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  1. Thats what i thought, probably half of my game time is spent in the sph
  2. touch screen can be made to do what, it maynot be the best, but gamepad controlls are crap compared to a mouse and keyboard and people still use them. but i did specifically mean tablets not small phones. on your rational the entire game 'quite frankly isn't needed' but this is something from a business perspective makes sense, look at fallout app. im not suggestion a new feature for the game they have already completed and don't make money on by refining, im suggestion something i would like that they could actually get paid for. no gameplay just the builder. as for people using it. look at the paid companions for other games, there is enough business to make them viable. and this would be more entertaining than most.
  3. yeah im using that version, and i had them on mirror, and i used locks at 0 and 90, and my hyperedit is the latest, i refreshed my mods a week back, but also its happened without hyperediting now. just after using time warp. and my recent try using the smaller rotatrons, it went fine after many hyper edits and all that jaz, and when i unlocked after landing they snapped round and launched my ship into the air! Im also having a problem in the editor which i think is related. when i goto set a limit on one side, and i invert the other so i can use it, it seems to rotate so i have to set the locks at -180 and -90 (the first craft didnt have that issue) but i duno what to do. i tried using hindges but i cant get them to toggle they same way on either side of the ship.
  4. so i just pulled out everything and reinstalled direct from the linke (it just incase ive changed something since the last install) but no change heres the video, i loaded on the runway, undid the strut, rotated teh engines up and back, flew to orbit and did the same, then hyper edited to duna. and thats where this starts with me undoing the struts and trying to move the engines. so in the paused bit of the video i was just trying to realign then engines with the new orientation they had, and again as you see as soon as i timewarped, they did the same thing again
  5. So a suggestion for squad, is an ipad / android building app, so you could design ships when you are bored. No gameplay, just the vab and sph. Id kill for one right now, and id pay good money for one. Just wondered if other people would?
  6. Yeah i installed everthing just as said, and still it seems to slip! It also happens in the sph, it took ages to get thows rotatrons balenced! Thanks for the rest of that thow itll help with other things, but my version just has one 2.5reaction wheel and doubled up rcs, and it lands on duna fine with althow not completly vertically, fuel is fine too, it can get to 100k orbit on kerbin, then once i jump it to duna, it can land and return to orbit. I love that wee ship! Thanks for the drsign, ive never made a little opt craft before
  7. @V8jester need some help, and you seem to be the expert
  8. would it be possible to get the craft file for this plane, mine is so unbalanced i wanna pull your apart and see how you made it
  9. I use so many opt spaceplanes its unreal! Heres 2 of them in this vid...
  10. the fact it has the separate resources makes it harder than most other mods, and better in my opinion, but i believe there is someone working on a separate radiation mod that will be compatible ( but it is possible (though difficult) to change from one to another if your aren't happy with one.
  11. We all make these mistakes, hence the forums
  12. I dont havy many mods..... only 80...90... ok so maybe 124 im not surprised,and honistly that ship was a pain so im glad that went pop! Thanks for all the work!love epl
  13. The last few posts all seem to need this! @Deathbite @Salvator @Knacky For all your problems.....
  14. Talkin about ship distortions check out the ship on the left at 6.35 its supposed to be smooth, then see what happens when the dissasembler turns on
  15. Ive finished many, as a rule Finnish beer is excrementse, but the local ones from small places are always good!