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  1. 20ms in 45 mpy roughly and as someone who was hit by a bus that was doing 40 and didnt break anything i know thats possible..... to clarify i was liquided, so maybe kerbals are an alcoholic race! that explains why they sound like drunk midgets....
  2. so, like space? actually i like the idea of an oort cloud ...
  3. goto the ksc and hit escape, on the settings menu there is a difficulty button, on clicking that there are some buttons on the left and one should be for tac, the option is in there.
  4. i love how fast you guys work
  5. when holding alt and clicking, im not getting any box for pruning, i am getting tool tips, and can filter, just missing that box , im on the latest version never mind, its working now
  6. its not recognised as a cryo shelter so you dont get any of the controls this also happened in 1.2.2
  7. also i cant seem to make the cryo shelter work and the funny bug is still there with the truss sections, not all the time but i can make it happen when i try, or when i dont want it to
  8. still getting ec dying at high timewarp, and on loading it kills the kerbals
  9. every time, i only just noticed you had implemented this and was looking at the cross compatibility.... sweet move
  10. So here is the follow on from karborundum quest, things are being shaken up a bit, and ive decided to keep in all explosions, even glitches!
  11. so i have a really funny bug for you, if you have planitary base systems installed, and you right click on the sci lab, there is a reconfigure button. however if you click on that you get a blank box that cant be closed and you have to scene change to get rid of it
  12. i was just waiting patiently, once i realised what the problem was. its so funny trying to carry a save over major kerbal updates! never mind deleting core mods and using your large DSEV engines to land on duna its been an interesting week in ksp!
  13. ah yeah, i have it installed, but its not been updated so it dosent work! (but the parts are there) so much waiting for updates
  14. ok, help, where do i find this? i finally got a lvl 4 engineer to duna, and i cant work out where this is...
  15. i think everyone would be interested