug fixed (need mk3 exp.pack to work until I fixed that problem) 1.2 op funny flags added what's coming?(no one knows even me)
  7. my first mod reaction wheels mod Q&A Q:it just have one part is it have problem? A:no because it was just in the beta more description in the download link download link:https://spacedock.info/mod/1270/new%20reaction%20wheels%20