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  1. i think i may be setting records for the size of dsev ships
  2. time to get the bases sorted out!
  3. well, its fixed and i dont know how, i removed all the mod, and resinstalled the dev version, and LS didnt show up (i did check all the files in the directory) i reinstalled to the standard one again, and it worked but killed kerbals at high warp(ec died) i removed background processing and installed the one from the dev version, and now it seems to be working fine, theres still a rabid ec drop off at high warp, but now at least the background bases at mid warp are fine!
  4. yeah i did that, it was on share but kept filling up anyway, specifically to wat it was when the rover exploaded. od bug probably because of all the janky excrementse im doing in my game its sooo blue, i just want to touch it....
  5. removing background processing has reset all timers to -17 years and 5 days, no change when loading vessels
  6. so just installed the latest tac, and included the background processing bundeled with it and im getting 5 fps max, dropping to 3 with more than one ship. and when i turn off background processing im getting 75fps.
  7. wow it took a while to do this, bloomin real life!
  8. this thread has been quiet, so heres a space ship
  9. ill throw together one of my own, im trying to keep my loading time down at the moment
  10. shame i dont use bdb but thanks none the less!